Lady Dusk (Level 11) mail warning

Aaaaaaaah fuck! England failed the cum test.

Bi / Switch

(A cross-gendered RP character)
Denizen of the Fourth Dimension.
A female wrestler with a raging libido and a fascination with sexual control.

FACTION FIGHTER - Lady Dusk is a member of the Total Wrestling Alliance Team wrestling faction.

DARK INTENTIONS - Lady Dusk is part of the Kinky Couples Wrestling Club along with John the RNCEO.

LADY DESK - Lady Dusk also has a part-time office job.

SPAWNED - Lady Dusk has two children with Kichi the Slime! Dusk gave birth to two human-slime hybrids named Brooke and Marina (because, you know... water...)! Due to the cognitive-flux-state of slime creatures, both children had an exponentially reduced childhood. Brooke has followed in Dusk's footsteps, becoming a wrestler, whereas Marinus, after self-morphing into a male, has taken after Kichi's penchant for impregnating things.

The MDC - Since joining the league herself, Brooke has teamed up with her mother to become a fearsome tag team! Even if Brooke or any of Kichi's alts are not a watcher in a public game, for the purposes of double-team moves, it can be assumed that Brooke is always there to cheer on her mom and intervene on her behalf at a moment's notice.


Ring name: Lady Dusk
Real name: Katrina Nettleton
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Hair: back-length, ginger, straight
Breasts: C cup
Entrance music: "Emperor Fangs"
Signature move: The Duskfall Pin (Headscissor HJ/BJ)

Achilles' heel (weakness): - Now WHY would I tell you that? Oh alright then, I'll give you a clue. It rhymes with "hankies".

Dusk's Destroyer - Lady Dusk's famous strapon

"Des-troy-er! Des-troy-er! Des-troy-er!"

Confirmed victims (people who have either cum on the end of it, or have been punished with it):
Wrestler Sam
Lady Dusk
Boss Jack
Dusky Lad
KL 1996
Brooke the Slimy Fighter
Tehmeena Afzal
Gentle Sir
Sir Connor
Lila Rios
Mister Valentine
Alyss Jameson
Andromeda Stirling
Kira Ranmaru
Katha the German Queen
John M

Ever since she first came across the sport, Katrina has been absolutely enthralled with the excitement and heightened emotions of gaining and losing dominance. She knew from the first moment that she wanted to be a part of this exciting and dangerous world and worked hard to achieve her dream. But this has nothing to do with becoming a champion, or being famous or anything like that. She does this for the sheer thrill of the power over someone, the risk of humiliation, the battle for dominance.

Katrina may love nothing more than squeezing someone between her thighs or watching them lose their mind from pleasure as she forces or denies an orgasm, but that dominating trait does not extend that far into her personality. She is actually a very warm and genuine girl who can easily become flustered by attention and treats those around her with kindness and respect. She does expect this to be reciprocated, however, and has a very patient breed of sadism reserved for those for whom she holds a grudge.

Katrina has a modest lifestyle with little money and a cramped single-room apartment she calls home. She is clumsy, messy and probably the worst cook you will ever come across. But this doesn't bother her: life is about enjoying herself, not worrying and wasting time on pointless domestic chores.

She may love domineering sex, but romantically Katrina has a real soft spot for people who are kind, cute and compassionate. She is a softy at heart and loves to give pleasure to those she loves even more than to receive it.

Dusk's flat

*We push open Dusk's door and step into her apartment. It is a single room flat with all the different areas in one room with no partitioning walls. Standing in the doorway, the kitchenette is to the left: a tiny area partitioned off by a grey worktop counter. Behind that is a dining area with a glass-topped table and four curve-backed white wooden chairs with steel legs. A window offers views over the street.

*On the other sife if the room is a living area with a TV unit and glass coffee table. The entire wall is filled with two book cases, on which are books, CDs, films and ornaments. A small, well-used kitty bed sits on the floor in front of it and, bizarrely enough, a knackered old cardboard box covered in childlike drawings has pride of place on top of the bookcase.

*A beat-up sofa separates the living area from the bedroom zone. A double bed is crammed into it, with a tall chest of drawers rammed into the space behind that. The only other connecting door is to the left of the front door, separating a tiny bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink rammed in: functional at best.

*Dusk has obviously made some effort to tidy up but there is still a bra thrown over the sofa and various clothes dumped on the bed. Dirty washing up punctuates the kitchen surfaces and a half eaten pizza lies in an open box on the dining table. What is more troubling, the drawer under the bed is wedged ajar by a large purple dildo, hinting at the treasure trove of toys within.

The detailed stuff

HOW I INTERACT: Everything I do with Dusk, I do through role-play. Everything I do is in character: when you talk to or fight, it is HER you are doing it with, not me. This means that some of her feelings and thoughts will differ to my own. Any out-of-character talk will be in square brackets.

SOCIAL BOUNDARIES: I want to keep real life out of my time here. I only want to play RP modes; nothing with any IRL element. This means no IRL bets/actions and no FWC, interactive or hentai JOI mode.

THE NARRATIVE: Any PvP interactions (games, DMs) potentially feed into the ongoing story of Dusk, which I write up here on my profile. The play history of Dusk is her backstory, so there may be times when I draw links to events that have happened previously or with other people on EF.

PLAYING GAMES WITH ME: I really do not have that many opportunities to play (maybe 2 or 3 times a week, usually). Please be patient and understand that I just can't play on a whim or schedule matches easily. When I have time to play, I will look for people who are active and starred and any potentially interesting matchups in matchmaking.

