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Hello all. I am Miss Jenna.

I'm also a moderator here, here is the link towards my Moderator profile if you need some help

I like to dominate either guy or girl and have you worship my body while begging to cum. I love getting my feet licked by good slaves so you know how to make a good impression on me. But I like it even better when I make you submit after a tough fight. I can also enjoy losing after a hard fought game.
I like to text roleplay during games so keep at least one hand on your keyboard ;)

Limits : I don't like choking actions (ok in wrestling but that's all) so please try not to use them with me. I'm not into bathroom play either.

One important thing about me is that I don't live alone and I can't really play with my partner just near. So if you see me quit a game without warning it's because I almost got caught and had to closed the game. If you are looking for sessions longer than 2 hours then I'm not the partner you want.

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Bonjour à tous, je suis Miss Jenna.

Je suis également modératrice du site, sous le nom de Clara donc contactez moi sur ce profil si besoin.

J'aime dominer aussi bien hommes que femmes et vous faire me servir pendant que vous suppliez de jouir. J'adore quand mes soumis me lèchent les pieds donc vous savez comment faire bonne impression ;) Mais c'est beaucoup plus amusant de vous soumettre après un match acharné. D'ailleurs, c'est la seule façon pour vous de parvenir à prendre le controle.
J'aime également ajouter des éléments de jeu de rôle pendant mes matchs donc gardez une main sur le clavier ;p

Limites : Je n'aime pas les actions d'étouffement (hors matchs de lutte) donc s'il vous plait, limitez ce genre d'actions avec moi. De même pour ce qui est urine etc...

Une des choses importantes à mon sujet est que je ne vis pas seule et je n'aime pas trop jouer quand ma femme est à côté. Donc si vous me voyez quitter un match sans prévenir, c'est que j'ai du fermer la fenêtre rapidement XD. De ce fait, je ne peux pas jouer très longtemps, 2h de jeu est mon maximum pour une partie donc si vous souhaitez un match plus long, je ne suis pas la partenaire qu'il vous faut.

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It’s not Midnight yet, but you want to give him a taste of his gift. You lay him down near the tree and start to stroke his hard member. Handjob under the tree You push her on her knees and tell her to get to work on your dick. She complies and start to suck you off while wanking your mate, good girl. Make her take care of your dicks Looks like the adventurer got caught by your Sorceress. You watch closely as she toys with the poor girl until she's a begging mess. Encounter: Dark elf sorceress You can't resist his skilled mouth and cum hard in it. You cum in his mouth Let's get this party started with some good old fashioned karaoke! This girl is on fire! Karaoke night You prepared for this moment your whole life. You take out the ring from your pocket and say those four words: "Will you marry me?" Please, marry me! Well, that's new. A phone box appeared out of nowhere and now this "Doctor" asks you to come with him to save the universe. Sounds fun. Besides, he says he can bring you back in 10 seconds, so nothing to lose. You nod at your partner and get in for some adventures in time and space. Come with me! You can't resist: their tail is so fluffy that you wish to pet and stroke it! You start rubbing your hands on the fluffy tail and they can't help but blush and shiver in pleasure: is it such a sensitive spot? Stroke their tail You grab her top and remove it, exposing her breasts. Undress her You had fun, but unfortunately, we have more work to do. Time to leave! I must go

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