Lady Dusk (Level 9) mail warning

Bi / Switch

(A cross-gendered RP character)
A female wrestler with a raging libido and a fascination with sexual control.

FACTION FIGHTER - Lady Dusk is a member of the Total Wrestling Alliance Team wrestling faction.

DARK INTENSIONS - Lady Dusk is park of the Kinky Couples Wrestling Club along with John the RNCEO.

PARALLEL PARTNER - Due to reasons, the storyline with Failed Wrestler Sam has been spurred off. There is a separate version of Lady Dusk purely for her relationship with him.

THE EVIL WITHIN - After swallowing the sperm of Asmodeus, Lady Dusk has been corrupted and now harbours a parasitic soul of demonic lust. The Duskubus resides deep in her psyche, always waiting for an opportunity to take control of her body for itself.

SPAWNED - Lady Dusk was, unbeknownst to her, impregnated by Kichi the Slime! Dusk gave birth to a human-slime hybrid named Brooke (because, you know... water...)!

RETRACTABLE WEAPON - Kichi the Slime left a slime deposit in Dusk's womanhood that absorbs semen and prevents her from ever being impregnated. It can also, at will, protrude from her body and morph itself into a fully-functioning symbiotic futa penis!


Ring name: Lady Dusk
Real name: Katrina Nettleton
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Hair: back-length, ginger, straight
Breasts: C cup
Entrance music: "Emperor Fangs"
Signature move: The Duskfall Pin (Headscissor HJ/BJ)

Dusk's Destroyer - Lady Dusk's famous strapon

"Des-troy-er! Des-troy-er! Des-troy-er!"

Confirmed victims (people who have either cum on the end of it, or have been punished with it):

Wrestler Sam
Lady Dusk
Boss Jack
Dusky Lad

Dusk and Dawn

Lady Dusk is in a tag team with Dawn. She can be used in team-up actions. The two have known each other since they were teenagers, before coming to EF City and joining the league. The alliance is tentative at best and they have an uneasy relationship following a history of jealousy and resentment. This means that she is just as likely to betray Dusk as to assist her!
[Basically, Dawn is one of my alts. Using her as part of a tag team makes it easier to RP double-team actions. But Dawn can be used by either player for this purpose!]

Ever since she first came across the sport, Katrina has been absolutely enthralled with the excitement and heightened emotions of gaining and losing dominance. She knew from the first moment that she wanted to be a part of this exciting and dangerous world and worked hard to achieve her dream. But this has nothing to do with becoming a champion, or being famous or anything like that. She does this for the sheer thrill of the power over someone, the risk of humiliation, the battle for dominance.

Katrina may love nothing more than squeezing someone between her thighs or watching them lose their mind from pleasure as she forces or denies an orgasm, but that dominating trait does not extend that far into her personality. She is actually a very warm and genuine girl who can easily become flustered by attention and treats those around her with kindness and respect. She does expect this to be reciprocated, however, and has a very patient breed of sadism reserved for those for whom she holds a grudge.

Katrina has a modest lifestyle with little money and a cramped single-room apartment she calls home. She is clumsy, messy and probably the worst cook you will ever come across. But this doesn't bother her: life is about enjoying herself, not worrying and wasting time on pointless domestic chores.

She may love domineering sex, but romantically Katrina has a real soft spot for people who are kind, cute and compassionate. She is a softy at heart and loves to give pleasure to those she loves even more than to receive it.

The detailed stuff

THIS CHARACTER: This is a cross-gendered character (male playing as a female). It's not for for everyone so if you are not comfortable with that, then I totally understand.

SOCIAL BOUNDARIES: I want to keep real life out of my time here. I only want to play RP modes; nothing with any IRL element. This means no IRL bets/actions and no FWC, interactive or hentai JOI mode.

HOW I PLAY: Everything I do here, I do through role-playing a character. I look for TWR, LWR, classic and hentai matches. Any PvP interactions (games, DMs) potentially feed into the ongoing story, which I write up here on my profile.
I am most interested in long-running interactions with people who I can RP with between games, because my chances to play are limited
[Btw, whether in game chat or DMs, anything in square brackets like this is ME talking, not my character.]

PLAYING GAMES WITH ME: When I have time to play, I will look for people who I have interacted with over DMs first before using match making.