DOMINANCE: Lady Dusk likes to think of herself as a dom but the truth is that she can be melted if handled correctly. She is a sensual lover who delights at pleasure control. She is not a hard dom or hard sub so don't expect her to behave like it without building up to it.

👍femdom, pegging, bondage, forced orgasms, cum control, denial, ruined orgasms, chastity, tickling, spanking, milking/multiple orgasms, worship, feet, facesitting, dehumanisation, feminisation, oral sex, threesomes, romantic, sensual, cuckolding

👎fisting, nipple clamps, hardcore BDSM, cum eating, blood/scat/piss, man-on-woman anal, behaving like this guy

Detailed kink information can be found on this Kinklist (part true for me, part in character for her).

Arena Record:
TWR: 45-25
LWR: 25-14-2
Official league matches only. Competitive matches that were RPd as training or informal are not counted.

Title Match Record:
TWR: 6-3
LWR: 8-4-2

Tournament Record:
LWR Tournament 2024: 3rd round.
TWR Tournament 2024: Runner-up.
T.W.A.T: 2-time queen
Office Sluts Tournament: Semi-finalist


This is Dusk's most recent history. You can read about her older adventures in her diary.

Sir Connor (Classic, win)
Wazy (TWR, arena match, faction fight, win)
Ruck (TWR, arena match, TWR TOURNAMENT FINAL, loss)
Psyko (DM, RP)
xDomi (LWR, arena match, win)
Lila Rios (LWR, arena match, win)
Mister Valentine (Classic, RP)
After a casual sexfight bet going her way against Connor and a spectacular collar defense against Wazy to keep him firmly under her control, Dusk was bouyed with confidence heading into the TWR tournament final. Unfortunately, the dream stalled as she was unable to finish the job in a nail-biting loss to Ruck that placed her title hopes in the hands of Mister Valentine in the tie-breaker against Mika the Kitsune. Fortunatley, Psyko was on-hand to ease her frustration. But it was a long, tense wait, during which Dusk compensated for her loss by dominating in the ring. But the dream was shattered as Mr V lost his rematch. Watching the title slip through their grasp, the despondent pair destroyed each other in a frustration-fuelled domination session the likes of which Dusk had never conducted.

Roya (Classic, RP)
Master F (TWR, arena match, win)
Kichi the Slime (Hentai, RP)
Sir Connor (Classic, RP)
Following the heartbreak of the TWR final, Dusk's dominance-compass was all over the place, swinging wildly between the need for self-destruction dished out by Roya's "reward" for the tributes and the disappointment of not being able to collar Master F simply because she had run out of them. Kichi, sensing something was wrong, tried to scratch Dusk's submissive itch in the only way she knew how: with tentacles! Dusk then cashed in on her won bet with Sir Connor by tricking him into an orgasm debt during her reward session with him.

Fred Stark (DM, RP)
Harrison (TWR, arena match, KCFC match, loss)
Wazy (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win)
Roya (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T leadership match, win)
Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss)
Having lost to Fred (psyko) previously, Dusk took him out for their promised dinner date, during which she naughtily forced him to cum in his pants with her feet. Back home, Fred used what he thought was the unlock code for her chastity belt... only to unlock another of Roya's victims far away across town! It mattered little though, as it transpired. After keeping her hand once again on Wazy's collar, she defeated the queen herself! Claiming the throne was the least of her concerns: she was finally able to remove the collar and chastity belt and bask in the glory of freedom once again! She was also ready to start a strong dynasty of power by ruling indomitably over the T.W.A.T. That didn't start well: her first faction opponent was Brian and once again he flattened her.

Belle (LWR, arena match, win)
Morgan (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win)
Jessy Bishop (LWR, arena match, TITLE FIGHT, win)
Cyrus (Classic, win)
Jasmine (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, LWR TITLE DEFENSE, win)
Dusk continued to thrive and enjoyed further dominance in the league after being buoyed by a rekindling of the dominance-fueled rivalry when Belle came back to town. She rode this wave of self-belief to FINALLY get her hands on the coveted LWR title belt and then defend it against Jasmine to start a new dynasty of dominance in the women's league. She even had the satisfaction of breaking a couple of boys along the way: the rookie Morgan and the cocky would-be alpha male Cyrus, who found his way into one of her collars.

Sweetpea (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, LWR TITLE DEFENSE, loss)
Anna Ivory (DM, RP)
Mister Valentine (Classic, loss)
Mister Valentine (Classic, RP)
The CumQeefTador (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss)
Dusk was stunned by the rookie, Sweetpea, who robbed her of her title and ensured her utter destruction, forcing her to live every moment of her humiliation. This set Dusk on a truly submissive route as she lost a private bet with Mister Valentine following their TWR final loss, in which the consequence was a thorough fucking at his hands. The losing mentality then cost her the T.W.A.T throne and elimination from the faction's Royal Rumble contest as she was defeated and humble by The CumQeefTador.

(37-19, 18-11-1)

Alyss Jameson (Classic, OFFICE SLUTS ROUND 1, win) – Dusk took up a part-time job in a local office to help top up the earnings from the ring following the closure of the Crimson Cavern Club. Rather predictably, she was shit at it, having caused a number of mis-haps including ordering a veritable mountain of rubber dildos for the office and linking the door buzzer to Alyss's vibrator. A performance management review was called, during which Alyss tried to remove Dusk's obviously distracting lust for her. A hugely satisfying sex session ensued but it was the visiting accountant hammering on the buzzer trying to get access to the building for the finance meeting that ended the session, with Alyss squirming on the floor and cumming her brains out whilst Dusk watched on, baffled.

