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The axe fell into the hardened bark and a flat sound echoed through the forest. "This tree would do just fine for the night" mumbled the man between himself, followed by a grunt as he swinged the axe once more. Gerhman liked the tranquillity of the woods, but sometimes the loneliness and the silence stirred something beneath him.... past memories of his last case; his last days in the force. He tightened the grip on the handle and clenched his teeth, hitting the wood more and more angrily. Now all he could think about was that girl; there were times when he wished that he would have never found her, living in a blissful ignorance about the world he lived in, but just as those thought came to his mind he simply continued to hit the tree, shouting, and calling himself a spineless coward... after all, nobody could have heard him. No, he tought to himself, he needed to see that poor girl's body; and the chief's look that he gave to Gerhman: a twisted smile with a finger on his lips "It'll be our little secret Buckman, there's no need to make a big fuss over a simple missing case right?". Those words alone shattered all the ideals that the detective had, and that same day he resigned from the force.


After chopping the remaining branches, he started to look around for tracks; unfortunately he still liked doing his job, but now he used his skill for hunting. The memories and resentment didn't seem to leave him alone: he could have revealed the truth aboute the officers and the nobles and their heinous crimes, he could have brought those bastards to justice... but justice seemed to have abbandoned this rotten world, and he was no less. "Mhh, deer. It should be at the eastern river...." and just as he finished those tought he heard a bark coming to his way. And finally a smile appeared on the man's face. A large Irish wolfhound with dark brown fur rushed through the forest and pounced on the hunter, barking loudly toward the direction that he sprinted from "Good job lad, but I'm afraid that I founded it first" a coarse laugh went out Gerhman throat while he petted his loyal hound. Fergus was the only thing about his old life that he couldn't manage to get rid of, not that this tought crossed his mind a single time: it was always there for him in times of need and even now it kept him company with their little friendly competition "All right boy, tonight I will treat us well" he got up on his feet with a grunt and began his search while thinking about what to cook with his future prey, with his trusty companion by side. Because he never failed in pursuiting something or someone...even if it was at his expenses.

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