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Hi there,after a week i finally have a proper profile 😅, i like back and forth matches of quick/medium duration where dirty talk/banter is present, i'm up to play with bondage/hypno rules and wouldn't mind trying out every game mode. Willing to match up against TS and experiment in game. Not the greatest roleplayer but will do my best to follow along, if you have a scenario in mind that you want to try out let me know. I'm sort of shy and think i lack initiative, so if there's something wrong or anything you want to change let me know even mid game. I speak spanish 🇦🇷 and english 🇺🇸, english is not my native language and i'm sort of clumsy when trying to type fast in the heat of the moment so apologies for any mistake.

Had my first match with bets (rules,pfp changes and the like) and seems exciting, so definitely up for more, establishing the bets and limits of the game beforehand is preferable.

🟩 Turn-ons: JOI, dirty talk, spit/lube, bound c&b, sloppy hj/bj, deepthroats, anal.

🟨 Soft limits:humiliation(name calling and being used is okay, anything more degrading should be consented beforehand, not into exposure), light bdsm(squeezing,groping,flicks,light slaps and the like are fine).

🟥 Hard limits: ageplay, family rp, hardcore bdsm, gross bodily fluids, caging, torture, sharing photos of myself.

*Active Rules*

-Anytime someone sucks my cock i skip a turn unless i get a 5+(4/5)
-If i cum from a blow job i have to skip my turn (2/10)
-Whenever i get an anal related cumtest, i need a 5+ to test, otherwise cum(1/5)
-When I'm hypnotized i must obey for 5 turns, then i can resist (10/10)
-When an opponent slaps, spanks, or squeezes any part of me, i should thank them (5/5)

- I can only be free of bondage/hypno after I roll a 6 on a d12 (10/10)
- I have to skip my turn whenever i gain cum overdrive (5/5)
- Every time i fail a cumtest i have to redraw my actions once and then skip (10/10)
- Whenever i have the option to undress i must take it (10/10)
- Whenever i make my opponent hit a desire of 90 i must roll a dice, if result is 5/6 i have to skip (10/10)

Best pussy around Alex(wip)

Memorable Matches (wanna appear on the list? bet me or simply ask - won't log a match if it's not mutual consent)

- Saw Saduharta Ramangini in MM flaunting her Hentai Champion badge and thought to give it a try. I went in being so afraid and with some missconceptions from previous experiences, but once i gave in to her as much as she was giving in to me i had a wonderful time. She loved every inch of me and i learned to love every inch of hers. In the end i won the Hentai Champion badge, didn't even care lost it next day, what i did care about was the lovely encounter we shared.

- Saw a rookie named Tasha waiting for a wrestling partner and thought i'll boost my lacking experience in the ring,surelly an easy win. After some weak punches and some strong leg game, she got mad i choked her with a staff calling it an illegal weapon. The match went on, each other trying to get the upper hand rubbing our bodies and turning the heat up till she didn't hessitate and went head in into my crotch, i thought i had her. But round two proved to be too much, after i teased, licked and fucked every hole i managed to make her cum once but her legs kept making me tap out again and again, till she brought in her illegal weapon and pegged me. Finally she made me loose with her legs and a thighjob, only to leave me collared and gagged.

- Had two encounters with Calliope_single_mum first time she kept denying her pussy fearing a creampie, but she still managed to drain me two times. Second time she wanted to go for the same path, only offering her ass, but this time i stretched it up so good she ended up loving it and came both times from anal, she became such an anal slut she didn't even mind when i creamed her pussy as my reward.

- Had a match with Katha (The German Queen), after some tease back and forth, Katha wanted to flaunt her title of German Queen and wanted me to be her subject. When i finally regain my consciousness and felt my cock hurting, i had to return the favour and teach her a lesson till she learned to love it. We were so worked up that her thights made me cum, but so did she after a few pumps in her ass. She kept playing everything down, couldn't let that german pride aside and admit she was having fun, so she got desperate and tried to make me cum with her mouth and even some sounding, but only kept working herself up. When she sat on my face and i felt her wetness, i saw my opportunity and put my tongue and fingers to work. No full orgasm for this german girl today, only a full pussy.

- Had match with Alex. After some teasing back and forth to see who would give in i managed to put a tail plug and a collar, the path to make her my fuck pet was looking good, but this pet was feisty and fought back pegging me so i had to tie her and take advantage of her exposed ass. After making eachother cum the battle seemed even, but she had other plans. I had mostly neglected her pussy and after she lured me in it proved to be almost divine, she baited me into a mating press and clenched around me till she got her prize. With my defeat the pet left untamed, for now.

After last time another encounter with Alex ensued, this time we collared eachother to see who was the pet and just when i thought she was giving in she bound me to play with my cock and butt, i would end up being her pet, her pleasuring pet. From that moment foward my path was clear only pleasure for her no matter how hard she tried to make me cum. After fucking her non stop a pull of her collar made her remember how good it feels to give in to the pleasure, and just the touch of my fingers made her squirt to wich she rewarded me by sucking me off. But none of us was done, after some forced anal play on both ends and resisting every attemp to drain me i proved her that my focus was still on giving her pleasure, so after a good fuck from behind all she could do was lay down on all fours as she shaked her legs in orgasm. As a reward i was allowed to cum inside her pussy.

- Everytime i'm in mathcmaking Gavina manages to find me, she bet me and won the 1st match but her mistake was thinking i'd keep loosing. After making her taste a few defeats and a bound rule for her, she keeps coming back for more so i've made her my submissive little fucktoy.

- I'm Sir Vergil of the Queen's Court, after my knighting ceremony i've sworn to protect and please my Queen. I'm Queen Vee's loyal knight and personal ass worshiper.

- Got into a match with Sky without knowing what was in store for me, after some teasing i guess i was too eager and i took the initiative only to end up bondaged and at her mercy, after she took advantage of my situation and some hypnosis i understood i was mistress boy toy. Fortunately mistress loved my cock and all she wanted was for me to pleasure her and have me drained over and over.

- Had a match with Bimbo Slut Emily 🦘, after an introduction and some basic rules we agreed that the looser would get 5 rules added to its profile and dominated after the match. After some tease back and forth i managed to make her cum by fucking her ass and later she made cum by baiting me into a mating press. On the second round just when i thought i had her she started to use her words to coerce me, i should had gagged her cause she was really good with the words, after some futile resists i caved in and lost the match. As for her reward, she gave me some joi, edged and gag me for almost an hour till it was too much and i had to ruin it.

- Had a match with naDine, after some bondage and dirty talk i wanted to conquer her little german ass so bad that i took it without permission, she was so mad about it she took out a dildo and pegged me till i came. Kept trying my best to make her cum to no avail, i had another go at her ass that made her so furious she jerked and vibed only to ruin me.



Profile changes:
Vergil, Raven's favourite cock (10/10)
Vergil, Raven's property (10/10)
Vergil, Raven's plaything (5/5)
Vergil, Jenna's milking toy(5/5)
Vergil, Raven's Tryhard (5/5)

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