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*enjoying Anna's attire choices* ^-^

Bi / Switch

A friendly neighbourhood owner of Naganohara fireworks branch in EF city ^^
Make sure to swing by if you wanna order some, if you got some fun materials I could maybe use, or if you just wanna hang out - it's nice to meet new people on here!
If ya need recommendations...well I don't advertise myself much, but I have been called 'the bestest firework lady' before! That works right?

Magical affinity development
Once I arrived here, I started to practice a little more magic than before, as well as search for materials for newer and more exciting firework contraptions that I get to work on in my spare time! And it seems that once I interact with some people, particularly in certain...ways...I seem to unlock or develop skill in whichever magic they tend to use, which is heckin surprising at times. So far I'd say my magic is classed as follows(arbitrary scale from 1(beginner) to 10(absolute mastery - combination magic can go above)):

Fire: 7 - maybe I ain't the best pyromancer around, but I ain't got my Vision for nothing, ya know? And hey, it helps to not get burnt when making fireworks ^^

Illusion: 7 - a personal favourite of mine, I tend to play around with it while running around being invisible or I build tsome illusion spells into my fireworks at times to grant them fun little effects, like making an illusory dragon come forth from within fireworks and fly around for a little bit. Very fun, feels like potentially limitless magic for creativity :D

Unique magic: Niwabi Fire-Dance: 11(Fire + 1/2 Illusion + 1) - through the combination of her affinity with illusion and ability to layer multiple illusory effects, including weight, appearance, sense of touch and similar, Yoimi has managed to learn to project a powerful enough illusion of a bow to use it as a catalyst an amplifier for her fire magic. It occurs in the way of little moats of flame that she can rapidly launch at any obstacle or enemy in her pathway. It is also somewhat similar to her original fighting style back in Inazuma, leading to an even higher affinity than before.

Lightning: 2 - one of the randomly new ones for me, think I can blame it on a certain rockstar...and someone else ^^. But hey, there is some potential to bind it to my work as well I reckon - both can sparkle in the sky...or if nothing else, maybe I can limit the electricity bill in my EF city place ;)

Holy: 1 - some minor healing and defensive magic I picked up from a certain angel one time. Comes in handy to heal some minor scratches on friends and such, maybe I should learn some more of it. Ah...and it works surprisingly nicely as magical bindings for anyone of the more 'demonic' sort ^^

Demonic: 4 - I have never used demonic magic! Got no clue what's the trigger for it anyway. Why do I even have this?! And it grows...okay the last time I may have done a teensy-tiny whoopsie and tried to summon some firework-making materials with a demonic summoning circle....they did not exactly say to not do that in the book have they??? In any case...seems like there might be a new shadowy entity roaming about freely cause of my whoopsie...and well I may have a teeeny lil thing for summoning a certain cute succubus....shuuush >->

Earth: 1 - thanks to the introduction to this field of magic by the very helpful magician known as the Hen...Jamie I have now mastered a little bit of the earth element. Not a lot per se...but it's enough to brush away sand or to collect some scattered materials ^~^

Shapeshifter 5 - Out of my particular interest to learning how to alter my own appearance, I approached and appeased the powerful Ryuna to be my teacher. She flew me a long distance over to a mysterious hideout, where I got to train to reform and reshape some elements, before finally practicing little aspects of myself, such as hair lenght etc. Not long after, from my encounter with a very particular wolfie I have woken up the next morning adorned by fluffy ears and with a lovely wolfish tail...My abilities in this branch of magic only seem to enhance in time, especially when my trait, called almost 'succubus-like', has benefited from encounters with a bull and a chaos kitty.

Cryomancy - (Lore WIP)

Other forms of Yoimi?
The spatio-temporal displacement I have experienced for a time has given me some options to change some aspects of my body into certain...alternatives.
Mostly these revolve around different forms of fluffy ears as of yet...although limitations may be lifted at some point for the nature of the profile to fluctuate.
The tangible and mastered forms include for now: regular Yimi and wolfie Yimi. More may come soon...and they have, as occasionally an elf-Yimi can be spotted too!