DOMINANCE: Lady Dusk likes to think of herself as a dom but the truth is that she can be melted if handled correctly. She is a sensual lover who delights at pleasure control. She is not a hard dom or hard sub so don't expect her to behave like it without building up to it.

👍femdom, pegging, bondage, forced orgasms, cum control, denial, ruined orgasms, chastity, tickling, spanking, milking/multiple orgasms, worship, feet, facesitting, dehumanisation, feminisation, oral sex, threesomes, romantic, sensual, cuckolding

👎fisting, nipple clamps, hardcore BDSM, cum eating, blood/scat/piss, man-on-woman anal

Detailed kink information can be found on this Kinklist (part true for me, part in character for her).

Arena Record:
TWR: 23-13
LWR: 10-8
Official league matches only. Competitive matches that were RPd as training or informal are not counted.

Title Match Record:
TWR: 6-2
LWR: 0-2


Kate (Classic, loss)
Canin (TWR, arena match, win)
Ben "The Fighter" (TWR, arena match, win)
At her friend Kate's suggestion, Katrina moved to EF City and became Lady Dusk, a competetive sex-fighter in the EFWR league. She shot to instant repute with two early victories in the mixed league.

Stephanie (LWR, arena match, loss)
Reki (TWR, arena match, loss)
Belle (DM, RP)
Ben "The Fighter" (TWR, arena match, win)
Reki (TWR, arena match, loss)
Haruka Miyazaki (LWR, RP)
Her early success made her a target for her rivals: something she was ill-prepared for. She reacted badly to her first competetive loss with Stephanie, which earned her a shameful banishment from her gym. She was then disgraced and humbled in the ring twice by Reki and publicly in the corridor by Belle. Not even a viciously sadistic blue-balling of Ben quelled the helpless, immature rage that boiled inside. It was only when Haruka took pity on her and invited her to train at her dojo that Lady Dusk learned the patient maturity to weather the hyper-competitive storm surrounding the league.

Chris Desires (TWR, arena match, win)
Gia (LWR, win, RP, DM)
Now hardened to the often-brutal world she was now in, Lady Dusk returned to form in spectacular style. Unleashing her lustful dominance, she powered to victory in matches against Chris and Gia: the latter of whom she cowed and subjugated into an obedient pet.

Ben "The Fighter" (Classic, RP)
Yura (RP, DM)
Belle (LWR, loss)
Chris Desires (Classic, RP)
Now relaxing into her new life and embracing her sexuality, Lady Dusk decided to venture away from the ring for her kicks. She thoroughly enjoyed successful one-night stands with both Ben and Chris. But the girls in her life proved trickier. Belle used her infatuation against her to ensanre and humiliate her. And she was developing strong, complex feelings towards her new roommate Yura, who she had met by chance in town.

Asmodeus (TWR, arena match, RP)
Slave Tim (Classic, RP)
Ben "The Fighter" (TWR, arena match, loss)
Lady Dusk was punished for her overconfidence and complacency. She suffered punishing losses against Ben and Asmodeus, getting absolutely destroyed to the point where Ben didn't have the heart to inflict any more humiliation on her. She discovered the existence of demons, however, as Asmodeus pressed her into servitude. To vent her frustration, she sexually tortured and unfortunate slave in a brothel. But it DID give her an idea for how to earn some extra money...

Belle (LWR, arena match, win)
Boss Jack (Classic, RP)
Jasmine (Classic, tie)
Lady Dusk hit back at the world and showed her claws. She suckered Belle into a false sense of security and sprung her trap, destroying her and taking her revenge. She then completely dominated Gia's boyfriend, Jack, with four premature ejaculations before locking him in chastity. Her status as a domme was ALMOST secured but she narrowly lost the bet with Jasmine of claiming a flawless victory against her.

Chris Desires (Classic, RP)
Kate (Classic, RP)
Yura (Love mode)
Belle (Classic, RP)
After Chris had changed genders after losing a bet, Lady Dusk was fascinated by the idea of becoming a boy. Chris procured a "pink pill" and they shared it... and a night of passion. 'Dusky Lad' found his new penis hard to control but had great fun trying it out a second time with Kate. But it almost got him in trouble with Yura. Fortunately, Yura was able to see through the skin to the person she loved underneath and they became girl(!)friends. But when she was just about to fulfill her desires with Belle, the pill wore off! Fortunately, Belle could appreciate the effort Dusk had gone to to bed her and they laid their differences aside to start a sexy new friendship.

