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Looking for long time RP's! Doesnt have to be NSFW! Dm's are open~

Lesbian / Sub


About Me

Hello there~! (Yes. ''General Kenobi'')
170 cm height or 5.5 feet
My Penis is 9 cm
I have a beatifull brown eyes
Long black hair.
And a cute often blushing face >~<

My Vestrainia profile Dessy/Alt


I am a great sorceress! I am also a adventurer! At the moment I am looking for some fun in my adventures~
Before I went out on adventures I lived in a house with My two sisters and my Father! And well my dog dusty <3
I also have a power over electricity so I may zap you hehe~


Prefers Hentai Mode. Usually Rp, but could do some competetive!
I am a sub! But I could dom someone!
Chastity cages.... (I love them...)
I prefer gentle/loving things.
I don't really like IRL profile pictures...
I love being a good girl~
And I love good boys/girls
Loves afercare...
Kink list (Updated 29.06.2023)

Important People <3


Tony! My lovely Husband! I really love him!
He is really caring and understanding! I feel really safe in his arms!
His a good roleplayer too! When I started on this site I didn't know that I will get married here!


Phoebe! My lovely Pet! I really love her!
I am really proud of being her owner! She has her own blog on EF!
And she has been a Hentai Champion (Twice at the moment 24.02.2023)

Looks! <3

H-Hey?! What you looking at?!

J-just me sitting >~<
Image Title
Me being a cute little cuddle girl~ <3Image Title

Here are other my photos~!
Image Title
Image Title
Image Title
Image Title
And That's all for now <3 Have a great day <3

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You locked him up and you show who is the man! Chastity Frottage You lift his leg up, and fuck him in his chastity! Chastity Anal You put him on all fours and fuck his ass! Anal Fucking