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This character was created for RP purposes. So please do not have empty profiles, no pfps or just a few sentences on your profile, try to be creative as well.
Usually I do play with bondage/hypno rules. Trashtalking, humiliation, bets (don't like rule bets though) are welcomed!
Preferable duration of match 40 minutes - 3 hours. Public/private games. Be competitive though! And of course we could discuss everything via dms!
No IRL sorry here :3
Talking about criminal card - feel free to offer the pfp you would like to see on yours one!


- Officer at EF's Police Department -

More and more boys and girls on EF just disappear after they meet some strange characters. Some of these missing people might be accidentally found exhausted and cum covered in some weird basements. Scared and unable to speak they definitely wait for punishment for those who did it with them. Alicia is here to investigate all these strange occurrences and arrest the culprits. Let me know if one of your friends suddenly disappeared after facing someone suspicious! All guilty will be punished!

Physical appearance:

Height: 5 ft 8 in / 173 cm
Weight: 141 lb / 64 kg
Even despite my perfect breasts and beautiful butt my body is athletic enough to catch and punish every criminal no matter guy, girl or someone else you are!

Holy virgin state:

🔴Pussy virgin - Taken by Bondageman on 19 of March 2023.
🔴Anal virgin - Taken by Loving Belle on 29 of March 2023.

Criminals she met (as a police officer):

- Loren

Incident #1 (Success)

"I always wanted a pet pig and you look perfect" she said... After Alicia's refuse Loren attempted to change officer's mind using physical force slapping her face and pulling beautiful police hair. Actually Loren is funny. Imagine using physical force against a well trained police officer when you are just a tiny cute e-girl. Doing her best Loren successfully was anally ravaged till cumming and got defeated. Defeated by an officer? Get ready to accept your portion of punishment then! Weak girl Loren wanted to see Alicia as her pet pig well... Be careful what you dream about! Officer stuffed defeated criminal's butt with a pig tail imitating plug and left piggy girl completely naked.

- Adam

Incident #1 (Success)

Another day another boy approached perfect Alicia and called her a whore? Exactly! That is so usual already. But in fact this boy Adam is not a usual pathetic boy. First of all this guy captures, enslaves and stores defeated girls inside of his strange mansion. Secondly officer heard some funny rumors that this pervert wears a chastity cage. As every criminal this one didn't want to be arrested so Alicia had to force him. After a small fight Adam found himself being pegged into submisson and forced to cum again and again. Bad boys receive punishment, right? Yup! Now Adam's daily schedule includes one special routine: visit the police department, head into basement where all officers are free to peg him whenever they want to!

- Katha

Incident #1 (Success)

Interesting fact №1: Katha was broken even before she had time to commit any crime. Interesting fact №2: Katha is addicted to women's feet and loves absolutely everything about anal stuff.
So! This miss German Queen challenged Alicia for a fight and what happened next? Of course Katha got defeated and arrested! Everything happened so fast. Alicia teased Katha using her gorgeous feet just for a few times and miss Queen immediately became a submissive pet for an officer! With an idea to reward Katha the officer had some fun with Queen's butthole and damn! German Queen is a real buttslut! Tied up to some pillar with her legs raised up to the sky Katha was left in a very humiliating pose.

- Serena

Incident #1 (Success)

Early morning Alicia got approached by this cutie. After a small abosultely unremarkable conversation Serena started to act strange. Seems she tried to seduce an officer but of course successfully failed with this task. Then another idea came to Serena's bright mind. She approached Alicia, lifted her skirt up with one hand and holding a phone with the other hand snapped a few pics of officer's panties. Very rude! As a police investigator Alicia decided to find out what else Serena has on her phone and wow! She found lots and lots of interesting pics... erotic pics! Pics of other's panties and even pussies! Looked like they were made without any permission and it meant Serena must be arrested. This girl even dared to resist arrest but after all officer is strong. She was taught one very important lesson - not to mess with the police. Oh and yeah... she walked around with no panties covering her own pussy. From now I believe she will wear something to cover her sweet spot.

- Akira

Incident #1 (Failed)

Seeing Akira's trophy collection and how rapidly it was growing Alicia thought it was a perfect time to finally stop this domme bitch. After a small conversation Akira refused her arrest and decided to beat an officer! Haha! Full of confidence Alicia gladly accepted her challenge. Too overconfident asian domme was so busy with undressing an officer that forgot to protect herself! She got cuffed and collared very quickly! But what happened then surprised Alicia. While other criminals tried to outfuck her, Akira attempted to... outlick Alicia! Investigator thought she has the most skillful tongue on the EF but this time she got outplayed in her own game. Akira licked officer's pussy till she orgasmed and came, seizing this opportunity while Alicia was suffering from orgasm bliss this tricky asian tied, collared and leashed her new victim. Brought to Akira's trophy room Alicia is now displayed there completely helpless and locked inside of her own cell in a humiliating pose waiting for her new mistress' orders.

