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Cross-gender RP character

This is a mostly story focused, cross-gender RP character of John G. This bio is also a WIP and subject to change and rewrites

Out of character info and TLDR: Claire is a young girl who has lost contact with her family and was kidnaped and experimented upon. Because of this Claire is now alone in the world but has developed superhuman abilities that make her resemble an angel. She can sprout wings to fly, can heal other people but experiences their pain when doing so and has developed a heightened sense for the supernatural. With nowhere left to go, Claire arrives in Lydia's forest.


Dairy of Claire

Introduction: It's been four days since I woke up, since I've been... myself again. If anyone reads this I'm sure they'll be confused but I'm still figuring this all out myself. It's all so... overwhelming. Maybe... Maybe I should start at the beginning, and explain who I am while I'm at it. Because the reason I'm writing this is because I want you to know who I am and what happened. My name is Claire, I'm eighteen years old, people say I'm kind, playful, sassy and sometimes a little childish. And um... How do I put this... I was forcibly turned into an angel, but not really. It's complicated.


Where I came from and how I got here: I grew up in a large island. As a child I admired my family, especially my mother, she was a nurse who helped save lives and growing up listening to her stories, I thought she was a super hero. She's probably the reason I'm the way I am now.

My life was fairly normal until I was nine, I started to notice some tension between my parents, I don't remember what it was about but a year after that they split up. My dad took my older brother off the island and I stayed with my mom. My brother, Kayden was my best friend and the only sibling I had and because dad had taken him away, I started to resent, and eventually hate my dad after that. And then when I was seventeen, my mom got sick... really sick. I put my life on hold as I did everything I could to take care of her, but eventually... I lost her... It's been a year since then and I still wake up expecting her to be there... God I miss her... so much...

I'm sure you're wondering where my dirt-bag of a father was during... that. Your guess is as good as mine. I could never get a hold of him. Without his help I had to take care of myself, I tried so hard to hold onto my childhood house but since I couldn't get a well paying job since I was just a teenager and couldn't go to collage, I had to give it up and I was left broke, barely making enough to keep a roof over my head being a waitress. I was willing to turn to anyone for help.

This is the part where I'm going to start sounding like an insane person, but bare with me.

So there's this religious group here. They seemed like the usual kind. Nice people that believe in a higher power, does lots of work in the community for free, stuck their noses in other people's business. Oh, also they were the islands government so... you can imagine how that was. So I went to them for help, and they were happy to oblige. Thanks to them I was able to get on my feet so to pay them back I started volunteering there over the weekends. But I started to notice something, some of the people there acted strangely, others were extremely strict about where people could and couldn't go. I even saw this one guy catch a falling box that should've really hurt a normal person. It didn't freak me out like it probably should have, but it made me feel a little uncomfortable sometimes.

One day I got curious, I thought I was mostly alone in the building so I took a look around, and I saw something I shouldn't. There was some kind of lab under the basement, and there were... prisoners down there... About the time I could process what was happening, something hit me and I blacked out. When I woke up, I strapped to a table. It was explained to me that there were ways of giving people in this world super natural abilities and ways to control peoples thoughts. I was going to be made into an "angel" so I could be living proof that their doctrine was true and mentally controlled so that I would do anything they want. I didn't really believe what he was saying but I still felt betrayed. I started screaming that I was going to bite his face off as I struggled to get free. But then he hit a button and everything went dark.

Then... I woke up, days, weeks, or maybe months later. I was lying in some hole in the middle of nowhere wearing a strange outfit and surrounded by signs of battle. I faintly remember fighting someone, talking about "saving me" but no one was around now. I wasn't on the island anymore, I didn't know where I was but something told me I couldn't stay there anymore. And that brings us to today, where I'm wondering the world, trying to find anyplace to stay, to be safe. The only place I've found so far is an abandoned house, it's how I found this notebook, a change of clothes, some canned food. Lucky me I guess.


My powers: I knew something was different about me as soon as I woke up, I felt it first off, but also my hair turned from brown to white, or maybe it's sliver? Anyway, I've had a couple run-ins with monsters and animals since then and I've learned a few things about myself because of them. I'm stronger now, I'm not sure by how much, but I punched a bear in the face out of panic and that was enough to get it to leave me alone. I also... have wings now? They're not like, in my body or anything, they just appear when I think about them and disappear when I don't. Who knows if they even work for flying or not. My wounds heal pretty quickly now. Something that should've taken days to heal felt better in a few hours, but I was really hungry afterwards so I think my body's natural healing process has been super charged or something, but that could be dangerous in it's own way, the body needs energy to heal, which means I need lots of food to keep my energy up, and since I don't have a lot of food... You know what, let's not think about that right now. I think I probably have more than this in me, but that's all I've been able to learn, and I want to get somewhere safe before I try anything else.


I don't know how I managed to get here, but I see a forest in the distance. I think I'll try find some shelter in there for the night... and hope I don't get lost or eaten by something. This is a really stupid idea but, I don't know where else to go and I feel... drawn to it somehow.

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