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In a subby mood right now

Hi all~

I'm Ashley, and I'm a girl who'll do about anything! I like subbing, domming, competing, anything! Also willing to try out a number of unique fetishes, though my limits include gore, bathroom stuff, extreme pain, and irl pictures. Let me know what you want out of the match and I'll try to oblige!

Also into rp and different scenarios, and as before, I'm willing to try a lot of things (Though I'm not that great at coming up with scenarios myself). Limits for rp include incest, excessive derogation, and our characters should at least mostly consent to what's happening (a little bit of reluctance in the scene is fine, but full-on rape is a no-go).

Feel free to message me if you'd like to try something out with me! But if you're going to message me, please put some thought into what you want to say. Don't just say "hi," add a little more, like what you'd like to do with me, something you like about my profile, something we have in common, anything. Another thing, when meeting someone for the first time, I don't really enjoy domming them or doing an irl/joi with them until I've gotten to know them some. So don't message me with a "hey wanna dom me?" because I don't want to start out with that kind of thing. I'm good with doing that partway into our match or as a followup match, but I don't like opening with that.

Can't wait to play with a bunch of you!

Also be sure to check out my other account for Dungeon Adventures mode!


As Zachary's multiuse nympho, I have a number of rules I have to follow for my master.
1. Make my master cum no master what
2. Swallow and lick up master’s cum
3. Satisfy all my master’s kinks and desires
4. Putting my master’s pleasure above my own

After losing to Shyboy, whenever I can, I have to suck someone's cock. (1/5 games)

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Now he faces one of your most powerful monsters: the Dragon King! An ancient, very experienced beast, the dragon king begins to work his magic, pounding the adventurer's asshole hard in order to make him submit. Encounter+: The Dragon King You use necromancy to summon a powerful being from an ancient tomb: a mummy! Clad only in bandages that leave very little to the imagination, she begins to work her magic on the adventurer... Encounter: Mummy The Jackal of Anubis, representing death, now stands before the adventurer. She is intelligent yet has an animal hunger in her. Perfect to stop a foolish adventurer! Encounter: Jackal Girl After getting past all the security, you've finally made it on the mothership! The massive complex is a labyrinth of seemingly endless hallways, rooms, and complicated technology. Will you be able to navigate through it to reach your goal? Explore: The Mothership You send in a Samurai Warrior in to defeat the adventurer. This humble fighter wields strength, skill, and precision, and should have no trouble giving the adventurer a lot of trouble. Encounter: Samurai Warrior The Valkyrie triumphs over the adventurer! To seal her victory, she milks his cock dry! Defeated by the Valkyrie The orcs continue pounding his holes until he, no longer able to take it, cums at the same time as the orcs. He sits there, quivering in pleasure as the orcs coat him ropes of cum. Fucked to orgasm by the orcs! The hunter robot succeeds once again! The adventurer is unable to handle its mechanical pounding and cums for the robot! Robo-orgasm You call forth a brutish warrior from the icy northlands to take down the adventurer. She stands there, strong and unflinching while staring down the adventurer. Encounter: Viking Warrior You stop by the local blacksmith to get your equipment worked on and to purchase some new equipment. You'll need it for the long road ahead... Rest: Blacksmith

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