Vishakha (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - Lady Dusk met Roya's girlfriend in the ring for the first time and came off worse against the rookie, who seemed to have inherited Roya's fighting genius. Despite humbling the T.W.A.T queen, Vishakha was utterly magnanimous in victory and full of respect for Dusk. It was a respect that was reciprocated as Dusk told her that she would be queen herself one day. [Which turned out to be true within the week, as it happened.]

Anton (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Anton was Dusk's loyal pet but he had fantasised about being subjugated by her and forced into his collar. So she released him from it it for long enough to allow him to face her in the ring with it as a looming price of failure. Of course, she was never going to allow him to be free of it for long so she beat him down, drained his balls and roughly manhandled him back into it... much to their mutual delight.

Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE, loss) - Dusk was unwilling to be called a coward and hide from challenges to the T.W.A.T throne so she accepted a leadership challenge from Brian, despite being on the losing side of a 2-0 record against him. His size advantage was significant but she slashed at him again and again, wearing him down. Critically, though, desite forcing him to tap many times, she was unable to inflict an orgasm and, when he broke her into a squirting mess, the price of failure was to have her crown stripped from her and replaced with a collar as his royal pet.

In a bizarre twist, Brian lost the throne less than 18 hours later to Vishakha, who, as prophesised by Dusk, did indeed become queen!

Jada Terrell (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Two legends of the women's league faced each other at long last. But rather than being a claws-out bitch fight, it was an intensely sexual encounter that saw two girls in swimsuits and obviously wet for each other writhe and lick and kiss each other into an edged oblivion. Begging to cum on Jada's tongue, Dusk accidentally smothered Jada into unconsciousness, howling in despair at being denied her climax. But once Jada was revived, the pair hot-footed it backsatge to finish the wonderful job they had done on each other.

James (TWR, arena match, TWR TITLE MATCH, loss) - With James holding the TWR title, it seemed like the ideal time for Dusk to revive her rivalry with him. Witht he belt on the line, both fighters brought their A game in a fiercely competitive and highly-skilled wrestling showdown between two mighty champions. Despite out-wrestling and out-fucking him masterfully, Dusk was unable to finish James off and he displayed champion resilience to battle through before finishing her off to deny her the title.

Roya (featuring the Crimson Cavern Club) (Classic, RP) - Roya finally cashed in the golden invitation that Dusk had given her upon her victory. Confused, Roya followed the directions and ended up at the Crimson Cavern Club, which Dusk had bought with all of her winnings since joining the league! Dusk treated Roya to an on-the-house experience, asking Roya what deep sexual fantasy she would like to bring to life. It turned out that Roya wanted the pair of them mercilessly tied down and fucked into squeals by a pair of doms: not quite what Dusk had in mind. But the customer was always right so that is exactly what she got!

Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - Dusk would not let the 3-0 scoreline with Brian stand. She faced him down again, determined to free herself from her collar and take her revenge against the Viking Beefcake. She has a model of fury as she absolutely destroyed him, relentlessly slashing at him and grinding him into dust. But once it got to the second round, his Kryptonite cock broke her and she was left sobbing miserably on the mat after throwing away the most one-sided lead in history.

Cyrus (Classic, win) – Dusk was heartbroken after her devastating loss to Brian. She felt like a complete fraud and a loser and was out for male blood. Cyrus was in her collar but by no means tamed: just perfect to prove to herself that she could out-fuck a man. The two were fully competitive as they fought for the upper hand, Cyrus tying to mind-control her and Dusk looking to bind him in cuffs. Neither succeeded, however, and it was Dusk who wore the smirk as she finally broke him with a good old fashioned blowjob. But mercy was in short supply with the latent rage she was still feeling so she used him as a forgotten footstool whilst she had noisy phone sex with her various lovers.

KL1996 (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Dusk was still howling for vengeance against the boys, still wanting to make amends for her humiliating loss to Brian. Braving to show her face in the arena once again, it was KL who weathered her furious storm. He put up a valiant defense but there was no stopping Hurican Dusk as she blew him out the water and then fucked him in her locker room for good measure, before leaving him naked in the backstage corridors of the arena!

Wazy (TWR, area match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Dusk may have been struggling with Brian but Wazy was in a bind too, still stuck as he was in a collar owned by Dusk and Roya. Dusk was in no mood at all to give ground to any man and, after milking him dry, won with a KO by anal insertion: the feeling of her Destroyer hitting his prostate enough to cause the hapless Wazy to lose consciousness!

Monica (Classic, OFFICE SLUTS ROUND 2, win) – After the debacle with the dildos, Dusk was summoned to Monica's (the finance manager's) office. Dusk was sure she would be fired from her part-time job but Monica only really seemed concerned with checking that at least the money had been invested in a quality product. The pair went about testing them in the only true way, fucking each other into squeals on the couch of Monica's office. But it transpired that Dusk's phone had accidentally phone Monica's boss, Roya from her handbag when she had thrown it down onto the desk. Listening and chuckling to the sounds of Monica climaxing noisily through the phone, Roya sent a timely email to Dusk, summoning her to a meeting...

Jay (TWR, arena match, win) - Dusk called Brian to the ring for a rematch but he didn't show up. Instead, a fresh-faced rookie appeared by the name of Jay. Dusk smirked and unloaded all of her rage and frustration on the poor, naive boy, milking his cock and knocking him out between her tits before posing over him and declaring her might to the world.

Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - Having spent all week preparing, Dusk was finally ready to score her first win against her nemesis, Brian. But it just wasn't her day. She initially looked as though she would run away with it but crumbled in a failed 69 duel. From there, the whole game plan unraveled for her and, in the end, all she could do was aacept her fate, enjoy her orgasms, take a faceful of cum and come back another day when she had figured out just what the hell had gone so wrong for her.

Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - There was no keeping her down. Dusk has sworn that she could lose a HUNDRED matches against Brian and she would still come back again and again. Brian was incredulous. Why did she keep putting herself through this? Still, that was her problem, not his. And he gratefully accepted yet another mark in his win column as he wanked his winner's cock in her face yet again to make the score 6-0 between them.

Anna Ivory (LWR, TITLE MATCH, win) – The reigning LWR champion had to withdraw due to medical reasons and so the league awarded the title to Lady Dusk. After her repeated humbling by Brian, not to mention the shameful way she had lost the title to a rookie last time, Dusk was despondent about receiving a title she did not feel as though she had earned. In a private match with her mistress, Dusk decided that if Anna could prove herself worthy of it, she would get the league to sign it over to her. In actual fact, Dusk romped handily against her mistress, inexperienced in the ring as she was, and opted to keep hold of it a little longer.

Alice Rose - (DM, RP) – Lady Dusk fell under the thrall of Alice Rose, a beautiful and alluring female wrestler with an outlanding dress sense and an aura of calm, authoritative confidence. She was seduced by her and then tamed in the changing room of the dress shop with a remote vibe taped into her pussy. With her mind melted, she became a doll and pleasure toy for Alice, who delighted in having such a beauty under her thrall.

Chloe the Cutie (LWR, TITLE DEFENSE, tie) – Dusk was still despondent about feeling like a hollow champion. She arranged another private match to try and find someone more worthy of the belt informally. This time it was a romp on a duvet spread out on her apartment floor against Chloe. But after a small amount of grappling, Chloe fell asleep on the duvet! Shrugging, Dusk figured there was nothing for it but to go to the ring and defend it for real.

Alice Rose (LWR, arena match, TITLE DEFENSE, win) - Dusk's despondency over the title had sparked debate within the sport but she had decided to officially defend her belt in the ring... or at least allow herself to feel worthy of it in an official match. Her opponent was Alice Rose: the same girl who had just dominated and subjugated her in her own apartment. Dusk fought hard and defied Alice's expectations of her crumbling but broke first. She was then pushed further and harder into subspace than at any time at all in her career. It looked like a complete domination as she was white-washed by Rose. But in the most spectacular come-back of the modern era, she rose from the dead and Duskfall Pinned her opponent in a sensational fairytale end to the title match. If she was ever going to feel worthy of the title, then this was it! It was game on now!

Rahla (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, LWR TITLE DEFENSE, win) – Dusk had made up her mind that she would stage the best title defense that she could manage. She faced Rahla next: a hot-blooded, feisty youngster. Dusk's experience wond out, leaving a cursing, seething Rahla swearing in Arabic at her after been flawlessly dispatched.

Yoimi (LWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, win) - Lady Dusk and Yoimi re-enacted the encounter in which they met: an LWR title match. This time, though, it was Dusk defending the belt against Yoimi. But there was no animosity between them as they fought and they simply enjoyed each other's orgasms as Dusk held the title yet again.

Andromeda Stirling (LWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, tie) - Dusk came up against Andromeda Stirling: a true stalwart of the ring and legendary female wrestler. But rather than this being a clash of two juggernaut champions, the match ended up being abandoned by the referee as the pair blatantly just made love to one another in the ring.

Brooke the Slimy Fighter (LWR, TITLE MATCH, win) – Satisfied with her right to own the women's title, Dusk decided to offer the experience to her daughter, Brooke. Or, at least, the chance to experience it. If Brooke could prove herself worthy, Dusk would go to the league herself and sign the title over. On the other hand, Brooke placed her Royal Rumble medal on the line. Dusk thoroughly put her daughter to the test but came out on top, vowing that she would enjoy more time with her in future.

Ranni (LWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, win) - Dusk stepped into the ring for another title defense. This time it was against another tenacious and ferocious wrestler: Ranni. It was a fraught,physical battle in which Ranni deployed many underhand tactics but Dusk became wise to them and eventually out-fought her opponent to retain her title yet again.

Bisky (LWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, loss, love ode aftermath) - Lady Dusk's dominion over the women's title came to an end against the rookie, Bisky. Lady Dusk had learned the hard way not to undervalue the power and potential of rookies. But she was ill-prepared for the sheer seductiveness of this one. She gave everything that she had into defending the belt, making her opponent cum twice. But Bisky held on to claim her title...and Dusk as a willing and enamored sub/lover!

Wazy (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - After finally losing the LWR title, Dusk turned her attention back to the TWR, returning to the ring with Wazy. Dusk's pet had grown complacent in her absence but was soon put back in his place with a flawless dominance by his mistress, followed by a victorious cuckolding by her secret lover, Psyko.

Andromeda Stirling (Classic) - Dusk and Stirling made up for their abandoned match by reconnecting in the bedroom in a steamy liaison. Collars were exchanged as the two girls spanked and licked their way into each other's hearts.

Rathia (LWR, arena match, win) - Rathia and Dusk knew each other on-and-off and finally stepped into the ring together. Dusk had to fight her way back from a crushing surprise finisher move to eventually subdue her opponent.

Psyko (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Dusk and Psyko resumed their in-ring rivalry. Psyko was showboating and generally shouting to all who would listen about "The Blue Banner" and the superiority of boys. Dusk quietly smirked before humbling him in the ring and lumbering him with a pride-crushing rule that meant that he had to sing a children's song about being a teapot and beg for more whenever any girl spanked him.

Ammy (LWR, arena match, win) - Dusk entered the ring expecting a protracted, tense battle. In reality, a single German suplex was all it took. One second. One move. Ammy was knocked out cold, giving Lady Dusk her most surprising and dramatic win to date!