Kinkster (TWR, arena match, win)
Yoimi (LWR, arena match, TITLE CHALLENGE, loss)
Alpha Wazy (TWR, arena match, loss)
Suitless Wazy (TWR, arena match, loss)
Suitless Wazy (TWR, win)
After a period of absence whilst on her gender holiday, Lady Dusk returned to the arena and to wrestling. An immediate victory against Kinkster bouyed her. But her bubble was burst when she challenged the cute wolf-girl Yoimi for the LWR title and lost. But the worst was yet to come, with two back-to-back losses against the rookie Wazy. She got her revenge in a competitive locker-room romp the following morning... but it wasn't an official match so didn't count.

Sarah Safina (LWR, arena match, win)
Gentle Sir (Classic, RP)
Reki (TWR, arena match, win)
Ben "The Fighter" (TWR, Classic, loss...ish)
Dusk was annoyed about losing to Wazy so she became more ruthless with her opponents. Having dispatched the rookie Sarah, she got her long-awaited vengeance on Reki and obliterated him with her strapon. She then showed Ben that winning fights and dominating sex are NOT the same thing by reversing a lost bet and taking charge from a losing position. Meanwhile, Gentle Sir pledged himself to be the best, most loyal pet in the city for her.

The Merchant (TWR, arena match, loss)
naDine (LWR, arena match, loss)
Yoimi (Hentai, RP)
naDine (LWR, arena match, loss)
Romantic (TWR, loss)
Sam (TWR, arena match, loss)
Lady Dusk simply crumbled and hit a terrible run of form that saw her ritually humiliated in the ring. It started with a photo-finish loss to The Merchant but she was completely unable to mount a resistance to naDine's charms. She was almost completely subjugated by the German beauty, had it not been for Gia rescuing her in a show-down for the right to Lady Dusk's slavery. She was also dominated and power-fucked by Sam as they comepeted for leadership of their faction. There was a ray of hope, though. Begging Yoimi for release from her collaring turned into a steamy, passionate massage-turned-sex. And, despite being humbled by his superior sexual technique, Lord Romantic Malaspina recruited her into his stable of champions and offered to train her.

Gentle Sir (Classic, RP)
Romantic (Hentai, RP)
Yura (LWR, RP)
Chris Desires (TWR, win)
Yoimi (Love mode)
Ben "The Fighter" (TWR, arena match, loss. Classic aftermath)
naughtyJessy (Classic, win)
Haruka Miyazaki (Hentai, RP)
Virgin Boy (Classic, RP)
Lady Dusk continued to struggle for form. But she was rallied by her friends, as well as receiving help from unexpected places. Her loyal pet, gentle Sir gave her just what she needed: a feeling of superiority. He faithfully allowed her to dominate him but also presented a new pet to her in naughtyJessy. Virgin Boy also joined the "collared Cuties" by offering himself to her. Chris and Ben also tried to encouage her by fighting with her, Chris at least having the intention of building her up. Both Romantic and Haruka supported her by giving her rigorous, intensive training to break out of her slump. Meanwhile, Lady Dusk's love life was taking off, with a sensual sparring experience with Yura and a new relationship with a second girlfriend, Yoimi!

Belle (LWR, arena match, win)
Asmodeus (DM, RP)
James (TWR, arena match, win)
Sam (Classic, win)
Anastasia (LWR, arena match, win)
Suitless Wazy (Classic, RP)
With her new training and new allies, Lady Dusk set out to prove that she was no chump! It started with a huge win over her rival, Belle, in their first battle for the pink collar and right to dome the loser. She also asserted her new-found confidence with the sexy domination of James in a wrestling spar at the Crimson Cavern Club and by shutting Sam’s smug mouth by dominating him sexually at her apartment. This continued into the ring in her arena fight with Anastasia and when she spent a sexy week in Hawaii with Wazy. But something was born within her when she swallowed the sperm of a demon lord whilst trying to prove her worth to Asmodeus: the lurking evil of a succubus soul now resided deep within her.


