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Dog-Girl Superiority! /rp

Bi / Switch

"Girl, you really got a hold on me, So this isn't just puppy love"

Played by a Trans Girl

I tend to prefer full message RP over matches, but I still enjoy the competition! I basically only play Hentai, can play Bad End too. No IRL stuff like pictures or it being the main focus, hard limit. Feel free to DM if interested!~

Much prefer playing with anime/drawn characters rather than irl pfps

Please do not dm with empty/1 line profiles

Moderator Account

NOTE: Due to my status (mostly as a result of being a moderator), I've been told that I can be intimidating to DM. I really, really hope that anyone reading this isnt, I just happen to volunteer to help run the site and I'm a normal person. Don't know what to say? Here's a for free conversation starter, I'm deeply into music. I have a vinyl collection and listen to all types, and love talking about it. Ask me what I've been listening to, give me a song recommendation, ask me about my favorites, I could rant for hours about Alice in Chains.
I also love chatting about kinks and lewd stuff in general! Rant to me about what makes you tick, ask what I've been getting into, etc. I could talk about lewd stuff for hours without touching myself or my partner, its just fun~
Or just send me random hentai, always works too~

About Me

An Inumimi (Dog-Girl) from out of town, Phoebe is looking for fun and adventure!

I'm a switch leaning sub, meaning I'll usually default to more subby or switch behavior but can dom with the right person or mood.
I'm also Bi, with a preference for feminine types, though don't be afraid to message me guys, I love choking on cock as much as the next gal~

If you have a bit of a more out there kink not listed in my Firm No's, just ask and I'll let you know if I'm up for it, you may be surprised~!

Quick Bio!
Name: Phoebe Sunrise, or Pheebs, Phoe, Pho, etc.
Sex: Trans Female, "Futa" if you will, meaning that I have a girlcock and an ass by default, but I can occasionally be seen playing as a Cis female as well. If you have a preference let me know! (Small note on terminology, call it a girlcock, dick, cock, penis, dingaling, whatever, I'm fine with however you want to say, but I'll default to girlcock usually)
Age: 23
Height: 5'10 (178 cm)
Body: Just a tiny bit chubby, Pale-ish skin, amber eyes, pale orange hair, F cup breasts, large ass, 9in girlcock

Also made a map! Sex Map

BIG YES: Big body parts i.e. Tits ass cock etc., Slight pet play, Humiliation if subbing, Outerplay, Titfucks (giving or receiving), Onaholes, Teasing and Edging

BIG NO: The usual suspects (Violence, Bathroom, Super gross stuff, vore), NTR, "Daddy", Chastity ON ME (Fine with it on partner), Heavy Pain, Egregiously bad grammar/spelling

Things I've been getting into lately: (Will be updated to be accurate~!)
Big, as in literally bigger people, 8ft tall women who just overpower me~
Feet, but specifically when Subbing or Domming, not really when switching. Something is so humiliating about being made to hump at someone's foot, spurting all over it, then being forced to lick my own cum off their f-feet... drools
Experimental outercourse, i.e. Armpits, insides of knees, abs, etc.
Muscular women

NOTE: Don't adhere to my favorites like a checklist, if they fit then they fit, if not then don't use them~!


***************NOTABLE FIGURES***************
My first wife, my first love~
When I first met her, well... I wanted to fuck her really bad. But she wanted to do the same to me, so it works out! We got close on the beach, where she pinned me against the wall of a sauna and... mmhn~
We've become inseparable since, especially after she proposed to me (right after she came down my throat) and I couldn't help but say yes~
This technically makes me a Queen, but eh, no big deal
I will love her until the sun burns out, then forever after that as well~

My beautiful Lioness~
We knew each other for a long while before we became wives, even being quite intimate. We bonded significantly after a bet over... Super Smash Bros? Besides the point, but she became "mine" for a period of time, and that blossomed into true love, causing both me and Nocti to propose to her at once, becoming a throuple (God that's an odd word)
She may change forms, become a nun, a warrior, a wolf an oni or something even more beyond, but my love for her will remain eternal~

My rock, and my girlfriend~
I'd always watched her from afar when I arrived in the city, even being a little intimidated by her presence and reputation. That was broken however when she approached me, so kind, so caring, so... hard...~
We became close quickly, and soon enough I found myself talking to her through the day and the night, cuddling close, among... other activities two horny girls do when pressed together~
She helped me get in touch with my inner self, and show proudly who I was, and I love her with every ounce of my being~

My big, strong, loving bull~ (NOT IN THE CHEATING WAY)
Only recently did I reach out to Isa, hearing about the powerful bull girl who could lift you up with one hand and fill your guts just as easily through a friend. Needless to say, I wanted in~
I saw her from across the room one day, and made my move, exchanging pleasantries and chatting... Wait I begged her to breed me 30 minutes later~!?
Since then, the story remains the same, we've been all over each other constantly, and I wouldn't have it any other way~

People needing to be added: Amelia, Linlin, Raeliana, etc.

Note: Generated using Pixai, once I get actual money I'll be looking to commission art and use those in the future

What? You want a peek? I did just finish my set... Okay, just a quick one though~

Virgin killer sweater? I mean... I guess any virgin who see's me in one of these won't be a virgin for long, so~

Welcome to the church, troubled one~ Church of what you ask? Why, the Church of Phat Tiddies of course~!

W-Wha...~! G-Get out of my bathroom~!!! P-Pervert...~

P-Please... go easy on me... m-master...~

You scrolled all the way to the bottom? Fine, here's your reward, now get to suckin'~

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