- Marikah

Incident #1 (Success)

Soon after tasting her second defeat by Demon Gimp Alicia got approached by this woman. Lovely latex suit on her perfect body, pretty high heels on feet. Marikah said that Gimp sent her to train Alicia and break her mind even more. Well officers don't surrender so quick and the challenge was accepted. Late at night investigator came into Marikah's bdsm dungeon to prove her that no one will train a police officer. Just like her demonic friend Marikah thought that the best way to meet a guest at her dungeon is to undress this guest. Well unlucky for a fake mistress Alicia's tongue can not only talk but make women cum. Right after Marikah cummed and during her orgasm bliss Alicia made this girl swallow a pink bimbofying pill. This pill affected mistress' mind and let the officer reprogram criminal girl's mind turning her into a cock and feet serving bitch.

Incident #2 (Failed)

Just a few days later after Connor managed to feed Alicia with pink bimbo pills this bitch Marikah appeared literally out of nowhere. Officer remembers how she turned this fake mistress into a cock worshipping bimbo but now, after Connor's incident investigator was extremely close to becoming this servicing bimbo doll by herself. This time Marikah had some kind of a plan as she shoved a whole purse of pill inside Alicia's throat and blocked the way out using her feet. At the same moment right when officer attempted to push mistress' feet away Marikah using some kind of a dildo to make investigator cum and enter an orgasm bliss state when she won't be able to fight back. And yeah, this happened... Mistress Marikah turned Alicia into a cock servicing bimbo... Service bimbo adventures section below

- Connor

Incident #1 (Failed)

Noticing more and more girls discovering their bimbo side Alicia talked to her office Penny and together they found that the all bimbo girls were brainwashed and reprogrammed by Connor. Head officer gave him too many warnings and heard too many promises. She appeared to arrest him and what a surprise Connor tried to resist and escape. Like a skilled criminal this guy easily dealt with Alicia's panties making her almost helpless. After a small fight for the right to be free Connor made officer feel that last orgasm and lose all her stamina. Seizing such a great opportunity this criminal guy put a brainwashing VR headset on investigator's head and made her swallow a few of pink bimbo pills. Unable to resist Alicia's mind got reprogrammed and body received some new changes turning officer into a police bimbo doll.

- Demon Gimp

Incident #1 (Failed)

Out of nowhere this demon appeared and locked Alicia inside a cell with him willing to fight and defeat her. Not caring about the law at all Gimp just ripped officer's uniform leaving her gorgeous body stark naked. After some period of time Alicia finally found her opponent's weakness and started to abuse it working on Gimp's cock using feet again and again. Unfortunately for her Gimp found one officer's weakness as well... This pervert really decided to stretch Alicia anal with his thick 8inch cock right until she squirted accepting her defeat. Willing to have more fun Demon tied Alicia to cage bars and invited every prisoner to fill her police mouth with fresh cum.

Incident #2 (Failed)

Walking back home same day officer noticed this Gimp in the public alley fucking another girl! Filthy hungry pervert she thought and immediately rushed to him having and idea to take her revenge and finally arrest this criminal creature. Using feet or nothing strategy Alicia managed to control Gimp's mind for a couple of minutes but after all he regained his mind. Might take some more time to completely break him... Should be researched. Anyway after this mister Demon skillfully fucked Alicia switching between anal and pussy. Quickly investigator surrendered squirting again... This time Demon revealed his true nature and with a real magic damaged and reprogrammed her mind a bit implementing a small trigger into her brain.

- Francis

Incident #1 (Success)

Looking for other criminals Alicia came into some backroom with a poker table in the middle of it. She approached some dark character and got offered to play one game. Quickly surrounded by a huge crowd she accepted this challenge. Police officer did her best trying to win but she still lost at the end. They don't play poker in police! Heard some laugh and Francis' fantasies on her Alicia tried to leave but... That was a room whole of criminals! Francis' criminal group! They tried to hypnotize her with a beautiful necklace. Noticing Alicia won't give they tried to sexually assault her. Unlucky for them a police officer became much stronger than they thought and she easily beat them all and forced their boss Francis to suck a phallic dildo they were offering her before in front of the laughing so hard crowd.

Incident #2 (Success)

This horny boy really dared to fake an emergency call making Alicia visit and inspect some strange abandoned building. Once she went inside doors were closed and the lights were turned on. She saw all kinds of sex devices perverts use to "have fun" with enslaved women and a Francis in the middle of the room. Fortunately Alicia is a perfect policewoman and nothing can break her strong mind. She easily beat Francis and tied him to a metal pipe in the corner of criminal's bdsm dungeon. Willing to humiliate him for doing such a bad thing she wrapped a dog collar around his neck and taught what all good dogs do - they lick their owners!

