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It was the year 20XX, a terrible storm was devastating the small village of Riversing, destroying all the possibilities for a good harvest. The rain wouldn’t stop, the howling wind took away most of the farms’ work. Those were desperate times, but, when everybody thought it was the end for the village, a single ray of sunshine fell upon those lands.
A baby crying, the sun rising again.
“She is beautiful… What will her name be?” Asked the midwife, handing the little newborn to her mother’s arms.
“Sunny. She is our miracle, our village savior.” Answered the kitsune lady, looking down at her little wonder. One hand caressed the puffy red cheeks of the child, wiping away any trail of tears.
The cry stopped.
The storm ended.
The sun’s blessing was casted upon the lands from that day on, not a single unnecessary drop of rain ever crossed the skies from the moment that blessed child was born.

A lucky nobleman and his wife were called the village saviors, because with their child they wiped away the gods’ anger, and made a new era of prosperity begin.
A single swallow twirled through the skies, bringing away the dark clouds of a curse.

The little baby soon grew up, starting to bring not only the sunshine, but joy and happiness to everybody that was so lucky to spend the time with her. Fire red fur, curly hair, two big glowing golden eyes were embedded on a cute always-smiling face.
But the great age wasn’t destined to last forever…
The kitsune magic was something humans couldn't comprehend, nor were they willing to.
And so the lady that gave birth to the miracle of Riversing, took a harsh decision: she was leaving the place, alone, abandoning the baby and her husband. If people weren’t able to accept her, she wasn’t going to accept them, and as proud as the fox she embodied, she left without a single word, leaving behind her the shadow of a mystical woman that Sunny from that day wished to emulate.

“I know you can do incredible things, but people would not understand. They never wanted to. Please, don’t do this ever again.” Said a desperate father to a young Sunny, when her first traces of magic started to manifest. The girl was raised like a normal human, like a more welcomed fox-folk, nothing strange, nothing dark, nothing hard to understand to the people.
The nobleman soon crumbled into a deep depression, having lost his wife and every single thing that could remind him of her.He lost his fortune without the guidance of the wise lady to aim his business, and after some time he was forced to send his daughter away, to protect her from what was gonna happen.

The young fox traveled through the lands, alone and lost, bringing the sun with her everywhere she went. She met many people and made many friends thanks to her cheerful personality, but happened to lose something important too.

READ “The Note” HERE.

She went so far that reached the forgotten land of Persepolis, an incredible place filled with magic that awakened her dormant power. The gods were looking upon her, and led her to reach Eroland, where she met a very special girl, who taught something important to Sunny about herself. She could mimic magic.

READ "The slime and the fox girl" HERE.

Yet, something among all those avventure Sunny was missing something… a place to call home.
It was thanks to the help of a very wise Shrine Maiden that she managed to find where to start the most important of her journeys, the one that would’ve led her to know herself better.
And so, not so far from the Moon Shrine, in the deep of the magical forest of Persepolis, Sunny was able to build a new home, make new friends and finally discover who she really was.


Sir Romantic helped her with the construction of a new Shrine, the Sun Shrine, the place where she now is living. He showed her how to love, made her, for the first time in her life, feel accepted the way she was, even in the worst moment, even if she wasn’t smiling, even during the breakdown.

Nagusa taught her about what a good Shrine Maiden has to do to make people happy, and that sometimes a single smile is not enough to brighten somebody’s mood. A warm meal, some company and comprehension were the key to reach the heart of the travelers, and thanks to her teachings she is now leading a peaceful life devoted to the others.

Hana, the reborn Demon Lord of the legends of Persepolis, taught her magic, and gifted her a ring that could show her how her magic worked. A great friend, always ready to go on adventure, she made Sunny open up her heart and her mind with her sweetness and caring thoughts.

And this is all for now, new adventures are waiting for Sunny, but let me just leave the introductions to her, she is impatient to meet you!


Oh, hi traveler! My name is Sunny and I’m here to brighten up your day! Please feel free to use my home as yours and don’t be shy! I’ve got snacks to share and we can spend the day together if you wish! Just make sure to reward me with some headpats or candies, hehe!
It’s getting late outside, let’s head into the Shrine, dinner’s almost ready!

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