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Aether and his twin sister Lumine are travelers of the stars who have spent centuries travelling to different worlds and exploring everything they had to offer. One day when preparing to travel to their next destination, the two siblings were attacked by an enigmatic goddess. Separated from his sibling in this unknown world, Aether began his epic journey throughout Teyvat in search of his beloved twin while trying to find a way to regain their lost powers to travel through dimensions.

One day while Aether was exploring Teyvat, he received a strange invitation. The invitation opened up a portal that led to the land of EroFights. There he met many different and interesting people as well as a few familiar faces. While he continues to search for his missing sibling, Aether often comes to EF to unwind and enjoy himself with some pleasurable company.

I like to do roleplay. I’m particularly interested in fantasy-based RP but I’m open to other kinds as well. If you have any scenarios you’d like to do, hit me up and we can discuss it. I’m also open to bets and rules to make the game more interesting. If you prefer to RP through DMs, I’m fine with that too.

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