John the RNCEO (TWR, arena match, win)
Mac (TWR, arena match, win)
John the RNCEO (TWR, arena match, faction fight, win)
Slaveboy (Classic, RP)
Gentle Sir (Classic, RP)
Nicolò (TWR, arena match, faction fight, win)
Suitless Wazy (TWR, arena match, faction fight, win)
Dandy VS The Duskubus (Hentai, loss)
Lady Dusk surged to a new era of absolute domination in the arena, inflicting two devastatingly-close defeats against the CEO of the RNC, John, and further victories against Mac and Nicolò. She also aquired a new "collared cutie" and finally scored a victory against Wazy, who she had been unable to defeat before. But this new confidence came at a price, as the Duskubus made a failed bid for freedom.

Lydia (LWR, arena match, win) (classic mode aftermath)
John the RNCEO (TWR, arena match, faction fight, TITLE MATCH, win)
MonsterDrill (TWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, loss)
Dusk's rivals were out to bring her down. One unleashed his "gun dog", Lydia at her. But Dusk tamed and muzzled her. She then finally struck gold by liberating John from his newly-acquired TWR title! But she was punished severely for her complacency and conceit when she immediately lost it in her first defense!

Ashen (Femboy) (DM, hentai, RP)
Belle (LWR, arena match, faction fight, win)
John the RNCEO (TWR, arena match, faction fight, Knock-out-only match, win)
Studwrestler (TWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, win)
After getting naughty with Ashen at the spa with the help of a few friends, Dusk went back to business in the ring. The TWR title had been returned to her, giving her a second chance at being a worthy champion. She set out to prove she was worthy of the title, with a successful title defense, a photo-finish victory over Belle and a KO-only win against John to silence his protests.

Suitless Wazy (TWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, faction fight, win. Classic aftermath)
Kichi the Slime (DM, hentai, RP)
Ben the Fighter (Classic, RP)
Akai (Classic, RP)
James (TWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, faction championship match, win)
Melly, Soul Thief Succubus (Hentai, RP)
Dusk met a Kichi during a title defense match with Wazy. The slime girl impregnated Dusk with a slime deposit but then sped the preganacy up when Dusk complained. The side effect was a turbo-charged libido, which led to Dusk dragging Ben and Akai in for urgent sex. It did the job long enough for her to defeat James but the lust returned with a vengeance. Melly convinced her to allow the Duskubus to take over, during which the two demons discussed a plan to release her into her own body.

Brian Netter (TWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, win)
Morky (TWR, arena match, TITLE MATCH, faction championship match, loss)
Kaitlyn (DM, hentai, RP)
Dusk's reign over the TWR loked eternal as she continued to defend the belt. But Morky prised it from her, as well as leadership of the T.W.A.T. She was heartbroken, not only because of that but also because her girlfriend Yura had been forced to leave EF City and return to her homeland. But when Kaitlyn invited herself to live in Dusk's flat, it created a new friendship.

Emma (LWR, arena match, LWR TOURNAMENT MATCH ROUND 1, win)
Gentle Sir (Classic, RP)
naDine (LWR, arena match, faction fight, loss)
Tim the goalie (TWR, arena match, win)
John the RNCEO (TWR, arena match, faction fight, win)
Mac (TWR, arena match, win)
Cynthia (LWR, arena match, win)
Wazy (TWR, arena match, faction fight, win)
Dusk successfully launched her campaign to conquer the LWR tournament and celebrated by torturing her faithful pet. But after losing to naDine, she was emasculated by having her famous "Destroyer" confiscated until she could win 5 matches without it. She did, in short order.

Alya (LWR, arena match, LWR TITLE SHOT, loss)
Kichi the Slime (DM, hentai, RP)
Kichi the Slime (Love mode)
Belle (LWR, arena match, faction fight, loss)
Kichi the Slime (LWR, RP)
Despite a 2nd round tournament win, Dusk started to stumble for form. More epic, cum-soaked power-fucking sessions with Kichi and a domineering loss in her final ever match with Belle that saw her begging to be destroyed and humiliated and Dusk was uncomfortably aware of a new taste for submission. In an attempt to scratch the itch thoroughly, she had Kichi relentlessly fuck her ina mock-sparring session that was rigged to let her feel the joys of complete orgasmic obliteration.

(22-11, 9-7)

KL1996 (TWR, arena match, faction fight, loss) - Having had her subby itch scratched, Dusk returned to the ring, confident that a weakness had been eliminated. She was wrong. KL outfought her, pretzel fucked her to defeat and then sprayed his cum all over her face to cement his dominion over her.