And when it comes to the heroic deeds that need to be done in our world every now and then...well...tehee...hero Yimi's got your back!
Bad End Battle account => here

Fireworks Store selection (WIP, updating)
Classic - just your regular old fireworks, cheapest, colourful and multitude of shapes and sizes. Whichever colour you wish, it probably exists!*

Illusory Dragon - utilizes a crystal charged with dark magic for power and pulling various other effects together, and layers of illusions spells that trigger at later intervals, giving this large, purple looking firework the property of bringing an illusory dragon to life as a firework display in the sky. It travels freely, and often in menacing ways to the audience at first, but is just a harmless display, I promise, don't worry ^^

Candy Fish - it's what it sounds like...probably. A fish shaped firework that includes a little fireproofed storage compartment for distributing a shower of candy! Seemed to have a good reception among those who have seen it ^^

The rockstars' ascent - This particular firework was developed in order to play a little trick on a certain rockstar. It incorporates sitting someone down in a chair, as a big rocket launches them up to the sky...but don't ya worry! The seat has protective magic against being burnt, and a series of magical and mundane seatbelts hold you in place so that you cannot fall from the height...prematurely. Once the firework reaches it's destined altitute, it explodes, while a secondary set of fireworks activates in your chair, propelling you downwards with a trail of sparkles in the air behind you! Just as it seems like you are about to hit the ground, protective magic activates, sending you down onto your feet, safely on the ground as the final sparkling explosions happen just above your head! And the best part tehee...you can set and aim this whole setup to begin where you want and end where you want! Say...if someone wanted to appear in a middle of a concert stage riding such a firework...it would be coo, don'tcha think? ^^

Mega Kitty - a firework very much inspired by a certain kitty with the ability of conceptual devour, where they it's possible for them to nom on anythin, from regular food, to large obstacles, magical spells...frankly I don't know limitations. Regardless! The firework looks like a big chonky Garfield, and after it flies into the sky it begins to chomp down any other lights in the sky..firework sparkles...stars etc. But do not be alarmed! It's merely an illusion effect I promise! ^^ In the end when it darkens the whole sky it also begin to spit everything out, flying backwards like a popped balloon with very distressed cat noises and the sky returns to normal! Yes, I had fun making this one, wonder how could you tell? ;)

secret project Onsen - wip, prepared for whenever Haruka opens up the dojo ^^

project Bunny - this funny little blue firework can look deceptively mundane...except for a lil icon of a bunny on the tip of the rocket. Once launched into the night sky it makes a beautiful series of white and blue sparkles all building up to the moment when you realize it creates an image of a very particular bunny doing a peace sign with a playful wink. Thank ya for inspiration <3

secret project, codename 'The Bull-ie' - details undisclosed

Woofie's Flash - this firework has been motivated by the lovely shared time with a very particular wolfie friend of mine. The firework itself is a complex array of both sound and image effects weaved together to craft a magnificent display - the lovely wolfie, dressed in a traditional maiden robe, stands on top of a shrine rooftop, as a silver blade descends from the heavens. Accompanied by the sound of a whole pack of wolves howling, she dashes quickly across the sky, ending the move with her blade sheathed, smiling warmly at the viewer of the display...that lovely smile and kind, gentle gaze can cause one to melt....ekh-em...gettin distracted by memories, anyway iiit's a very cool firework alright??

secret project, codename 'Sparkling Dusk' - details undisclosed

*secret project, codename 'Sunnyrise' * - details undisclosed

Notable encounters/friends
((Last update, 8/12/2023 - gimme time if ya ain't there and I promised :p ))
Aleda has shown up at my store after I thought it's already been closed, trying to buy all fireworks I had in stock...but he forgot his wallet. One idea led to another, and we managed to work out some details for a deal to still be struck ^^. Since then he did manage to drag me along to get me introduced to a whole bunch of folks...fun people, what can I say. It would have likely taken me quite a while longer to find them if not for that one match...which took about 3 days to complete ((damn you timezones!!)). They got a cool female form too...weirdly setup on trying to make me have twintails...like that would turn me into a tsundere or somethin...the b-baka.