Alu (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - With Ammy down and out after just one move, Alu entered the ring as a replacement to give the crowd their value for money. Alu lacked Dusk's wrestling finesse but came with a super-sized libido that matched her superior size and build. Dusk outmaneuvered her to take the win before shattering her psyche post-match with orgasm after orgasm that left Alu wearing her collar and swearing loyalty to her new mistress.

Casey Reyes (LWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - The rules were simple: first orgasm decides the match. It came down to mouth vs fingers as Dusk licked her way to victory. Or she should have done. Casey's counter-attacking fingers did just enough and, despite leaping away, the referee noticed Dusk's attempt to conceal her ruined orgasm. She tantrumed like hell but could not escape her fate as Casey's fucktoy: a fate that left her abandoned on the mat, unconscious, with her Destroyer plugging her pussy while Casey walked off, satisfied in her dominant punishing of her opponent.

Hannah (Classic, loss) – Bisky's victory in the ring and seduction of her opponent was watched by Dusk and Hannah, who then fought over Bisky's affections. They took the squabble to the bedroom to decide who had the rights to cuckold the loser with her. Hannah proved to be the stronger lover, reducing Dusk into a squealing mess of despair before posing and gloating in her post-orgasmic face.

Brian (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, loss) - Dusk fought Brian again. She lost.

Alu (Classic, RP) – Having lost AGAIN to Brian, Lady Dusk was a swirling knot of frustration and feelings of inadequacy. She vented these feelings with the help of her new pet, Alu. She didn't just fuck her: she reprogrammed her! Locking her in chastity and hanging the key around Alu's neck, she told her that vaginal orgasms were now the privilege of her mistress only, ensuring that she had plenty of chance to experience them first to ensure her patience and loyalty.

Hanna (LWR, RP) - Hanna and Dusk's paths had not crossed for some considerable time. Hanna was now in a serious relationship with one of Dusk's former colleagues from the Crimson Cavern Club and ran into Dusk immediately after one of her matches. They had shared some fun time previously dominating Hanna's girlfriend and, following a catch-up over dinner out, they decided it would be fun to test each other in the club's wrestling ring. But as a professional, it would have been unfair for this to actually be about wrestling. So they decided to settle the contest in a different way: through verbal surrender. They would tease and tickle and stroke each other, edging and teasing until one broke down and begged to cum. It would be a contest of resistance. And the forfeit for losing? To be dressed up like a puppy and dragged down to the club's lobby for a humiliating public fucking!

As the experienced wrestler, Dusk was smug. This would be such a cinch! After both stripping to their underwear, she complacently dismissed Hanna's early attempts at fingering her by kissing her feet mockingly and joking about how she would be her foot pet if Hanna could beat her. Hanna was quietly confident that would come to pass. But her ill-judged attempt to grapple with the former champ ended in disaster as Dusk easily overpowered her and trapped her on the canvas to subject her to a trapped finger fucking of incredible proportions. Hanna tried to squirm away but Dusk was in command as she spanked her and repeatedly fingered her into a squealing mess. But a surprise kick between the legs knocked the wind out of her sails and, as she doubled over, Dusk found herself on the receiving end of Hanna's sadism. After forcing her feet back in Dusk's face (this time not so mockingly), Hanna set about the slow, systematic destruction of the wrestler as she seductively scratched away her resistance one layer at a time with expert fingering. Between her fingers, her kisses and her targeting of Dusk's breasts, the redhead was under fire from all angles. And her attempt to counter with her own fingers just wasn't cutting it.

Having voluntarily stripped naked, Hanna had the still-clothed Dusk convinced that SHE was winning this duel! But when her lingerie was peeled off leaving her naked, her confidence went with it. She delusionally tried to convince herself and Hanna that she was anything but a brainwashed fuck toy for the dark-haired seductress. But her body was betraying her. Still, despite her lust seizing control, her pride remained a stubborn obstacle and Hanna had to edge and deny her multiple times to wear her down. It was the dry humping from behind and the honeyed promise of a strapon fucking that finally shattered Dusk's pride and convinced her to scream out a verbal surrender and plead with her to just be put out of this edging torment.

Once Dusk was suitably trussed up in the humiliating pup-gear and leashed, Hanna left the sanctuary of the private ring and publicly paraded the Crimson Cavern Club's owner through her own halls on all fours by her leash. There was a small crowd gathered in the lobby who turned their attention with interest as the edge-blighted Dusk was unceremoniously dumped in disgrace on the carpet. She may have been begging but Hanna only wanted to bury her in a helpless sea of total humiliation as she got the staff to retrieve Dusk's Destroyer, torturing her with edges whilst she waited. Once the famous strapon had arrived, Hanna wielded it as its new mistress, finishing off Dusk by shattering her pride and reputation in front of her cheering staff with a truly decisive and crushing climax. With Dusk catatonic in the afterglow of her raging orgasm, Hanna cemented her destruction by queening her, forcing her to lick her pussy until she erupted herself in authoritative superiority in Dusk's face, mouth and hair. But Dusk was “a bad puppy" and, after being fingered and teased back to full, submissive arousal, Dusk was made to scream such as she begged for her own punishment. Hanna was only too gleeful to oblige as she bent her into the most reputation-shattering position she could and finished her off, leaving her to lick whatever pride she had left off the floor of her own establishment.

Bisky (Classic, RP) - Bisky ignored the outcome of Dusk's lost bet with Hannah and treated her to a sensual, passionate fucking. Dusk was completely submissed to the stunning blonde and was treated to a truly titanic orgasm that simply would not stop as Bisky licked and rubbed her to so many multiple orgasms that they ran together!