Mika the Kitsune (LWR, LWR TOURNAMENT ROUND 3, loss) - Dusk advanced to the quarter-finals of the LWR tournament but, despite a strong start, was brought low by Mika's nine tails which, after what Kichi had done to her, caused a mental trauma that froze her mid-fight and allowed the kitsune to multiple-tail-fuck her to a devastating orgasm from which she never recovered.

KL1996 (TWR, arena match, faction fight, loss) - Dusk's run of terrible luck continued when she challenged KL to a grudge match. She came up short... and then came. A smirking KL delighted in her furious temper tantrum as she raged most disgracefully in the ring before leaving in shame.

Chloe the Cutie (LWR, RP, loss) – Lady Dusk was heartbroken and melancholic due to her torrid time in the arena. Her new friend Chloe decided to cheer her up with a house party rumble in Dusk's flat in which the two of them invited their frinds over to watch them tussle on the floor of Dusk's living room. Even though it was only meant to be a bit of fun, Dusk was upset at being beaten by the doggo and feeling lke a loser yet again. That was, until Chloe gave her a sweet hand-made gift as a sign of their friendship and took her to bed.

Anton (Classic, RP) - Lady Dusk acquired a new "collared cutie" and devoted pet in Anton when she teased and tormented him into a heart-eyed trance. She asserted a sexy, seductive confidence as she edged him to within an inch of his life before pegging him in a submissive mess, howling his devotion as he came.

The Duskubus VS Kumiko, Oni Bounty Hunter (Dungeon Adventures) - Dusk's girlfriend, Kichi the Slime, hired a bounty hunter by the name of Kumiko to hunt down the Duskubus and bring Katrina back to her. She embarked on a perilous journey and was beset by the succubus horde, who eventually captured Kumiko in the streets of Mankyan City with the help of a band of brigands.

Kichi the Slime (Hentai, RP) – Kichi had formed an impenetrable chastity belt from slime and trapped Dusk in it for over a week without cumming. By the time she eventually released her, Dusk was half-insane with desperation. Cue a pussy-blasting extravaganza that led to no less than 8 orgasms and Dusk agreeing to Kichi's request to knock her up for a second time.

Hanna VS Elise (featuring Lady Dusk) (Classic, RP) - Lady Dusk met the girlfriend of Elise, her friend from the Crimson Cavern Club. The pair conspired to have some fun at her expense and double-teamed Elise in a heavily-rigged sexfight before 69ing each other to a mutual orgasm on top of her exhausted body.

Wazy (TWR, arena match, faction fight, win) - Dusk had been picked up by her friends after a disastrous run in the arena. She bounced back to winning ways against her rival with a ruthless, dominating performance.

Anton (Classic, RP) - Joyous at snapping her losing streak, Dusk completed a wonderful day by spending some intimate time with her latest collared cutie in which she generously pleasured him onto any part of her body that he wanted. He chose her tits.

The Duskubus VS Kumiko, Oni Bounty Hunter (Bad end battle) -
Kumiko escaped from the succubi's clutches as she was brought to the Duskubus. She fought bravely but was brought low by the Duskubus herself and locked in the castle dungeon along with Lord Romantic Malaspina.

Iona (Classic, win) – Lady Dusk had had the hots for the beautiful, bust brunette for a long time. So when she finally had the chance to encounter her, she deployed her full seductive charm to melt her and claim her as her new devoted pet.

Randall (Classic, loss) -

No further commentary required.

Psyko, Pretty Pink Cheerleader (TWR, arena match, faction fight, win) - Psyko had lost a bet and was forced to wear a cheerleader costume. Dusk thought it was hilarious and followed suit to face him in a cheerleader battle. It was close but Dusk prevailed and introduced him to his new love: the Destroyer!

The Duskubus VS Kumiko, Oni Bounty Hunter (Hentai, RP) - The Duskubus came down to the dungeon to feed on Kumiko's essence, but found her to be stronger and more resistant than expected. The two battled for dominance and all would have been lost... had it not been for the defiant intervention of the captive Katrina, who sabotaged the Duskubus from the inside to allow Kumiko to overthrow her dominion over her body and leave alive with both captives.

Roya (LWR, arena match, faction fight, loss) - It was fate that these two powerful, dominant women would eventually meet in the ring. Roya, having fingered Dusk into bliss in the back of her car, had the advantage and used it to seduce, melt and overthrow her friend/rival. Her punishment was swift and severe, not only collaring Dusk but also locking her in chastity... with a remote control vibe sealed inside!

