Jon D (Level 6) mail warning

I want to explode all over your....

Friend told me that I might like this place. Came here with a bet in hand and planning to stay at least until it’s finished.

Mid 30s, 6 ft, introverted (love people but give me time to recharge) and since you’re wondering well endowed.

Looking to play some classic games to start and see where this goes.

So stop wondering, hit me up and I’ll tell you exactly what you want to know (or show if you’re lucky enough)

Profile pic is obviously not me. I’m so much sexier.

Watch me lose control or watch me get lost in lust as you take control. Never a right answer - only what works for us at that moment in time.

Kinks: Cumplay, passionate fucking, risky sex, cunnilingus, wet and messy, CFMN, facials, blowjobs, and breasts.

Kinks with right person: Rough sex, feet, piss play, anal.

Notable matches (notable in that I lost a bet):

Shirley: I was surprised to match up with EF’s resident slutty teacher for a rare classic match from her, but I welcomed the challenge. I dominated early on, ramming her from behind and taking an orgasm earlier than she wanted. She came back and took an orgasm from me. I thought I had her, but a mix of her veteran skills and luck put her in cowgirl until I couldn’t help but cum a second time. I learned my lesson.

Michy: Why would I have anything to fear from Michy I thought to myself as she picked me in matchmaking. Sure, I had already lost a few matches but I was quickly realizing the key to EF city - confidence and a huge cock. I was starting to become something here and I was feeling pretty damn good. Michy was just going to be another challenge that I could use for more pleasure. Fuuckkk - I could not have been more wrong. She quickly milked me, forcing me to explode in her pussy. Even worse, she had the nerve to look me directly in the eyes and say that that I could not handle her as my cum slowly dripped from her. This angered me and provoked me to do everything I could to wipe that smug attitude. I mean how could she resist such a huge cock? So I fucked her silly pushing her to orgasm, pounding her over and over. Those sweet moans, they sounded like success proving to me once again that all women here become the same when pounded by my cock! But those sweet moans suddenly turned and I immediately knew that I had miscalculated. There is only one way to stop Michy and that is to win against her. Over and over. It was at this moment I lost. I facefucked her, used her mouth like a toy, but in the end it was no use. Once she wrapped her lips around my shaft determined to win, the only thing I could do was to oblige and give the winner her facial. Perhaps one day, I will succeed against her and get my opportunity to publicly humiliate her. But until then, I'm left to question everything I once knew about this city.

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