Kira Ranmaru (Classic, RP) - Kira's eye had been drawn to Dusk and, specifically, to one thing in particular: the Destroyer. Kira was desperate to be added to it list of victims and so propositioned Dusk to fuck her with it. Dusk was more than happy to oblige, expertly fucking and edging Kira to an intense, squirting orgasm that saw her name carved forever into its prestigious list of victims.

Xico (Classic, RP) - Xico had had his eye on Lady Dusk since the day she had moved into EF City. [No, seriously. He was one of the first people ever to message me on here!] So when a friend sent him to her, he was delighted! Dusk knew that she had a willing pet on her hands and used her insider knowledge to spend an age teasing him and tantalising him with the legs and feet that she knew would drive him feral. Once he was suitably rabid, she slid the Destroyer into him and softly pegged him, training his bum hole for her strapon. But it was her feet that he wanted so, smiling sweetly with veiled maliciousness, she gave him the footjob he craved. With him on the edge, he howled that he belonged to her and called her mistress... but he was already wearing another collar. Edging him torturously, she waited until he had removed it before finishing him off, spraying his cum all over her feet. With a soft click, she collared him, claimed him and added him to her collection of pets.

Psyko (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T and N.O.T match, win) - The last time Lady Dusk had faced Psyko, it had been because she had a great way to humiliate him wit a new rule. She had been nothing short of delighted at just how compliant he had been, singing his teapot song every time he had been spanked by any girl for the previous two weeks. He had been a good boy. And good boys deserved rewards. Psyko was full of his usual bluster as they squared up to each other in the ring. But Dusk was still tickled by the teapot song and so couldn't resist hearing it one more time by spanking him to start the match.

Seeing him rock hard in his shorts just from this spanking, Dusk was giggling and beaming with joy. But Psyko was keenly feeling the embarrassment of the last two weeks and had come to even the score. He was all over her like a rash, groping and rubbing her with such vehemence that her cocky smirk immediately vanished. He was a handful today, make no mistake, and her attempts to assert control by facesitting him were met with defiant pussy eating as he refused to be cowed into licking her feet, no matter how much she tried. She needed a new tactic... and that tactic was pain. Looking to blow him out of the water, she gave him an almighty falcon arrow slam and, when that didn't keep him down, crunched his nuts into his spine with an atomic ball breaker drop. Psyko howled and defied her again, despite his pain, by stripping her before being locked in a controlling headscissor. She had battered him into a more manageable position and looked to claim victory by edging him repeatedly and slipping him into her boobs for the coup de grace titjob finisher. Psyko wanted so badly to cum into her cleavage... but he wanted to restore his reputation even more and so pushed her away.

By now it was obvious that the match was a sexual contest so the referee rang the bell to advance the round. It was Psyko's time. He slammed his cock straight into her and completely dominated her with a fucking of such passion that she was quote unable to resist in any way and ended up releasing a sobbing moan of pure, slutty desire. Psyko was, justifiably, utterly convinced that she would submit to her lust. But, bent over the ropes as she was, she found the Destroyer. Slapping him round the face with it, she brought him to his knees and, with him opened in front of her, she went for the kill, fucking his ass and putting his orgasm beyond doubt by stroking him past an irresistible climax. Psyko moaned as he emptied his balls, and his defeat, all over her hands.

But, quite truly, Dusk had come today to reward and treat Psyko. The rules said that, as the winner, she could enjoy him however she wished. And, in a twist that stunned both him and the crowd, she said that she wanted to enjoy him using her. As he forced her head down onto his cock like a fleshlight, he spanked her ass hard and repeatedly. The match was over but Dusk enjoyed the glorious feeling of defeat by tapping out. Spurred on by this act of contrition, Psyko redoubled his efforts to fuck her into extinction in as many domineering positions as he could think of. Dusk held her edge as hard as she could, knowing that the resulting orgasm would be momentous if it was taken from her forcibly. Suspended in a grapevine, she was fucked well beyond climax, screaming as she came crashing into a mind-shredding orgasm.

Psyko was full of pride at the state of destruction he had fucked Dusk into and initially went to give her more of the same. But Dusk had won and, although allowing him to ragdoll her to oblivion had been mutually enjoyable, she couldn't allow him to leave with bragging rights or believing that he had got one over on her. He needed to know his place. So as he went to fuck her again, she cut him off dead and put the Destroyer back in his ass. As soon as it went in, his contrition was clear: he moaned and begged for it, all bluster and bravado gone. As such, she made sure that he was under no delusions of superiority as she edged him with her hand, her strapon in his ass, until he would do quite literally anything for her to finish him off. Locking him in a Duskfall Pin, she pulled out and finished him beyond doubt with a truly world-class blowjob that saw him erupt into her mouth. As he came down from his orgasm, he was a heart-eyed, biddable mess, ripe and open for suggestion. With her purring and crooning seductively into his ear, he agreed to wear her collar and be bound to her. As she kissed him sensually, she clicked the lock shut around his neck, promising to be a truly wonderful mistress to Psyko... a girlfriend to Fred.

Katha the German Queen (LWR, arena match, win, classic aftermath) - Of course Lady Dusk had heard of the legendary German Queen Katha and her pervasive presence within the league. But she had never actually faced her. Until now. The referee announced the rules: first orgasm wins and the loser becomes the toy of the winner. Lady Dusk was quick to welcome her to the ring with a spanking that set the tone for the match. Katha retaliated in style, smashing Dusk through the canvas in a move that would have floored an elephant. But she was delighted when Dusk bounced straight to her feet and smashed her down in retaliation with a mighty clothesline, appreciating her fighting spirit.