Driz is a very sweet cat, hard to decide if more so in his regular or female form. He's got a slight disregard for using doors and likes to wake me up I think. Based on what he does when I ain't asleep...can't complain much, and I sleep great after ;)

Maxime has surprised me a lot this one evening...in the loveliest of ways imaginable <3 . We first chatted, I shown her around the store and explained stuff about my various projects...then we played an amazing game together on the console! And her ability to play as the Guitar-man was almost enough to get me...tehee, but the game ended in a draw. And just as soon after we have decided to play a little bit different game, one that could only be described as one of the most passionate encounters I have ever had - truthly what they say about bunnies has some seed of truth to it ;) And be warned, this bunny can be a lil more of a predator at times...but I got to say, meltin together with such a lovely person is a wondrous experience I sure hope to repeat one day.
P.S. Love ya too Maxi 💗
The encounters with this particular lovely bunny have not stopped whatsoever...she has become a very integral part of Yimi, a special place my little heart forever reserved for this wonderful teaser. And on a particular occasion we have chosen to make the lovely and intimate exchange between the two of us...as now her neck is adorned with a cute orange collar with a small firework logo, while I am supah happi to wear a lovely blue collar with a small bunny logo on it ^^ I will treasure it forever, just as I treasure every shared moment with this, somewhat unexpected and lovely relationship that seemed to bloom between us more and more as the time flies by...and I don't see it stoppin any time soon 💗

Ezume...has a pokeball. Tis all I am saying :p

Rae da mighty foxo is a supah nice and good fren, who always deserves all the snuggles and pats and kisses she wishes for~. Specifically for her Yimi has learned how to make a special pocket dimension out of Yimi's actual outfit pocket, where foxo can hide, relax, make some foods and peek out at others from da safe spot. And what's the answer to the 'Oh foxo of the pocket, what is thy wisdom?'? Simple ~ "Mnyaf!".

Amelia...it's tough to even begin describing. I first saw her interacting in some public spaces with other folks I knew, as a very cute seeming individual, which began to draw my attention to her...but I did not wanna push myself into existing setups at first, calmly observing from a safe spot ~ until one afternoon that is when I was just reading and practicing some basics of magic and she suddenly approached me! We had a moment of a relaxing chat, before I offered to take her to show her my workshop and my ol' place, given they are technically one and the same building - she was super excited looking around at all the fireworks, some of projects I have going on and some of the less-assembled messes I have yet to properly put together tehee ^^. We proceeded to relax for some time later together, as I have shown her my small apartment with its' view of the lake. I have made us some lovely tea, and we decided to play a game on the console together, a game that I just gotta mention the credit for da concept for goes to my lovely Maxi ~ EF smash bros :D We played together for a good while, sun was almost starting to set...as a challenge to keep ourselves competitive we had an idea as for the winner to be able to pick the next activity for the two of us. And well...I may have...gotten a little...distracted...by how wonderful Amelia looked in the dim lights of the room, only the screen flashes reflecting off those wonderful red eyes of hers...I thought I was already defeated and wanted to steal a kiss...only to realize that my character survived her ultimate and I was comically knocked out >->
But well...let's just say that the moments we shared after, pressed together and against my couch, and later on top of it...is one of the most magical feeling encounters I have ever had, and that time holds a special space in my heart...I love my Woofie <3....fiiine...there might be one...other....minor detail. Just a tiny tiny one...
It's the morning after the night snuggled with Amelia in my cozy bed that I woke up with some more fluffy additions to my usual self...lookin mighty cute and loving the headpats I get now ^^

