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About me

I enjoy classic games with roleplay, dirty talk, or friendly competition. I'm a dominant leaning switch. My play style can vary with mindset or what my partner brings out in me. I get a thrill out of anticipating who will come out on top, but I may just lean back and enjoy the roleplay when it's very hot! If you are feeling submissive, you may call me “sir”. I enjoy both private and public games. My messages are open :)

Kinks and other sexy things

Everything from vanilla to rough sex, dom/sub, breeding, oral sex, cum kisses, recorded sex, public sex, light bondage, spanking and other impact play, breath play, reluctance, brat taming, and aftercare. As a submissive I enjoy gentle femdom, making off, breath play, body worship, and orgasm control.

Limits include minors, feet, bathroom play, feminization, CBT, pegging.

Memorable partners

MisKate is the sweetest lover~. I have the most fun teasing her with my lips. Her lips find their way around my body also, but I have yet to decide which pair are my favorite.

Dounette is a delightful slutty doll~. Her weakness is her needy little clit, which I tease to my satisfaction. I'm lucky to have earned her obedience.

Allison came to me looking for some competitive fun, but she couldn't hold her own. By the end of our session, I had her tied up and publicly announcing she was my little fuckdoll~.

For my public debut, I was a approached by the stunning Katie. She proved to be such a good girl~. I could not resist dragging her delightful little body back to my dungeon.

A special mention for the lovely Gwen, who I adore!

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