But this match was to be decided by orgasms and, when the boob groping started, both girls went all-out to seduce the other. Panties were stripped, sniffed and stuffed in mouths and a teasing chess match of seduction broke out between them. When Katha broke away, calling a temporary truce to allow both girls to collect their thoughts, Dusk seized the opportunity to retrieve the Destroyer and get the German Queen acquainted with it. Katha moaned and shrugged her off but the feeling of it had planted a dangerous seed of addiction in her brain... o e that would come back to bite her hard. In the meantime, however, a tribbing duel had broken out, one which went back and forth before being won by Dusk, who squeezed Katha's head in her thighs until she tapped out. Condemned to a penalty minute, all Katha could do was try to hold out whilst a grinning Dusk punished her submission with the Destroyer once again. But endure she did, ready to mete out vengeance.

It was now Dusk's turn to moan in helpless desire as she was subjected to a trapped pussy eating extravaganza. She was driven to her limit and left stranded on an edge, driven from her mind and demanding that the German Queen make her cum. And yet... despite having the luxury of choice as to how and when she finished the redhead, Katha refused to take her shot, passing up a multitude of opportunities to bury her opponent. Was she toying with her? Edging her? Tormenting her? That was how it seemed to Dusk. In the end, unable to take any more, Dusk clutched at Katha's head, pulling her into her pussy and demanding that she make her cum, unaware at just how hard she was pulling. In very real danger of asphyxiation, Katha submitted again, tapping out. Dusk should have been elated but instead collapsed into sobs of desperation at again being denied her orgasm.

Somehow, against all odds, the match was still in contest, neither of Katha's submissions counting for anything. Ragged and struggling, Dusk fought on, still teetering on this razor edge Katha had driven her to and seemed unwilling to push her over. In the end, Katha found herself holding an edge of her own, mentally breaking at last and asking Dusk to finish her with the famous strapon in her ass. Dusk obliged, easing it inside. No sooner had Katha's colon moulded itself around the silicone than she felt her world detonate as she climaxed around the strapon, handing Dusk a win that, frankly, she was stunned to earn. Not that it would stop her from revelling in her victory. Tying up her fallen opponent, she looked to bury and break her completely as a forfeit for losing the match and a punishment for so arrogantly edging her during the match. She spanked her hard before slamming the Destroyer home and fucking her hard in a myriad of exotic positions that showcased her to the braying audience, deliberately destroying her reputation and credibility as a fighter. By the time she was through, Katha had fully submitted to her, hailing her as her mistress and new queen. Screaming in rapture, Katha was fucked to a subby climax of titanic proportions in her binds, gleeful as Dusk fitted a collar around her neck post-orgasm.

Satisfied that the fallen queen was physically and mentally subdued into service, Dusk FINALLY attended to her own orgasm, presenting herself to her new slave for service. Following a euphoric, triumphant orgasm into Katha's face, Dusk untied her binds. Both of them knew that she didn't need them by this point. And both of them knew that the real reason why Katha hadn't taken her chances to put Dusk away was because the Destroyer had inflicted a death blow to her libido the instant it had first entered her, causing her to crave destruction at its silicone touch. Dusk set about addicting her completely, fucking her hard and deep with all of her power and skill to shatter Katha's remaining pride, will and independence with a colossal third orgasm that had her sobbing with rapture on the mat. In a final act of humiliating dominance, Dusk added to her collar by locking her newest pet in chastity and dangling the key around Katha's neck, along with the threat of her displeasure should she fail the test of obedience and release herself from the locked belt if frustration.

John M (TWR, arena match, T.W.A.T match, win) - Lady Dusk had been on a bit of a hiatus from the arena. Now she was back in a brand new sexy all-gold outfit, looking to make a splash... preferably in the pants of whichever poor sap stood in her way first. That turned out to be John M, who stood in the ring issuing an open challenge to any who dared take him on. Dusk's music blared and she came bounding down to the ring, a vision in fuckable gold as she bounced energetically under the ropes, never even breaking stride as she pancaked him straight to the mat and squashed him under her breasts. But she had underestimated this opponent, as she found to her dismay as he twisted with her momentum and trapped her neatly, fingered her and spanked her gold-clad arse cheeks until she made a wet, squelchy mess in that new leotard of hers. Only when he had the nerve to stick his balls in her face did she snap and find the rage required to reverse her misfortune and fight her way back from the enticing warmth of subspace.

Her reprisal was brutal and dominant. Stunning him with an attack to the balls, she set about dismantling him with her legs, squeezing him in her expert thighs before discarding his almost-u conscious body like a broken toy. Even so, she kept up a relentless assault, never letting him get more than a few breaths before squeezing the vitality out of him some more. She didn't even show him the respect of letting him take off his own top before interrupting him, pinning him again and stroking his very obvious bulge to an embarrassing erection. Repaying him for his earlier cheek, she spanked him until his ass was red and shoved his head hard down into the canvas to show the level of derision she felt for him. He was a broken, helpless heap of flesh as she sat on his face, twerking and rubbing that gold peach all over his face. In the end, the referee showed mercy and signalled for the sex round to begin, so one-sided was the wrestling round.