Incident #3 (Failed)

Suffering two heavy losses this time Francis collected all the bandits he knew and broke into the EF police department building. While Francis was looking for Alicia his friends already started to have fun by breaking all the female officers with their cocks and sexual devices they brought with themselves. Soon after this they found Alicia's office and invited Francis to come in. Shocked and scared from all happening investigator tried to arrest all the bandits but since there were too many of them she didn't stand a chance. Broken by their boss' cock Alicia squirted so damn much! Even passed out after this. Once awake she found herself all tied in a glass cell surrounded by jerking off bandits. Moreover they attached nipple clamps to her nipples and clit. Unable to endure it, she again lost consciousness. Horny criminals fucked female officers all days long turning some the girls into mistress' for helping them with torturing their previous co-workers.

Incident #4 (Failed)

As Alicia started to hear more and more rumors about Francis and his club she decided to check what he was really doing there. Unfortunately for her she saw a club full of caught and enslaved girls serving Francis' thugs. Officer immediately found their boss and challenged him. And again Francis was on top dominating Alicia. Once police officer was ready to talk they made a deal and Alicia was just forced to sell her previous detective Quinn in order to get freedom back. After some small cock sucking session they released Alicia but made Quinn be their forever sucking whore. At least head officer is free for now...

Incident #5 (Failed)

Soon after her previous defeat officer Alicia came back to take her revenge. She definitely had some kind of a plan but everything was ruined when his thugs completely undressed her just in a few moments. Thought she found Francis' weakness investigator kept teasing this criminal with her beautiful feet and soles. But she found out soon is that Francis used to behave like this only to distract her. Collared and paraded in front of everyone Alicia quickly came two times in a row and accepted her future joining Francis' new pets showroom collection. A police officer now spends days being trained as a k9 dog pleasing thugs and their boss.

Incident #6 (Success)

Saved from being Francis' pet by her cadet Caitlin Alicia strikes again! This time way more confident as Caitlin trained and feminized this criminal boss. And actually cadet did one more thing. She put a chastity cage on this "female collector" hahaha! Nice pink chastity so he can't fuck Alicia's butt. And yeah! Officer easily arrested Francis and remembering what he did to her Alicia turned this pervert into a piggy! Muahaha let's see if someone will come to save this bandit. But for now he stays in this state being piggy, having a chastity cage and a tail.

- Loving Belle

Incident #1 (Failed)

Right when Poki managed to reward Alicia with a chastity belt which gives an easy acces to officer's anal hole more and more Poki's friends were appearing and this Belle was one of the new viewers. While audience was laughing seeing officer with a belt on her pussy Poki had one exact plan - make Belle take Alicia's anal virginity. Police officer struggled so much but after a few punches and teases from Belle's cock Alicia's mind surrendered and Belle fucked investigator's anal hole senseless. Soon after all criminals had enough fun this Loving miss put a strange VR headset on Alicia's head and brainwashed her mind turning into a mindless anal slut officer.

- Poki

Incident #1 (Success)

Extremely funny cutie! She spoiled some water on Alicia's uniform and offered her to visit Poki's mansion and wash her uniform there. Unexpected for Alicia Poki's mansion turned out to be a trap. There little girl tried to tame a police officer. She really had an idea to turn her into a Poki's barking puppy. Of course Alicia didn't like this idea at all! That's why she easily beat Poki and put her on a leash making her crawl to a police station completely naked! Yup! Imprisoned Poki. And since she is such a pet lover why not to become a police puppy by herself? Alicia has this wonderful idea to train Poki and make her behave like a cute obedient subby puppy! So probably she will visit her in the cell very often.

Incident #2 (Failed)

After Francis's incident this little puppy dared to escape from her special cell and she even managed to find her clothes somewhere! Full of confidence Alicia easily proved her real power. She managed to tie up Poki again and again leaving her puppy no any chance to stay free. But everything changed after Poki's first orgasm. Someone probably heard her loud moans and came to support this puppy so she broke free and even tied up Alicia! Officer fought desperately but this time Poki was a little bit stronger. After Alicia orgasmed for a few times this little puppy bitch dared to put a chastity belt on a police officer!! It is so awful! Chastity belt protects only pussy when anal hole stays free to accept dicks and other toys. Such a pervert Poki! Grrr take this belt off me! The puppy will suffer as soon as the officer breaks free.

