Ray (Slutty Femboy) (Level 9) mail warning

Here to rp, looking for classic, hentai or wrestling

5'3 and petite with a 6 inch cock, grape-sized balls and a heart-shaped bubble butt. Hi I'm Ray. Been meaning to get back into rp, but just haven't had the time till now. I'm up for bets and i use bondage/hypno rules. Let me know if you have any ideas you wanna try. Also I do get bored easily if you don't wanna talk or rp, not really here for a slide show. I love being called a good boy, it just makes my clitty leak.


After losing to Dawn I can't make a dominant move until the opponent has interacted with my ass.

After losing to Frikka Every time a feet action is used on me, I have to throw a coin. At tails I need to skip my turn. Valid for 5 games. 4/5.

After losing to Flori Anytime I am given the option to eat a womans ass or vagina, I must choose it for the next 5 games! 2/5

After losing to Mira For the next five games, if I cum from a foot action my opponent can choose my next turn as soon as I have enough energy for all three options. 2/5

After losing to Claire anything that increase your purple cum level I must edge. I need to edge 7 times before the bar is full, and if my bar reaches full I have edge 10 times more, though cumming makes me lose automatically.

After losing to Ann I have to ask permission before I fuck someone for the next three games. 0/3

My Mistresses~
I first met Sadu when I first joined EF, and I can't help but melt when I'm around her. She always knows what to say to make me feel special and has a way of making me arch my back or shudder with pleasure, so lucky I got to meet her.

When I met Satsu I didn’t know what to expect, but after getting pounded and milked into submission I couldn’t help but fall into her collar.

I met Flori soon after she joined EF, and soon found myself mewling like a slut while she pounded and bred my ass before wrapping her colllar around my pretty neck.

Shortly after becoming a girl, Claire soon came upon me, entrancing me with her girl cock. After being thoroughly pounded in both holes and bred extensively, I couldn't help but become hers.

I didn't know what to expect when I met Gia, though after our match I couldn't help but fall into her arms as she drove me into sub space over and over again, can't wait to see what else she has in store for me.

I hadn't thought I would encounter Nocticula, though I couldn't help getting milked dry when she brought her tail into play.

Becoming a Femboy
After losing to Sheena I became her femboy, getting dressed up and fucked like the lil girl I am.

After getting thoroughly milked by Rylee she took me home with her before breaking me in with her strapon till she milked me dry.

After losing to Fit Girl's strapon, she collared and caged me, having thoroughly milked me dry.

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