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Playing with bots, looking for someone to dirty talk / RP with. Open to DMs.

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Johnston.

I've recently discovered the game and after such a small amount of time I've grown quite fond of it. I'm at heart a role-player, I love to write and be descriptive of my actions, but as I'm not a native speaker I do sometimes make certain mistakes, so I'm trying my best to expand my vocabulary, either by books or just straight up reading things on the internet. Being here allows me to explore a different side of myself, one that I do not have enough opportunities in real life to do so. I am a kind person, willing to help you reach your highest potential or your greatest or most hidden fantasies. But do not take that as an indication that I am a pushover, because that I'm not. If you come at me baring your fangs, I will bite you back.

Ok, but what do you like to do here?

I'm straight and I mainly play classic but I don't mind the hentai mode, and I'm still looking for the right person to try the interactive and Femdom with Caprice. My matches at the moment are private but I've tried public and I won't mind doing it that way if you ask me to. I haven't tried the wrestling mode either, but it looks fun, and I would be down to that too.

Are you a dom or a sub? How do you work?

I'm a switch, which means I can go dom or sub.

As a Dom: I can be rough with you if you want but I absolutely need to know your limits beforehand, the last thing that I want is to go too far or be too rough and ruin the moment. People throw this around carelessly but I do care about the other person that I'm talking to, and I really don't want to hurt or trigger them mentally in any way, shape or form. A real dom cares, and as others who are more experienced that I am once said, a true dom does not just take control of you or try to order you around, that's being a shitty person, not Domming. Trust is one of the most important things that exist out there, and it has to be earned. I'll do everything in my power to earn that from you, to make you feel safe, secure, wanted, desired. I want you to be able to reach those heights that you thought never were possible, that you've always wanted to but thought were too hard, or strange, or just couldn't do out of shame or shyness. With me you can be sure that you'll always have a safe space, and that I'll always support you. I'll be there to either guide or help you reach your goals, you can be sure of that. After the match, I am one hundred percent willing to do aftercare, for you to know that after all you've been through I am still there for you, that you are loved, and if some bad feelings start to arise, we can deal with them together, as it should be.

As a Sub: I'm not really fond of humiliation, chastity (even though I love edging), anal play), most of the pain parts (CBT, sounding, flogging, etc), but I am pretty obedient and I'll stroke and edge as much as you want. When I'm with you, my orgasms, my body and soul are yours. I might not have many toys to play with, but you'll find that the respect and admiration that I'll give to you will never falter. Your wishes are my commands, and if we manage to connect, you'll find that I'll be there not only to help you with your pleasure, but I will also do everything in my power to make you feel happy. You can be my Goddess, my Mistress, my Queen, it is all up to you.

Well, then what do you actually like?

Basically, I like to give pleasure. Helping you fulfill your fantasies makes me happy, and it also gives me pleasure. If you want to be dominated, called a sweet little kitten, or if you want to tie me up and edge me for hours without letting me cum, the choice is yours. If you start to trash talk, we'll trash talk, if on the other hand you want to cuddle to relieve the stress of a long day, we can also do that. Those are just examples, have a scenario that you've really wanted to do but never came across a chance do actually do it? Either DM me or talk about it before we start the battle and I'll do my best to help you.

Notable Encounters
Penelope: Thank you for everything.

AlphaSub: Someone that I've met in a previous life, I've helped her shed all the inhibitions and fears she once had. Free from all that baggage, she is now one of the best little girls you will ever see in here, the closest thing to a succubus that exists. If you ever want to meet the most perfect sub that was ever created, give her a DM. She will be able to satisfy you (and your audience) and still keep going, long after you think it was ever possible. I've had some of my best sessions with her, that lasted hours upon hours, just straight up RPing every single thing imaginable. With more experience, now even girls cannot resist her charms, and I'm incredibly proud of how far she has changed, for the better. Do not sleep on her, her skills are incredible and worth every second of your time.

Stella: What can I say about my baby? She's everything that one could want and more, and I'm so glad to be her daddy. Obedient, sexy, with a killer dirty talk, I've met her some time ago and I'm so glad that it happened. She likes it hard, rough, to be dominated, and you can bet that I gave her everything she wanted and more. During one of our recent encounters, I ended up giving instructions directly to her, the person behind the computer, and she just loved it. Starting all clothed, I teased her until it she couldn't wait any longer, before stripping her down and letting her toys finish the job, imagining that they were me, the other key to her climax being my dirty talk. This girl is a treasure, and deserves more recognition.

Gabriela Garcia: From the moment I saw her body for the first time, I knew I had to have her. A curvaceous latina like that, with full breasts, an insane ass, a feisty personality and highly competitive? That's the perfect recipe and, after having my way it her, I realize wasn't wrong. She tried to resist me and fought well against my charms and attacks, but it wasn't enough. My overpowering lust took over her and I never stopped: once I had tasted and sampled that ass, no one alive would get me away from it. I pounded her, railed that ass as much as I possibly could, like a man possessed, and let me tell you something, it really was everything I had in mind and more. I made her cum twice just from thrusting relentlessly inside of that beautiful ass, and it felt like heaven. I might challenge her again in the future, this time inside of the wrestling mat, her own home turf, but whatever happens I know it will be amazing.

Cumslut Tiffany: Do you believe in genies? Because if you don't, you still haven't met Tiffany. She's a cutiepie who's incredible at fulfilling every single one of your desires, and I mean it. At first I was afraid of contacting her or even asking for a match, for fear of not being enough for her, but she's really, really sweet, don't be afraid like I was, people! The first time we met it was more of an indulgence, I've really wanted to try something specific and she managed to knock it out of the park, without the shadow of a doubt. The second time though? That one I was ready, I really wanted to feel everything she could give me, and more. She rode me like she was possessed, and god did it feel so good. I didn't stop after the first nor my second orgasm, I was too pent up from the wait to let her go with just two, we went all the way to three. Plus, her dirty talk is insane, if you give her enough to work with she'll know exactly how to press every single one of your buttons until you're screaming with pleasure.

And with that perfect segue, I must now talk about our most recent meeting, which can only be described as one word: intense. After a long day, Tiffany was ready to help me unwind, but this time things got a bit.. intense, as I've previously mentioned. She knew just the way to keep teasing me more and more, until my most animalistic instincs took over. Caged for so long, I couldn't hold it in anymore and had to let it all out. What followed was one of the most savage nights I've ever had, with Tiffany proving to be the most resilient, tough and yet one of the kindest partners I've ever met. It was so intense that even though I wanted her mouth, I exploded twice, deep inside of her pussy. But that did not stop her, she kept her promise and bound me to the bed, milking me with her lips to another mind-blowing orgasm that left me screaming her name until my voice was no more. I just can't get enough of that mouth, and I made sure that when we meet again I won't have to let it up to fate. Remember what I said about genies? In some cultures, they are called Djinn (the origin of the word, before it got anglicized), and they are not exactly what they seem. After out last encounter, I'm now pretty sure that Tiffany is that, the devil herself, though the sexiest one I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. So thread carefully, and never understimate her. Give her a call if you really want to have one of your best times ever, but remember, be civil!


Things that I like: Role-playing, teasing, oral, outercourse, edging, JOI, giving pleasure.

Limits: No chastity, humiliation, anal, bathroom play, cbt.

I am open for DMs, either for roleplaying or setting up matches.

If you've stuck until the end thanks for reading this and if you have any other questions just hit me up, either in-game or via discord.

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