Isa is quite a lovely and passionate cyootie, surprisingly bashful at time when faced with compliments and the softer approach...although playin pranks on her is equally fun winks. I have run into her a few times among others at first, feeling like her list of affections was already somewhat full, I didn't want to butt in and ruin the good friendship....but over the course of several weeks we slowly flirted and chatted more, interacting first one the more playful spectrum of things, until we one day met in a nice and cozy cafeteria. It was first time we chatted in separation from others like this, and we got to know each other quite a bit better in the process ~~ all until that lovely walk through a magical park, with it's lovely lights very akin to fireworks, which made me wanna jump around and do a lil dance! Bein the doof I am sometimes, ofcourse I almost tripped and fell...but Isa was there, by my side, holding me up gently in a lovely protective gesture...oh I am pretty sure we almost would have kissed then already...but we both held, cautiously so, trying to gauge either our own or one another's feelings first...well all until I bent over in a slight tease when taking my sandals off on the beach...our lips locked in such an intense passion that we almost did it right there and then, on the warm sands...hmm...maybe next ti...coughs anyway....we somehow made it to the office, and what followed was one of the most intensive nights I have ever spent, filled with so many positions, mischief, a hypnotic effect as we both used some magic on one another...it was amazing and I loved it all. That night will forever be remembered Isa....I am still gonna make you a special firework though, just you wait! <3

Cecilia is a lovely succubus I accidentally summoned upon trying (again) to use a demonic ritual magic in order to summon some of the rarer materials I try to incorporate into my fireworks...she was a little hungry, and quite easily put me into a trance that turned me...a little....you know...needy...blushes. With our first encounter cut a little short by magical instability, I just had to improve my practice of the magic and perfectly replicate the summoning...oh what a lovely time that naughty winged cyootie can give...give the magic a try, you will find out what I mean <3

Duskie has first approached me while I was holding the title of a LWR champion for a brief couple of games, undoubtedly thinkin that the win might come to hear as an easy one ~ and yet I've proven her quite wrong once my rather seductive approach in our encounter got a better hold of her. In the aftermath of our quite a lovely encounter, I have given her a collar for a brief time, thinking of it more as a sign of affection for her to carry around - but to her it was a sign of domination, one she desperately wanted me to give her a task in return for freedom for. And so, soon enough, she visited me again, with a lovely meal of pancakes we shared together. We arranged our next meeting that I would visit her and we would discuss the 'task' I would have her do ~ somewhat new to the whole idea, I opted for a soft, yet effective solution - one where she would have to give me a wonderful massage - a very pleasant one at that, especially when things have turned to some...naughtiness. In the aftermath, I gently unlocked that collar, as shared how much we cared for each other, and no item was needed as a reminder of that.*
Duskie took it upon herself to teach me to dance to a song, as funnily enough, I may have a knack for magic, crafting fireworks and the like, but my feet are two lefties, I tell ya ^^' ~ but after the dance, we couldn't hold our affection towards one another at bay, and even though the space Duskie has taken in my heart may not be the central one...it's definitely hers and uniquely so 🧡😊.
The next morning meal was certainly a memorable one, given Duskie wanted to make something special for me to enjoy...and it certainly was a little special...but the exact nature of it should remain a bit of a secret for now tehee ^^.

Jaquie is an encounter I've never anticipated, one that happened on a whim - but it's proven to be quite an amazing experience in the process. I first visited her in a lovely room she was renting out in the city, seemingly looking for someone to pass by...and we shared a very lovely time together. When I saw the same room with the lights on, I couldn't resist diving back into it, such is the effect that cyootie can have....oh and how well she responds to being hypnotiz....eekhhheeemmm blushes...either way, sometime later I paid a visit to Eva and after a minor questioning she was fine with us visiting her mansion next time we wanted to chill together! And so we did, and it turned out to be such a lovely time...tehee...but I won't say more....what happens in the jaccuzzi, stays in the jaccuzzi ;)

Popsicle is a very adorable friend who must be protec at all costs, one who I always treasure all the snugglez and hugs and little smooches with, something about her just always gets me to be super affectionate towards her...and I have my little suspicion she isn't very resistant to my charms either tehee...as a little note...this lewdie-psicle is the only person who I ever opened up to and got into the irl zone for...and given as reluctant as I am for that...I will probably let that be her unique claim on me 🧡😊 ~~ wuv ya Sophie 🧡.

