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Hetero / Switch

Hi im a 21y old man
Height: 187 Cm / 6'2 Ft
Weight: 200lbs 90 kg
Cock size: 15.24 cm / 6 In
Skin color: White
Hair Color: Black
Eye color: Brown
*me in the pic,
I'd be happy to add a shirtless one in the future
Love to rp / fight or chat ! I'm a friendly guy !

I love working out and MMA So I love this kind of site. But I'm open to all game types. Hi thanks for being so welcoming to me! I promise to give everyone here a great fight. I Started dating a very thick Latina woman who works out and let's just say she has fun taking frustrations out on me. And I really learned to love fighting back so when I can't do that with her 24/7 I figured doing this here is as close as you can get to fun without her and she referenced this sight and she was more than happy to "show me the ropes" and I loved it so much I made an account.

Will fight hard and not subby. But if you completely destroy me I'll become a sub and when I destroy you I will go full Dom. I am a true to form switch. Love actions where a woman is in control

Open to bets, roleplay, hypno and bondage.

Rules: hypno/bondage rules. I do no turn limit
have to skip a turn if someone gives me a handjob for the next 5 games (5/5)
Lacey put my cock in a cage until I get 10 wins (10/10)
Rachel: For the next 5 games, if Somebody fucks me, I have to say thank your for fucking your slut and skip my turn (0/5)

I was asked to add me shirtless so here I am.



Charlene: A slut I found on the mats, she was begging for an ass kicking, looking for some cock to eat like a whore, I Wanted to see her skills, specially with her mouth, facefucking her, blowing my cock with her tongue and more, to be honest that not the perfect one but she have some potential so I will keep her as mine and teach her how to be a good oral slut
Forced BJ

Paula: This busty milf wanted to take my cock and use it as her own by trying to trick me into thinking she's a sub, she was so angry than she was blinded by the rage, she didn't realize she was already fell into my trap and addicted to my cock and cum, look her now, so submissive dumb and addicted, she now just a toy than I use sometimes

Jenna: I met Jenna in matchmaking, a gorgeous beauty waiting for a kind soul to fuck her~.Naturally, I started stuffing her, fucking her as she was mine because... she was going to be! fucking her again and again, stuffing her vagina like a fleshlight until I came inside her, without protection on a risky day, sealing her womb with my highly fertile sperm, giving her a child by drowning her eggs in her over flooded womb~ Franco-Spanish child~

Bimbo Whore Kandy: mommy teased me in message, trying to provoke me, I wanted my chance, she was so horny than she was drooling and craving for my cock as I roughly pound her ass and others holes as she was moaning like a young teen, gosh that was so lustful to see her glaze as she shivering in orgasms~ I marked her to make her learn than she can be beaten by a young man like me.

Sophie: This busty faked milf just wanted to get pin down by a strong man like me, I just give her what she wanted, by opening her tight top to free her huge titties, and then use her body as a free use to empty my heavy balls , her body are made to be taken ! But I come first so she is mine now, sorry for you~

Savannah: Savannah was this sexy woman who look for way more cum than I thought. She teased many men like me to gain that cum, but this time was different. My cock was big enough to destroy her cunt and make her shut up as I face fucking her to ruin her make up, she now mine, receiving many creampie as I want to give to her. As an update, this match was even worse than her first loss I first pounded her into oblivion. Which was tough considering how good her ass is. But her second cum was even better when I made her rub herself to a cum and that was hot. 3-0!! Oh my gosh this was scary she bound me in the final moments when our sex fight was tied 1-1 orgasms. But I broke out picked her up slamming her on my cock making her cum over and over. 4-0! Don't even know why she tests me anymore her thicc body totally belongs to me. 5-0...But this was bitter sweet Savannah as a result of my victory milked me relentlessly. She wanted me to admit Canada was better than America, But instead I told her my weakness for RELENTLESS dirty talk while riding and now she has me right where she wants me. The next match might be found in my loss column. I was right about that! She has beaten me 2 times in a row, from 6-0 to 6-2 and she crushed me both times. Savannah is my cocks weakness and I have every reason to lose from here on out but I will give it my all.