- Jenny

Incident #1 (Success)

Alicia found an interesting messabe in her mailbox with a very interesting sentence "My name is Jenny and I'm providing courses in Mindbreak Resistance". Remembering her previous incidents officer decided that she definitely needs such courses. After a small conversation Alicia faced Jenny and... Jenny was just a silly criminal that tried to trick a police investigator. She really tried to fool the head police officer. Undressed her and was talking like everything is fine and it's just a part of courses but then she started to affect Alicia's mind with some strange tools. Officer quickly understood everything and used this tools against Jenny's mind making her submit!

- Bondageman

Incident #1 (Failed)

Walking around EF Alicia noticed a strange warehouse. She approached it and some strange nervous man greeted her. Police officer quickly realized that something suspicious might be happening inside. She and this man went inside to the investigate this building. Everything was fine until some strange female moans happened. Nervous man became even more nervous and tried to attack Alicia. She pointed a taser at him and this criminal opened the door to a devious room. Alicia saw an awful picture. Room full of naked girls and moaning girls locked in sexual devices, lots of sex toys on the floor, some of them were even covered with cum! Shocked by this police officer lost control and a criminal seizing this opportunity raped Alicia taking her pussy virginity. She didn't show up at the police station for days but once she finally appeared Alicia was pretending like nothing happened. But for some reason, sometimes at the end of the working day she runs away somewhere and during one of these days her working pc received this strange picture below.

Incident #2 (Failed)

Willing to stop her often submissive trips to this bondageman's house Alicia came back being angry and strong as never before. She finally tasted her first wins and took down many criminals. Acting seriously officer was unstoppable and even made Bondageman wear a chastity cage on his cock! Very funny! So funny that Alicia lost control and completely forgot about Bondageman and that his wrists are still not cuffed. In a moment her own wrists were cuffed already. Unable to resist Alicia was forced to kneel and then take this face-down ass-up position. So much humiliation to present your ass like this... Bondageman easily fingered officer's ass and spanked her pussy just until Alicia surrendered and begged him to stop.

- Collar mistress Lexie

Incident #1 (Failed)

Asking locals for any know criminals Alicia heard about this interesting collar mistress. Officer tried to inspect her house without any force but Lexie behaved a bit aggressive. She dared to catch and throw a police officer to the floor. Also she stole Alicia's taser! Moreover Lexie tried to collar main police officer! Of course our great police officer Alicia didn't let this mistress collar herself! She easily beat... eh... actually not... She made a secret deal with Lexie yeah... But before this Alicia got fucked by Lexie in every possible way by her extremely huge and thick girl cock. Officer will remember this forever...

- Princess Ariana ♕

Incident #1 (Failed)

Investigating her first criminal Alicia got in trouble with this so-called Princess. Officer held firm until Ariana's cock began to affect her virgin mind. Her mind submitted to a criminal and she failed her first task worshipping Princess' booty and dick. Ariana used all of her stamina and pussy eating skill to make investigator surrender and squirt on her face . After Alicia passed out criminal stole all the officer's clothes and left her naked body in the police car. Government definitely won't be happy with this...

Bimbo clients (7/7):

(When Alicia was a bimbo for the first time)

- Matt

Bimbo used as: Deepthroat toy
Successful titjob usages: one
Faked orgasms by squirting: one
Orgasms received: one

- Penny

Bimbo used as: perfect fucktoy for miss Penny and a nice sleeve for her strappy
Orgasms received: two
Orgasms delivered: one
Result: Penny taught Alicia that the only way to reach man's orgasm is to fuck them senseless through the butthole they have and they protect.

- Loren

Bimbo used as: reshaping and reprogramming doctor again! Yay! More girls become bimbos! Candyland is growing!
Orgasms received: one
Orgasms delivered: two
Result: Miss Loren wanted to become a bimbo since very beginning and here she is! Servicing bimbo Loren! Happily joined the Candyland! Now she is ready to serve cocks too. Isn't it cute? <3 More bimbos = more fun!

- Antonella

Bimbo used as: squirting from fingers and tongue doll
Orgasms received: two
Orgasms delivered: one
Result: Dominant bimbo Alicia got brainwashed and turned into a submissive bimbo (2/4 games) by miss Antonella. She got taught that from now she exists to pleasure others... her butt must be stuffed... must think about dicks fucking her all the time... cum only when master or mistress allows to... constantly dripping...

- Cora Jade

Bimbo used as: reshaping and reprogramming doctor
Orgasms received: one
Orgasms delivered: two
Result: Miss Cora Jade gladly accepted her bright servicing bimbo future and got turned into a nice subby bimbo doll. Now her main purpose in life is to serve and worship all the cocks and pussies she sees.

- Connor

Bimbo used as: full service doll ready for everything
Facials collected: one
Orgasms received: two
Anal orgasms: one

- Hacky

Bimbo used as: perfect fleshlight
Throatpies collected: one
Creampies collected: one
Orgasms received: one

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