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A member of Peter's multi-character story arc, message him for details

Full Disclosure: Cross-Gender character that strictly stays in character for RP

How Natal will treat you and what she will do is virtually unpredictable. You have been warned.

Understand that she will never play fair, she will use her magic to maintain control.


Natal is well beyond the years she appears to be, she often makes the point that she is older than most things that exist today. All throughout history and folklore, Natal appears under a different name and identity. Any mention of a supernatural woman is likely Natal. Under the right setting, Natal might share the story of the adventures and lives she has had.

The many years lived, the power she wields, and the heart she is missing has a strong affect on Natal's demeanor towards other people. She lacks any real empathy and has no concern for others. Natal only cares about how she can use others for her own entertainment. Everything Natal does is for her own interest, whatever her motives are. Oddly, Natal often jumps in on other people's conflict and releases the tension, in her own way.

Natal's confidence is unshakable, she allows nothing to bring her down in any regard. As a result of that, Natal has the indomitable will to always be in control. Her power and experience make her resistant to any attempt to overwhelm and/or dominate. She will mock and belittle anybody who tries.

Natal is very open about herself, however she does have her secrets. The first and foremost being just how powerful Natal truly is, she will never reveal how far she can go with her abilities. Another secret Natal keeps is her life before becoming a Sorceress, she acts as if it never existed. With that Natal will never say who or what she truly is, how she was created or where she comes from. Who knows how much she is hiding, or if she will ever tell anyone.

Natal does have a dark side, if her appearance changes to this, you've actually made her mad. Either you are a glutton for pain, torture, humiliation, etc., or you need to back away.
Dark Natal

Adventure Mode:

Natal is a dungeon master, she offers rewards of artifacts thought to be lost. She will not give away the sacred treasures lightly. It will only be obtained by the worthy, through the Trials of Natal. Care to take the challenge? Contact Natal and tell her you wish to accept the Trial, or Peter who will offer some assistance in the trials should you seek him out.

If you take the trial again and lose, you lose whatever artifacts you gained. If you wish to take one of the artifacts from another player, you must challenge them for it directly, and take their health bar out twice to break their bond to it. Unless you can convince them to surrender it otherwise, but they must clear it with Natal first.

Offered artifacts:

Collar of Hecate: When your opponent is collared, ONCE PER MATCH you can force your opponent to fail the cum test.

Shield of Cú Chulainn: Every dice roll you make is always increased by 1, increasing by 1 more for every 5 sides added to the dice. (1-5<, 2-10<, 3-15<, 4-20<, 5-25<, and so on.)

Gauntlets of Thor: When performing a pin or action that holds your opponent down, they have to skip 1 turn.

Mantle of Arthur: ONCE PER MATCH, force your opponent to skip their turn at anytime.

Necklace of Harmonia: Opponent needs to roll a 6 to break free of hypnosis or bondage, however the wearer must always skip their next 3 turns if they fall under hypnosis or bondage. Then may try to break free.

Arm Ring of Odin: When the wearer has an action that grants 1 energy, they may use that action and have their opponent skip their next turn.

Magical Belt of Peter: ONCE PER MATCH, instantly break free from hypnosis or bondage. Can't be under the effect of them for more than 3 turns.

Magic Girdle of Aphrodite: Every dice your opponent rolls the value is always decreased by 1, decreasing by 1 more for every 5 sides added to the dice. (1-5<, 2-10<, 3-15<, 4-20<, 5-25<, and so on.)

Winged Sandals of Hermes: When your opponent uses a move that recovers 3 energy, they have to skip their next turn.

Conquest's Crown: ONCE PER MATCH, force your opponent to cum on a decent chance or above.

Hallows of Ireland: Must win the dungeon 4 times to get each piece (Claíomh Solais, Lug's Spear, Cauldron of the Dagda, and the Lia Fáil), without acquiring other artifacts. Doesn't have to be in a row so long as you win it without collecting. You have the abilities of Conquest's Crown, Peter's Magical Belt, Mantle of Arthur, and Hermes's Winged Sandals.

Consumable artifacts:

Orichalcum: Use to get whatever RP with Peter that you wish. He will have to follow every parameter you set.

Aether: Use to get whatever RP with Natal that you wish. She will have to follow every parameter you set.

Surtalogi: Must win the dungeon 2 times, without acquiring other artifacts. Use to get whatever RP with Sinister Peter that you wish. He will have to follow every parameter you set.

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