NaturalRach (Level 6) mail warning

Come as close to the edge as you can with me...

Coming back to EF after a long time! Happy to be back, naughty sub who's looking for fun, sensual, rough sexy fun!

Always looking for RP, willing to do my best to match my opponent's skill and wants.

Tend to switch between Dom/Sub at the drop of a hat, super into switching roles as the match/game goes on.

Feel free to DM me any time, can't promise I'll respond right away but I'll try.

Love the mental side of the fun almost more than the physical, so be sure to use lots of suggestive words and fill my head with naughty thoughts..


Permanent Weaknesses:
Kissing + Cunnilingus: Receiving oral is an immediate game changer for me, the sensation just floods my brain.. makes me have to skip a turn. Likewise, kisses tend to be a real turn-on and I can be persuaded to skip after a lovely kiss/make-out as well..

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