Phoebe Sunrise (Transgender) (Level 8) mail warning

Dog-Girl Superiority! /rp

Bi / Switch

"Girl, you really got a hold on me, So this isn't just puppy love"

Played by a Trans Girl

I basically only play Hentai, can play Bad End too. No IRL stuff like pictures or it being the main focus, hard limit. Feel free to DM if interested!~

Much prefer playing with anime/drawn characters rather than irl pfps

Please do not dm with empty/1 line profiles

Moderator Account

NOTE: Due to my status (mostly as a result of being a moderator), I've been told that I can be intimidating to DM. I really, really hope that anyone reading this isnt, I just happen to volunteer to help run the site and I'm a normal person. Don't know what to say? Here's a for free conversation starter, I'm deeply into music. I have a vinyl collection and listen to all types, and love talking about it. Ask me what I've been listening to, give me a song recommendation, ask me about my favorites, I could rant for hours about Alice in Chains.

About Me

An Inumimi (Dog-Girl) from out of town, Phoebe is looking for fun and adventure!

Phoebe is a switch leaning sub with more experience now so she's here to have fun! She is bisexual with a preference for feminine types. Wont bite but i may bark! Actually may bite, a lot... but it's hot trust me

Phoebe is a firm believer that its not sex if both parties aren't having a good time, so she is eager to please. She will try her best to make everyone involved happy, sometimes at the cost of her own pleasure. This doesn't mean she is up for anything though. If you have specific kinks/rules you like to play by ask before we start so we can figure it out

Phoebe is definitely not without her weaknesses. What are they? You will have to find those out for yourself, no free wins here!

Quick Bio!
Name: Phoebe Sunrise, or Feebs, Phoe, Pho, etc.
Sex: Female, has vagina, though can have a dick through a potion
Age: 23
Height: 5'10 (178 cm)
Body: Fit, Paleish skin, amber eyes, pale orange hair, F cup breasts, large ass, (Penis: 7.5 in)

Also made a map! Sex Map
Quick overview of the important ones
YES: Slight pet play, Tits in general mine or yours, Shyness, Compliments :3
NO'S: Being a dick, Mocking/Humiliation past a generally playful tone, Watersports/Scat, Age play, Pain, excessive IRL stuff is a no, chastity on me, repeated mentions of impregnation/breeding

General rules i play with

Use dice for hypnosis, 5 or 6 for the first time used, guaranteed break out after 3 turns unless previously discussed or special rp reasons.


***************NOTABLE FIGHTS AND NOTABLE FIGURES***************
Side Note: My character has developed basically 2 separate canons, along with more general matchmaking stuff, so I will denote them with C1 or C2

Dessy C1

Dessy found me when I was all alone on the streets and took me into her home. After things got a little intense, she told me I could stay with her, as long as she collared me, to which I happily agreed! My wonderful owner, along with her husband Tony, has taken great care of me, making sure I'm never without someone when I'm "needy"~

Tony and Vestrainia C1

My owner's husband turned co-owner, Tony immediately proved to be someone who deeply cared about both her and me. I have taken residence as a Royal Pet, living in his chambers with Dessy, often having quite a bit of fun between us three.

Haruka MM/C1

I received a random message one day, and to my surprised, it was the champion of hentai! Haruka told me that if she had lost her title, she would want to lose it to someone as cute as me! Well, after such a flattering statement, how could I refuse! After an intense but fun match that went down to the wire, I eventually won, but didn't care much, just happy to have made a new friend. Since then, she received a message from Tony, asking to be the champion of Vestrania's arena, with me being the co-champion!

Foxy MM

Me and Foxy met on a nice evening and had a great conversation, but the talk turned competitive when he said that he could beat me in a sex battle. We fought, to which I quickly defeated him. We had a rematch, where he similarly easily defeated me, sending me into heat. We decided to have our tiebreaker in the EroFights arena, where after a close match, he made me submit, defeating me. Since then we have had many more matches as fun, as he has become one of my closest friends. \o/

Erika MM

I received a message one day from Erika, challenging me to a match. Seeing how cute and pretty she was, I accepted. After a long match where I hung on after cumming twice inside her perfect, tight pussy, I made her submit. The match was a ton of fun, so the next day, we got together again, this time with me as her master since she submitted as I won the previous time. After a lot of fun, and some very close cuddling, I asked her not to be my kitty, but my girlfriend, which she accepted happily.

Ezume C2

Ezume, the keeper of the lounge! And a cutie His lounge quickly became my favorite place to be in this spiraling city, and its the place where I met most of my closest friends, including him! From our personal bits of fun, to the maid cafe he ran, to our escapades in Kuro's bunker, me and him have grown quite close, and someone I can truly trust and call my friend.

Nocti~ C2

Where do I even start with Nocti.~ We met a few times in lounges and such, never really interacting much. One day, we decided to get to know each other a bit better, and since then, it spiraled into a deep love. We decided to get married on Christmas day, and she has been my loving wife since then. We even have a child, Ayumi (more info/rp coming soon with her)

Jamie C2

I challenged Jamie to a match, with him under an alter ego, confident I would win, but after a close start, he made me submit, leaving me panting, stuffed, and obedient. Since then, he has become one of my closest friends, through both the lounge and the bunker, and someone I trust dearly.

Maria C2

I first met Maria at the maid cafe event, but quickly grew close to her since then. Always joining her side whenever I can, we match in both attitude and libido.~ Her marriage to Jamie has only increased our interactions, and is now one of my closest friends. And now after getting to know her more and more, after so many loving nights, she agreed to be my and Nocti's wife~~

Glacy C2

Glacy, or Hellcat, is a fellow frequent of Ezume's lounge, though we didn't talk much until I joined the bunker. We became quite close friends after that, with me teasing him constantly and him secretly enjoying it. He is another of my closest friends, and a total cutie~!

Draco C2

One of the first friends I made from the lounge, Draco and I have a great rapport of jokes and references. For being so close for so long, it actually took a surprising amount of time for us to actually have sex, but since then, we haven't stopped.~ Underneath his goofy persona is a heart of gold, which is why I accepted having his children, due to his love of breeding. A great friend, and father.

Kuro and his Bunker C2

Kuro is someone I talked to occasionally in the lounge, though I kept hearing talks of his bunker. I eventually decided to check it out, and I even moved into it, permanently residing there. Many of my friends, including him, live there and all sorts of shenanigans ensue. Kuro himself is a nice and gentle guy, who I often collaborate with to tease others, leading to our friendship.

Kay C2

I only just met Kay recently as one of the newer members of the bunker, but we quickly got along through our shared love of teasing Glacy. She is becoming one of my closest friends, and someone I care about deeply.

3x Hentai Champion!!! 1/23/23, 2/25/23, 3/24/23 (This seems to happen once a month huh?)
Beat Haruka to gain the title
Lost to Saduharta to lose the title

Claimed empty title
Beat Kara
Lost to Saduharta to lose the title

Beat Saduharta to win the title
Beat Scarlet Fire
Beat Draco The Breeder
Beat Rose

Here I am, hope I can play with you soon!

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