The chaos-vampy-kitty, known to most as Julie is quite a lively character ~ I visited her cool room every now and then, always happy to see just how cool...I am not >-> ~ we have quite a tumultous relationship, of little teases and playful pranks or bouts along the way, and I am quite certain hero Yimi will want to face her in her evil castle at some point as well...and now the kitten has a voodoo doll of me, made from the plushies Amelia made...anyway ^^'. After a long time of teases and playfulness, and her almost always rooting against me just to root against me, I went up her sis, Becky and actually managed to end her ownership of the hentai belt! Tehee...Julie's revenge for that was swift...and quite a lovely time...I would love to lose like that again someti...sshhhushh I ain't endin that sentence nhhhhh...blushes over.....also she is supah sweet and even remade my pfp to be even cuter! beams happily.

Fennie, as I tried to nickname her tehee, better known as Sunny is a cute little kitsune who runs the Sun Shrine! I went up there a couple times, it being a place of warmth and kindness and just positive energy all around ~ I still can't help but giggle at the time that cute furball of chaos wanted my lemonade and proceeded to eat the bottle with the drink inside! Her abilities are quite astounding in that respect ^^. But, to business...at one particular time we ended up in a tight huggle with my luv Maxi, Sunny and me, stuck together under the blankie...and I may have initiated a little naughty plan as with my luv we've made the chaos fennec melt completely for us, our mouths, my tail making sure no part of Sunny was left unloved, all while she tried to remain quiet under the blankie obscuring her from view of everyone else...a lovely time indeed 🧡.
Sometime later I received a mysterious invitation to come to the shrine at night, little knowing of Sunny's plan to take a lewdie revenge upon me...but the night rather ended up as one of revelation, instead of letting the mischievous fennec exact her revenge and be done with it, I may have stolen her heart a little bit tehee...just as she has mine 🧡. As we cuddled together in the aftermath of our passion, I realized just how lovely and often lonely this smiling furball can get, and we've made a pinkie promise to be friends and stay together, at least the night at first...but I will no doubt visit her again, whenever she would love me to ^~^ sending kisses to you Sunny <3.

Anna is someone I just felt naturally drawn to, her looks, her style of being, her presence...we've met in a little hangout with various friends of ours, and at some point I quite impulsively found some excuse to get in to snuggle with her...while that seemed to have an effect to raise her interest as well, as such little interactions finally gave us an excuse to approach one another ~ she visited my firework shop, I have shown her around my workshop area and invited her over to the private part of my house, given the heavy snows outside - it was rough enough on her to get here I was sure. Either way, I served her some delicious ramen with choshu pork, and we chatted lots and lots about various topics, before snuggling a little more on the couch afterwards. The conversation eventually took a more intimate turn...and I offered if she would wanna go upstairs with me...to my happiness, she agreed. Having had little previous experience, I made sure to treat her as gently as I could, trying to make the experience as comfortable and loving as I knew, for I truthly was finding myself caring more and more for her happiness of our shared time, especially with the way she was doing her best to reply in kind to my touches. The night we shared was a splendid, filled with some creativity which I love, although I admit I was surprised of how heavily she went on in giving me an amazing experience in the final moments of our first night together(and I am totally hoping for more sometime <3) tehee...despite my promise I ended up being the one that couldn't walk...and we cuddled sleeping together until a very late morning 🧡

Bunch of sparkly arts
Fieldtrip! Anyone? <3

Magical training is proceeding wonderfully...

I love spending time by water every now and then ^^

As well as relaxing after a busy day...just before the sleep.

Some other info/technical stuff
Disclaimer: cross-gendered character

I generally prefer playing in rp mode, using the images as prompts to get some interesting rp to happen. Mostly will stick to the hentai zone, as the art there is simply more fun for me. I'd still consider myself rather novice at erp (times I have been told I'm underselling myself: 6)

Hard limits: Blood, gore, anything that does with inflicting severe injuries on either one of us is a big nope. I am not currently interested in any irl aspects of this game either.

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