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Underground City

The underground city, home to Krul!

Like any other city, there are mostly residential homes, a few shops here and there, a tavern. And at the top is a castle!


Main castle:

Krul being the Queen of the city!


Mika The Maid!


There is a shopping district:

In the shopping district, You can find giftshops, material shops and clothing shops! There are also weapon- and armorsmiths, for those that want to buy weapons for upcoming battles!
Gift shops contain; figurines, toys, plushies, charms, wallpapers and more!

Clothing; mainly dresses and medieval clothing for males! (There are also capes)
"Toy shop"; you can buy your own "toys"!

Tavern in-between residential and shopping districts!

Residential district:

Hotel for visitors and tourists! Houses that can be bought!

Isabel: Became my repairwoman! If you need something fixed, she will help fixing it!

Iona~!:The first person to own a house in the city! At Crimson Route 40

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