Otokonoko Shogun (Level 3) mail warning

Looking to expand my empire

Greetings, I am a powerful Shogun who wishes to expand his empire. Don't let my feminine appearance confuse you, I am a powerful adversary and a fierce warrior. Of course, if you wish to challenge me, I will gladly meet you on the field of battle.

I seek humble warriors, subjects, and servants to join my empire who would serve me personally. Those of you that end up serving me will have your position proudly displayed below.


Nicoletta challenged me in hopes that she would become my queen. She did come close, but in the end she ended up submitting to her emperor and now she serves me as a maid. She still hopes to one day become my queen, but we shall see if her ambitions are to come true.

She was an incredibly formidable foe, and very nearly defeated me, but in the end, Saduharta fell to me, though I did require the aid of some of my warriors. It was quite the struggle against her as well as her magic, fueled by her Rakshasa blood, but in the end, she humbly accepted her defeat. I did enjoy our duel and hope to be able to battle her again. I was even able to win the great honor of Hentai Champion from her.


Unfortunately, my first real match ended in defeat. Io Shirai managed to defeat me and now I must display my loss to everyone.

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