Klaudia (Level 3) mail warning

Fans of long RP unite! 😈

Just a lonely witch trying to make her harem bigger while also having some fun.

My eyes are up here and you only get to look at them if you behave. Now kneel down before you get burned.

Up and coming witch trying to make a name for herself and to make her harem bigger (Made out of three people at this point but it will grow she is sure of it)
She studied
Conjuration - Can conjure most things that aren't alive - Can teleport herself small distances
Eromancy - Knows how to hypnotise people with her thoughts - Can induce arousal through her eyes
Pyromancy - Can engulf people's clothes in fire - Can create small flames
Klaudia has blonde hair, blue eyes, big E-cup breasts that hurt her back from time to time, a thick waist and a big butt that jiggles each time someone slightly spanks it.
She usually wears her hair in two pigtails, blue tight dresses, medium length skirts, a pair of long white stockings and a big collection of short high heels.
Her favorite color is light blue.

Klaudia is open to most things. but there are some things that get her squirming (Even if she doesn't want to admit some of them):
Having her breasts roughly caressed, Being worshipped, Humiliation both giving and reciving, Fighting for power, Soft-dom both giving and reciving, Hypnosis, Feet
Klaudia also has some things she doesn't want to get into like underage content, gore and heavy bondage
If you are unsure what she likes or hates do ask her (She will most likely tell you what she doesn't like but we can't promise her telling you about her deepest fantasies)

Klaudia is growing up her harem, do contact her if you want to apply to becoming part of it.
Elise the Mommy Witch: A fellow witch that was always just a bit better than Klaudia. After a few orgasms and a hot steamy shower. Elise went through the ritual to becoming part of Klaudia's harem thus a new loving pet joined the harem.
Viv: The pink alien and Klaudia found themselves fighting in the arena and after a close match and a lot of foot worship on both sides, Viv kneeled before the witch and worshipped her perfect legs before passing out from her punishment.
Alice: Alice was one of the brattiest slut Klaudia had seen and she loved every second of it. The witch summoned Alice to her mansion to decide once and for all what the little slut's feelings were. It didn't take long before Alice was moaning, squirming and squirting all over Klaudia's friend tentacle and after being jumped on by a few of Klaudia's harem girls, Alice could only accept her rightful place in the witch's harem.

Alternate Universes
After studying more about meta magic, Klaudia is able to peer through potential alternate versions of herself.
One of these alternate versions is a dickgirl slut crazy with slut, just waiting to get intimate with anyone and everyone. Think you got what it takes to keep up with her?

wc Is lesbian
autorenew Is a switch
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