Miss Angel (Level 10) mail warning

Mainly IRL, sometimes RP - Don't be scared, I only bite when I want.

Lesbian / Dom

I hope you have a good life and that you come back to EF when you are ready. I will be here and miss you in the meantime.

About Me

If you are a guy, go visit Angel.

I am a very strict, but loving domme and an aggressive protector for my long-term subs, who are very important to me as I heavily value companionship and trust. I will never ask if I can own you. Instead you will beg me to make you my property and use your body once you get to know me a little bit.

Persona-wise, I'm a busty (c/d cup) redhead, 29 years old, 1.62m (5'3") "tall" and like mainly women but also men. I enjoy big breasts, but all boobies are good boobies 😘

I am always interested in meeting new potential candidates to become my IRL long-term subs. Maybe you are even willing to hand over partial or complete control of certain things in your daily life e.g. like your orgasms, edges and maybe even what to wear today? I also enjoy giving nasty little daily IRL tasks to make you earn your next orgasm - and much much more... If you think that sounds like fun to you, send me a message. Be a good girl now and don't be shy.

Sometimes I also enjoy a good RP.

Kinks & RP

Strong physical violence, beatings, kicking, bruising and blood are a all trigger for me, so please don't mention any of it. Besides that, almost everything is on the table - try me. Also I do not enjoy domming ladies that don't have a pussy, but if you are looking for a cute chat instead, why not hit me up? 😘

If you are into roleplaying, here are some spicy example scenarios that a real turn-on for me. In general I am very much into compromising situations, but maybe you can find something that is not on my profile and make my brains melt? Good luck finding my hidden kinks 🤭

a - Let's see how many objects fit into your holes before you start begging for release.
b - Let me use you as my personal pet/slave and train you to be a good companion for my personal needs.
c - We will go for a stroll through the park while you are collared and on the leash. If you are nice, you will be allowed some clothing and eat my pussy while I read a book on a park bench.
d - I force you to work in a public glory hole, to be bred by strangers through it.
e - I am your new doctor and will use your body for my pleasure while I assure you it's all for... medical purposes.
f - You have been at home the whole day, hungrily awaiting my arrival so that you can finally eat my ass and pussy. That's your only purpose.
g - I will tie you to a chair and seduce your boyfriend in front of you, making sure he fills me up really good - just before I make you eat every last drop of cum out of my holes like the good little girlfriend you are.
h - I will sell your ass on the street to the next guy. If he doesn't cum inside you, you will not be allowed to cum either.

Visual Inspiration

Be a good girl now, we are going for a walk.
I put you on the leesh

Hold still while I enjoy the way you beg for attention.
Hold still

"I am bored and want to fuck something. Bend over."
"Yes, miss"
"Hmmm where do I put it... I don't even care" ... thrusts forward blindly ...
"Hnngg th.. thaa.. thank you for using my ass, miss"
I use you as I please

Awwww does it hurt a little? You should not have broken the rules then, silly.
Nipple pulling

Can you taste your boyfriend?

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Command your pet to wear her ears. She will look so cute wearing them. Make her wear pet ears You command your pet to use lots of lubrication and put a tail plug into her asshole. Make her put a tail plug in her ass You wag your tail for your owner. I am sure they will like seeing you like that. Wag your tail Make her bark for you like a good pet. Make her bark for you Gag yourself with panties Command her to hold her paws in front of her body and be a good pet for you. Make her hold her paws in front