Officer poc (Level 5) mail warning

If gun not a taser then why taser shape:p

Bi / Switch

A proud serving leo of the EF Police Station.

Law enforcement, what is it good for? Our city of course. Names poc, I'm a 5'9 Leo whos more then comfortable with descalation by means of throwing a suspects legs over the shoulders and putting their hole into a mush tender mess, be it pussy/ass or throat I will fuck and tease you till submission to the law is the only thought in your goey mind. But now do keep in mind for a clearly important warning, read this clearly because it'll be said here only once, this leo is armed and dangerous and I will fuck you up in more ways then one.

don't ignore the slanderous tales, the countless rampant rumours laundering accusations about the useage of sex toys on suspects and criminals facing detainment and or interrogation for they are absolutely true. You merely just have to ask them or even better, find out for yourself.

Case review notes for all concurrent and finished cases.

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