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The hero disarms your trap, plundering your valuable loot! You'll get them. Next time... A trap disarmed... Where are my minions? Start a recruitment drive! Emergency: Minions Her hips buck and back arches as your magic hands break her spirit with a blushing forced orgasm. Too much pleasure to take... A slime ambushes her, engulfing her limbs and lower body in slime Encounter: Cock-Milking Slime The Knight of the Red Cheeks gets her reward, and bends the adventurer over her knee. A well earned spanking! The weak slime has made her cum against her will, mixing her own juices into its amorphous body. Slimey Orgasm The adventurer is ambushed by a lightning wolf girl, one of your rare and powerful minions. She quickly begins working his cock with her mouth to weaken his resolve. Encounter: Lightning Wolf Girl BJ The adventurer couldn't best the bandit, and he's graciously decided to let her go if she can make him cum. Defeated Oral Sex You summon dark forces to bolster the defenses of your dungeon. Summon: Demons She can't hold back her orgasm as the tendrils pull her pussy against the vibrating nub. Her moans echo throughout the dungeon as her juices soak the floor. She cums from the vibrating tendrils! You summon dark forces to bolster the defenses of your dungeon. Summon: Constructs You summon dark forces to bolster the defenses of your dungeon. Summon: Ghosts The spanking tendrils and double penetration of the mimic make her moan helplessly while she struggles. Spanking Orgasm You call upon the forces of nature itself to thwart this trespasser. Summon: Nature Spirits Your rituals summon demons specializing in seduction. Summon: Succubi You send forth your trusty Blood Knight to defeat the adventurer in combat, she'll have her way with them should she win. Encounter: Lady Blood Knight She couldn't best your skilled warrior, and now she is bound and fucked with a strap on as punishment for refusing to surrender. Bound and Fucked by the Blood Knight She defeats the blood knight, binding your champion with her own ropes, and fucking her with her own strap-on. Turn the Tables on the Blood Knight! You trek far below the surface of this world, packing torches and climbing gear for the hard trek ahead... Explore: Mushroom Caverns Your partner didn't play in time and you are rightfully bored! The game ended, you can try again with someone else ;) If this happened before three minutes without chatting/playing. It might be that your partner left the game. Timeout Seems she has *very* sensitive breasts, the milking makes her bottoms wet as she cums and lactates into your lewd machine. Milking Orgasm You set out into the wilds, preparing for the harshness of the wilderness, and all manner of brigands... Explore: Enchanted Forest The treasure chests and high piles of gold call your name, perhaps there's something worth taking here... Plunder: Treasure Pile From the floor sprout tentacles that lick her unprotected slit. Trap: Licking Tease The hero defeats your monster and resists temptation, drat! Perhaps the next floor will set them straight. Triumph... And the Dungeon grows more dangerous Your partner didn't play in time and you are rightfully bored! The game ended, you can try again with someone else ;) If this happened before three minutes without chatting/playing. It might be that your partner left the game. Timeout Your bandits capture and bind the would be adventurer, stripping and teasing her with by holding their cock to her mouth... Daring her to suck it to be freed. Encounter: Bandit Bondage You summon dark forces to bolster the defenses of your dungeon. Summon: Balrog You've survived and even profited off of this adventure. And some of those encounters and traps... Perhaps when you're once again feeling horny you'll return. The Adventurer Triumphs: Game Over The tentacles and sensual touches of the succubus have drained her willpower and made her cum under their assault. Wardrobe Betrayal Orgasm The floor below the adventurer opens to reveal a vibrating tentacle seat that she is now hopelessly bound to. You can see her squirming already. Trap: Tentacle Sybian Vibrator The adventurer couldn't best the bandit, and he's graciously decided to let her go after he's fucked her senseless. Defeated and Fucked Even the furniture of the library is enchanted to lewd ends. Bookmarks blindfold her and the table cloth itself starts to tease her beneath her clothes. Encounter: Enchanted Table Your artificer has captured her, and has several surprises in store... The data collected should prove useful. Encounter: Artificer Bondage As her hand touches the cursed treasure your hex