YourGirlfriend: I love Fucking anime women, There's something so sexy about a strong female character trying to make me cum my brains out. This, was not one of those occurrences. She killed the dirty talk, if she had timed it to during my cum tests I might have lost on purpose but luckily she never did. Instead I pounded her pussy into a nice swollen pussy and then licked her very lovingly. She wanted to dom so I'll allow it next time just never making it easy for anybody though.

Gwenily Match 1 Gwenily is in a Run for her Money as this Stud shows her what difference Working Out can do! As I fucked her so good she had to join a public match and cum from me that way.

Match 2 After The last loss, Gwenily wanted to both have and win a Rematch for a Tie-Breaker Round. Unfortunately for Her, I put her to Shame with my (Cock)iness. The match goes off the rails as an Angry Gwenily desperately Drains the my Hard Shaft! After winning relatively easily Gwenily wanted me fucked beyond repair making me cum more times than my brain remembers. Gwenily

Maddy Maddy was the definition of a hard win. She over and over made me want to give into all of her charms and just give her the win. But I had the heart and mind strong enough to resist. We went back and forth trying to tie each other up but us both escaping after a short amount of time. But after that. It was all me. I made her cum by fucking her ass and her pussy I finished her off without losing a single orgasm. 1-0.


Madam Erika: Erika and I, have known each other for a relatively short time, but I wrote her, intrigued by her wonderful profile photo showing off her big milf breasts. All we did was tease each other by messages, trying to take the lead of each other, until we played a game, to settle this, one of the hottest sex sessions of my life. I thought I'd get the upper hand every time, but unfortunately Erika is too flexible and agile for me, and every time I ended up in her mouth. Her mouth sent me straight to heaven

Officer Erika: I decided to keep on insisting that she was just a set of holes, she was not having such disrespect shown to an officer of the law so she made sure to teach me my place, using all sorts of neat tricks before I couldn't take it any more and was soon left a whimpering mess, begging her for more and she had me admit that women were much more than just a set of holes
Officer Erika

Officer Erika 2: Erika fucked and sucked my brains out a second time using her same tricks. Starting to lose hope one whether or not I can beat her but I'm gonna keep trying I came close this time at least. No pun intended I swear. I'm gonna workout, learn some more judo for the wrestling ring and finally beat her.
Officer Erika 2

Laura I gave in to Laura she made me cum twice... then I was forced to surrender to her will on her second match. check her out.

Lovena is my step mommy and she knows how to push all my buttons and I know how to push hers. We're really tied, but I love getting fucked by this milf so much that I want her to know she's the eternal winner in all of our matches because my cock and mind is all hers

Maddy This game was completely different. I had her on the ropes the entire time I was completely winning just like lat time but then she got me to my weakest move. The smother cowgirl position. I came so much it completely messed me up for the rest of the match. I took a dumb gamble instead of going for the cum and then Maddy put me into another one of my favorite positions. The Amazon position. I was fucked into bliss and Maddy got her win right back. Maddy is really good at finding all my spots. and that's dangerous

Gwenily Gwenily REALLY wanted her revenge. After making me pass out our last game she made me skip 3 turns. after which she fucked my brains out 3x I was left a drooling mess as she told me I was a good boy and said I must skip 6 turns after passing out to her again.

YOLI晶 I was her second victim I invited her to sex wrestling. Her first wrestling game ever.She called me teacher because I actually taught her how to wrestle (What a big mistake me) She was a very fast learner! it's a more physical sexfight! With many in the audience. She was a wrestling pro! She even overpowered me using her fit body meanwhile she fucked me in 3 different ways! I came in her mouth. I came in her friends mouth. And finally She fucked me with her pussy.
I even called her MOMMY when I was fucked brainless. But she still fucked me to a finish.

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