Belle Delphine (Level 5) mail warning

All Hail the Queen 👑

Hiya! It’s everyone’s favorite E-girl, and the Queen of simps is back to reclaim the throne!
My army of simps are expected to show dedication and devotion as they adore and worship me in every way. They are not entitled to my time or attention. They may ask, preferably beg for it, and maybe I’ll throw them a bone if I feel like it.

Rules 🙄😒

Rule: The C-collar: I will wear this collar until my superior Ruck takes it off. I am now a slave of Compound 14

After losing a match to The Collector, I’ve become so susceptible to hypno that I automatically skip my first turn before rolling.

Whenever my opponent alternates between my holes, memories of Jenny(see below) will flood my mind causing me to skip two turns

I must pick any action involving cock and I have to roll a 6 TWICE to escape hypno

Thoroughly defeated by BiancaTS I am now her cumdump until I can beat her.

Whenever I’m fucked vaginally by a cock/strapon I must skip my turn.
5 games 5/5

Any anal cum tests I must flip a coin. Tails I cum.
5 games. 5/5


Sissy Slut Emily
Marta the wolfgirl

Notable Losses

When my former simp Ruck challenged me to a compound match I gladly accepted. So what if he was the big bad warden, to me all he was was Sergeant Simp! Well it didn’t go how I expected. He messed with my head and had me drooling over his cock. He placed me in his spreader bar and fucked me into a mindless aheago slut. Now I can’t get him out of my head… I constantly think about him while I play with my toys, and it looks like it’ll be that way for a while now that I’m live-streaming from my compound cell 🥴

Mommy Aisha kept me in hypnosis our entire match. She emptied my mind and gave me one sole purpose. To love, suck, and serve cock. She trained me to be a good little cock sucker and now it’s all I can think of … 😵‍💫

Akira absolutely fucked me senseless. I couldn’t contain myself from constantly gushing on her toy cock and worshipping her feet. She made me into her little ring slut and slapped another rule on for me to follow until I can turn my losing ways around. 😴

Sorry simps, you now worship a little doggy. Trix Pyke the Queen in Black faced me in the wrestling ring and we fought to the bitter end. When all was said and done she put me in a surfboard stretch making me squirt into the sky in front of a packed crowd. Afterwards she placed a pretty pink collar around my neck, attached it to a match pink leash and claimed all my holes in front of everyone while I barked like a dog. I’m now part of her pack as her puppy princess. “Woof Woof!” 🐶

I thought newbie Jenny would make a lovely simp but instead I was given a humiliating public lesson. She held me down and punished both of my holes until my mind broke in spectacular aheago fashion. Now whenever my opponent alternates between my holes memories of this mind break will flood my mind causing me to skip two turns. 🫠

I took on Blank Slate thinking I could handle his stupid challenge. Yeah… big mistake. He kept me under hypnosis nearly the whole
Match as he stuffed my holes and mind with his amazing cock. I failed the blank slate challenge so spectacularly he won on a flawless victory , and I became Blank Belle 😐

Weiss Schnee faced me in LWR and had an answer for everything I threw at her. I tried to smother her to victory but she countered and forced me to cum all over the ring. When the dust was settled I couldn’t make her cum once as she defeated me flawlessly.

~Here is a text written by Mommy Joanna about me:
"Hello everyone, if you're reading this little Belle here has been put in her place!
Belle Delphine is no Dom! In fact she is a little Simp herself, hehe.

She puts this mean façade because she likes being worshiped but when it comes down to is, Belle knows nothing about Domming!
Some of her "Simps" are deleted accounts! Others don't mention she's their Dom! And the worst about this is that, according to her, the only thing you have to write on your profile to join her "Simp Army" is that you're her Simp, and she's not even capable of enforcing that!

During our match she was all talk but no action! And the last time she came she even called me Mommy! What kind of Dom does that??

To top it off, she is part of Compound 14. How can she call herself a Dom if she is exposed, used and humiliated for the whole EF to see?

Belle Delphine has been exposed. Follow along on my profile to see what other Dom's I expose~ 👩‍👧

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