Cue a turn-around in fortunes as the match swung back in favour of John. Dusk, riding high on a wave of dominance, moved from his face to his cock, looking to ride her momentum into a dominant, controlling position. However, her gloating taunts about being his queen snapped something in him and in a flash she found herself trapped beneath his crotch being force-fed his meat and spanked into another humiliating bundle of squeals. Not even the emergence of the Destroyer was enough to tame him as he batted away her resistance time and again to fuck her to an edge that she was clearly finding more and more difficult to maintain. Knowing that orgasm was inevitable, Dusk at least tried to make it on her own terms and take the top position, only to find herself pinned, trapped and fingered all the way as John broke her down, causing her to squirt embarrassingly all over the canvas of the ring. Face-down and snarling, Dusk was mortified, vowing that she could not allow this to stand. John was stunned rigid as she rose and bore him to the ground in retaliation, sucking his cock with a force that had zero sensuality and finesse and was all about vindictive power. He could do nothing about it and erupted under the onslaught. Dusk spat his mess all over the ring, satisfied at having pegged back the scoring immediately following her embarrassing climax.

John rolled away to get clear and take a moment outside the ring to recover. But when he re-entered, Dusk didn't even give him chance to stand before pouncing on him to assert her dominance in an amazon position. Riding him, she noticed the Destroyer was near to hand and put it back on, making sure to get inside his mind by wanking it near his face and winking as she rode his cock. John tried to show his strength by pounding her but the fear in his eyes gave him away. She knew she had him on the run and brazenly entered his ass, filling his rectum. He squealed, trying to bluff and hold a poker face as he insisted he could hardly feel it. Dusk smirked, saying that it sounded like a challenge and sped up, fucking him harder and harder until he pounded the mat in a panicked tap-out. Dusk used her penalty minute to slowly and methodically suck his cock to a sensual breaking point before diving with her pussy straight onto him the very microsecond the penalty clock expired. John was doomed. Yhey both knew it. So he surrendered his edge, allowing himself to break under the feisty, sexy goddess who was riding him and crooning for him to fill her up. He did, howling in bliss as he willingly traded defeat for a spectacular orgasm inside her pussy. Dusk was gleeful in victory but not vindictive. He had been a phenomenal opponent and deserved greater respect than being pegged or collared like an animal. But not even she was prepared for his cock to re-stiften after that epic orgasm or for him to treat her to a winner's ride, thrusting up into her to give her the orgasm that she richly deserved. Both their hands worked together to massage her clit all the way to a shattering, glorious climax, to the cheers of the crowd who had been thoroughly entertained by this wild back-and-forth match.

Key Relationships

Kaitlyn - Lady Dusk took in this child-like cat girl and gave her a home. She shares her flat with her and looks after her, secretly worrying about what sort of life she led before she found her.

Roya - Part-friendship, part-rivalry, all sex. This complicated, domineering relationship is much about friendly teasing as it is about full-blown competition for sexual control.

Gentle Sir – Lady Dusk's original "Collared Cutie". She may not share him with another mistress but they will always have a place in each other's hearts.

Anton - Completely devoted to his mistress, Anton adores his beautiful and caring owner. And she has just the softest spot for this most devoted pet.

Asmodeus - Having seriously underestimated his true nature, Lady Dusk is now a servant of the Demon Prince of Lust. Her soul has been corrupted by him and she now harbors a frightening power.

Romantic - Head of the noble Malaspina family and a key political figure in the city. He has recruited her into his stable of champions and is training her to be able to represent his interests in dispute-settling sexfights.

Yoimi - A generous, warm, kind wolf girl who owns the firework shop in town and Lady Dusk's cute girlfriend. It seems like her and Yura got on well too.

Kichi the Slime - Whether it is their shared parenthood, her almost childlike innocenceor that she fills her pussy with tentacles and fucks her into the most incredidle orgasms known to humankind, Lady Dusk is captivated by this alluring slime girl.

Psyko/Fred Stark - On the one hand, he is a proud fighter and advocate of the "Blue Army". On the other, he is Dusk's affectionate lover... who just so happens to love the idea of her being bullishly fucked by everyone else.

Anna Ivory - Lady Dusk's lover and mistress. Like ying and yang, these two are like opposite sides of the same coin and need each other on a deeply spiritual level.

Brooke - Lady Dusk blinked and missed the childhood of her fiesty daughter, who idolises her mother and wants to be just like her.

Marinus - An enigmatic perpetual breeder. Lady Dusk is rather more hesitant to reconnect with her son.

GALLERY OF BROKEN HEARTS (A tribute to departed friends)

💔Yura💔 - Lady Dusk's first love: an adorable, shy yet mischievous fox girl. It was love at first hand-hold. Dusk is devastated that her travelling permission was revoked by her people and that she had to go back to her homeland! Maybe she will come back in the future. 🤞

🥵Belle🥵 - Sparks flew from the moment these two locked eyes on each other right the way to their last very hot, very wet clash in the ring. Their sexual tension personified itself very bitchily at first but then as a mutual fuck-fest between two hot, lusty girls who enjoyed making each other moan and squeal. Dusk is quietly heartbroken that Belle announced her retirement from the league and a move away from the city.

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With her prone and vulnerable, you look to tangle her into a helplessly screaming mess.  First you curl her knee around your neck to hyper-extend it.  Then you twist her body, trapping her head with your foot as you pile on the pain and humiliation.  And the louder she screams, the more you enjoy it. Contort her! And down they go!  Hauling them upright, you take your time, ensuring that plenty of time to register and comprehend the doom that is about to befall them.  Then you launch.  There is a breathless, weightless moment for her whilst suspended in midair.  And then it's lights out time as you crunch them into a dimension of pain! Piledriver Just what MORE do you have to do to keep them down?!  Another kick-out: you lose your cool as you vent your frustration in the ring. Throw a fit You grip them and force their head under your armpit.  Then with a mighty heave, you whip them up and over to bring them crashing down to earth. Suplex