surrounds her body, driving her mad with overwhelming sensation. Trap: Magical Aura Leaning too far into the chest to grab the treasure at the bottom was a mistake. It grabs her, pulling her in as it begins to spank and fuck her vulnerable pussy. Trap: Mimic Spanking The Adventurer squirms in her bonds, watching cocks come through the portal to penetrate her captive pussy. Trap: Portal Fuck Bondage Out of mana? Time to take a swig of a potion to get back in the action. Emergency: Potion The dark magic priestesses have sent one of their warriors to defeat the hero. Encounter: Female Cleric A dark angel of seduction has taken an interest in convincing the Adventurer of the benefits of serving the Dungeon. Encounter: Fallen Angel The adventurer encounters one of your hungry wandering monsters, perhaps she'll deal with him. Encounter: Hungry Wolf Girl She turns the tables on the priestess, strapping her to her own table and showing her the power of "goodness,” drat! Turn the Tables on the Dark Priestess! The adventurer encounters a bandit, whether she can defeat him or not shall be seen. Encounter: Male Bandit The adventurer and you have both had a lot of fun. It seems like they've decided to stay for a while longer. The Dungeon Triumphs: Game Over You send a hungry lioness after the adventurer to drain them of their "fortitude". Encounter: Lioness Paizuri Your device restrains her, and suction cups on her nipples start lewdly teasing her breasts, attempting to make her cum from her breasts alone. Trap: Mechanical Milking You catch the foolish adventurer off guard, they can't do much but blush and gasp as the tendrils tease their pussy. Encounter: Tentacle Tease Pure magical energy brings her to a humiliating helpless orgasm. That should teach her not to steal treasure. She can't hold out against the magical pleasure She walks over a rune and hands reach up from out of the floor to hold her down and fuck her senseless. Trap: Magical Hands Plans! I need more plans for devious devices! Emergency: Plotting The test results confirm your suspicion about her favorites, it seems like double penetration and nipple play are effective against her. Testing Results: Subject Experienced Orgasm Your succubus turns her clothing against her, tendrils from beneath them writhe against her body. Her knees buckle in pleasure in the demon's grasp. Encounter: Succubus Clothing Enchantress The thought eraser has her in its grasp, tendrils wrapping around her head and assailing her with psychic energy as it fucks her cross-eyed. Encounter: Thought Eraser Mind fucked and creampied by the creature's thick cock there's no will left in her to resist as she lets out a whorish moan. Psychic Creampie A slime ambushes her, pushing into her clothing and restraining her in its gooey grasp as it explores every one of her sensitive spots. Encounter: Pouncing Slime Enchanted ropes bind her, lifting her and placing her delicate pussy over the teasing wedge of a hobby horse Trap: Hobby Horse Tease The weak slime has made her cum against her will, feeding on her hot cum as she helplessly squirms. Slime Feeding Time Unable to stop the relentless assault from your portal of cocks, she cums in her bonds, gasping as her knees knock together. Now You're Cumming With Portals I set up camp under the stars to catch my breath and regain my strength. Rest: Camping Out The plants in your wood are more than just decoration, they lift the adventurer into the air, teasing her body. Encounter: Vine Tease You hire bandits to toss potions filled with aphrodisiac at the Adventurer, watching as they ravish their own body in the throes of lust. Encounter: Bandit Aphrodisiac One of your spank happy heavy knights challenges the adventurer to a duel. Encounter: Knight of the Crimson Cheeks She sunders the armor of your honor bound knight, who dutifully submits to let her pass. If only your servant were less honorable! A Victorious Duel! She is bested by the priestess who no doubt will give her some strong persuasion. Taken in by the Dark Magic Priestess You break and enter into the alchemical laboratory within the dungeon, all manner of fizzing potions and strange experiments hide in these echoing chambers. Explore: Alchemy Labs The dragon you've summoned has taken a liking to the adventurer, capturing him in her lair for her own use. Encounter: Crystal Dragoness You tie her down and use a vibrator against her helpless clit and pussy. She strains against the bonds, stifling moans as she tries not to cum. Tied and Vibed Those panties won't stop you. You pull them to the side and fuck her with your cock, making her submit without fully undressing her. Pull her panties aside and fuck her