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(OOC:) For this character in her magical, MtF trans form, see my True Form Sadu profile.

I'm primarily here on EroFights looking for erotic roleplay, in game. I'm a virtually 100% switch and am more than happy to give as good as I get and more in character, but my primary goal is to have fun and make sure you have fun too! In my case fun can mean all sorts of things, but I generally prefer competitive games overlaid with an ongoing story as the actions progress. I also like premade games and scenarios, possibly using RP mode to better represent things. In general, if I can get sexy interaction between my character and yours with a story or good writing to boot, I'll be more than happy.

Monday - Saturday: 8pm-2am (2am-7am GMT)
Sunday: 10am-2am (3pm-7am GMT)

Since I am a dangerous predator who tried but failed to devour Miss Frikka, I will start my following 5 matches (2/5) in bondage. On a 5+ I free myself, after 5 attempts I am free automaticaly. (shared with true form)

A couple game notes:
- I prefer Hentai or LWR for modes, but Classic can be all right if desired.
- I generally prefer F or T partners. If you're a M character and want to do something I'll probably be a little more picky and want to read some of your logs or know you first.
- I also generally have Hypnosis and Bondage turned off, as well as Audience Participation, but I'm not against them. If you wish to play a match with any of those three rules on, just let me know!
- I tend to prefer games in Public and sharing logs afterwards; The thought of being watched turns me on, and I'm in debt to the people who came before me and shared their logs in turn to help me see what could be done here. If you're not comfortable with that though, that's fine.
- As I said above, I'm pretty much a 100% switch, and play both roles with gusto. I don't like predictable or one sided games, or one sided relationships, and prefer things to be more spontaneous, back and forth, and light hearted. That said, if we've fought a hard battle and you've beaten me, don't feel the need to hold back on me; A hard fought battle can sometimes use a bit of humiliation and putting in one's place, and I love a bit of ahegao, fucked silly, mind break, spanking action in my loses. Don't worry, I don't need that kind of thing every time,, and I'd never do that kind of thing to someone else without asking.
- As far as bets go, I might be up for some short term bets. Hit me up if you have something in mind. I generally don't initiate bets myself though, so do make sure to poke me and check if I'm interested.

A couple of things I avoid:
- I don't really do Jerk-Off-Instructions or real life stuff anymore. If you want to mention how turned on you are or how you're touching yourself or etc., I'm more than up for that. I might even reciprocate if things are getting really steamy! But I won't give you instructions generally, have you edge, or have real life bets.
- The whole detailed RP thing is a pretty strict rule for me for non-Tournament non-Championship matches. I don't ask for novels or anything, but a couple sentences a post would be nice.
- Hard no's for fetishes are heavy bondage, tentacles, gore, bestiality, chastity, burning/scarring, underage characters, monsters, and micro/macro characters. Generally, as long as you've got two arms, two legs, and generally normal human sized body proportions, I'm game!

And finally, here are a couple of my Logs so you can get an idea of my RP and play style.
1. Saduharta vs Steev: TWR
2. Saduharta vs Lyanna: Hentai
3. True Form Sadu vs Linlin Mira: Hentai

Saduharta around the office:
Around the office

Saduharta at home with a good book:
At home

And Saduharta, the Temptress Witch

Character Bio!
Name: Lady Saduharta Ramamgini
Sex: Female
Age: 36 years old
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 138 lbs
Hair: Auburn, usually worn up into a bun or a little curled
Eyes: Turquoise
Skin: Pale peach
Build: Curvy and just starting to show her age, but toned from working out.
Notable features: Wears glasses or contacts, blemishless skin, tends to wear elegant subdued makeup. Always wears an exact copy of the black lace choker Linlin Mira wears, something she gifted the younger woman as a sign of her love of the feisty nympho.

Saduharta was born a half demon, her mother being a rakshasa and her father a human. She is a trained witch and sorceress who specializes in rune magic, though she's tried to lead a mostly normal life otherwise. She went to a private high school where she dominated both academically and sexually, a feat that followed at college. Now that she'd come to EF City though she'd found the competition much more stiff, and the beauties more beautiful than she's used to.

These days she works for EFtronics, a game company specializing in RPG Adventure games where she's a manager of the QA department with the affectionate nickname "QA Mommy". She's been pulled more and more into the EroFight scene and get back in her old college form!


Behind the character:
* I'm a NBT living in the state of Minnesota in the USA (GMT -5). I've been writing and roleplaying for over a decade, and roleplaying sexfights almost as long.
* Languages: Only English, I'm sorry.

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