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Name: Kaia

Age: 20

Backstory: (This bio will be expanded at a later date) Born into an aristocratic family along side her twin sister Ignis, Kaia caught her father's attention at a young age with her curious mind and love of stories. It was decided at the age of ten that Kaia would be the one to inherit the family business. The young girl had no real desire to take over, her passions lied elsewhere, but she felt duty-bound to accept this position anyway. Over the years, Kaia works tirelessly to appease her family and the expectations of the outside world, but as she does, her joy and innocence is lost as she forgets the dreams she once had for herself.

At the age of 20, a tragedy befalls her. An accident occurs. Kaia's parents are killed and Ignis, unable to be found, is pronounced dead by the search-and-rescue team. Somehow the trauma of the event triggers something inside of Kaia and she develop the power to create and control ice. Eventually Kaia discovers that the accident may have been an attempted assassination. With a vengeful heart, Kaia leaves her home behind.

Personally: (Early version, but the most important parts are there. Some aspects may change based off of how early games go) Kaia can come off as cold and distant, especially to people she doesn't know very well. She has a especially strong sense of duty and dignity. It takes time for her to make friends but when she does, she highly respects them and loves them dearly. Kaia can still get excited for things that catch her interest, such as learning about myths and legends, exploring new and fascinating places, learning about the history of a place she's never been to before or even reading a new book for the first time.

Other traits: Kaia is left handed. During sex, Kaia is shy and unsure of herself but will usually become more comfortable and confident as the session continues.

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