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Here for a fun time not a long one

"There's a big difference between confidence and arrogance"

About Bobby:

Bobby is an adventurous college kid who moved to the city of EF, not too long ago, in his time here he's been able to meet a lot of new people some he considers friends and holds very near and dear to himself and some who he wishes to get more chances to meet so they can also one day be friends of his. Bobby is a switch by nature as he's comfortable in any role that's required of him to give the person he's with pleasure, as that's his primary goal when with someone is for them and himself to have a pleasant experience. However, he is very competitive, having played sports and games all his life, He will always look for ways to win while also giving his all to whoever he happens to spending time with.

However Bobby also has an alter ego hidden within that he can't fully control. He came to discover this side of himself after having met V and having a conversation with her over a drink of Dwarven Vodka mixed together with some O.J about the Dandelion House where she moved from he felt that something about him had changed almost like there was another person inside his mind. He tries his best suppress his sadistic side and has managed to become closer to it. Now only when provoked past his breaking point will his sadistic nature take over. Causing him to completely black out from reality ignoring whatever is going on around him. Leaving him to only want to make whoever caused this snap in his mind to submit to his every whim. When in this state his Silver eyes turn black and his pupils become a crimson shade of red
(Open to any kind of game, as long as it's enjoyable for both parties involved, DMS open)
Previously transformed by Sam into a female Eliza
After a while the blood magic binding him as a female has transformed as some of his memories have returned mixing together with the memories that Eliza has built on her own causing the two versions of Bobby to separate into their own beings.
Connected by the magic they live their own lives with every so often the memories of the other being appearing into their minds like they themselves experienced it causing them to every so often act like the other person when interacting with others who know both or one them making for some confusion when their actions towards someone isn't met with the same response as what they perceive as normal. After a while they have started to think of each other as siblings, due to their memories being slightly combined.
Bobby is a 23 year old Male with White hair, silver eyes,Athletic body, and is 6'2.

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Rules: Not mandatory just things I've seen others do (Will add things as I come about them)

Hypnosis: 5-6 break free (max of 3 turns)
Bondage: Same as hypnosis

Bets: Not opposed to them depending on what they are.

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a switch
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