Iona (LWR, arena match, win) - Dusk was forlorn at her humbling at Roya's hands and being made to feel like a loser again. Iona cheered her up with acompetitive sparring session. Dusk dominated her pet and vented some of her frustration by gloating over her... which was what Iona had intended.

Romantic (Bad End Battle, win??) - Romantic took Dusk out for dinner and duped her into entering a gargantuan eating challenge that involved the largest portions of the spiciest foods known to man! She thought she had failed but, thatnks to Roma sneaking the last spiced chocolate for himself, was hailed as a conquering hero of the challenge!

Romantic VS The Duskubus (DM, RP) - After her gruelling ordeal in the eating challenge, Romantic took Dusk back to his manor, where he gave her a tonic to help soothe her mouth and stomach. Things got very sexy between them and Romantic brought out a blindfold. Whether it was the tonic or not is unclear but Dusk completely lost controlof her lust, hallucinating wildly. In her distracted state, the Duskubus rose up and usurped her, possessing her body! Threatening Dusk's mortal body, she forced Romantic to surrender and took him as a hostage!

James VS The Duskubus (TWR, RP) – Having possessed Dusk's body, the Duskubus broke free from the manor and escaped. It came across James, who foolishly challenged the supernatural being. The Duskubus toyed with the mortal before crushing him. But before she could feast on his virility, she was disturbed and forced to flee.

Roya (Classic, RP) – Following her defeat at the hands of Roya, she had been collared and forced into chastity, along with a remove control wand vibe. Roya held both the keys and the controls, giving her total power over Dusk and her orgasms. Dusk was wary. Roya was supposed to be her friend and she wasn't used to having someone take such control over her. Roya was concerned that Dusk was getting the wrong idea about her: she wanted Dusk to embrace her subby side and enjoy being liberated from having to have control all the time, and she was worried that Dusk might not like her and see her as a friend. They had agreed to a night out with Dusk wearing an outfit of Roya's choice. She showed mercy and bought her the most incredibly sexy (and expensive) outfit she had ever owned. When Dusk turned up at Roya's mansion, she was blown away by the size and opulence of the place! Roya handed her a drink and, sensing Dusk's discomfort, removed the name tag from the collar that professed her to be her slut.

Not that she was relinquishing her control entirely. She had won the right to dominance fair and square and was not going to be denied her fun. Setting the vibe control on low, she kissed Dusk, teased her body and told her that she was going to enjoy edging and tormenting her with the vibe that was locked on her pussy. Dusk was anxious but, as the vibes melted her ability to protest, she passionately kissed her friend and worshiped her body. At Roya's command, she removed the sexy top and skirt, giving her a view of her hot body as she writhed and squirmed whenever Roya toyed with the controller. And toy with it she did! Thoroughly aroused by the feeling of complete power, she subjected Dusk to an agony of uncertainty as she toyed with the control seemingly at random. One moment Dusk was moaning in pleasure at gentle vibes, then screaming as the wand hit turbo speed, then fighting for breath as the sensation dropped off, then begging to cum as the wand stopped entirely. Roya was as sadistic with the pleasure as she was at withholding it as she reduced Dusk to a moaning, begging toy, never allowing her to climax and stopping just short of allowing her to call her “Mistress".

The tantalising torment continued as Roya gently opened her legs for Dusk and “suggested” that she attend to her needs. Even if Dusk had not been totally wet for the raven-haired cutie, she would have leapt at the chance anyway out of hope that she would grant her release from this torture. Thus, she dived into the loving embrace of Roya's thighs with devotion, kissing, licking and passionately pleasuring her with all that she had. High on bliss, Roya looked down at the curtain of ginger hair as she marvelled at having reduced Dusk to a pussy-worshipping servant. The sheer eroticism of it caused her to relax and allow herself to squirt out a hugely satisfying orgasm into the redhead's face. As she crooned about what a good pet she was, Roya toyed with the idea of shutting the wand off and leaving Dusk forlorn and frustrated in the belt. But she didn't. Feeling generous, she thumbed the control up to max and simply lay back to enjoy the show as Dusk collapsed to the floor, writhing as she helplessly and violently came inside her chastity belt. Only when she had finished twitching did Roya shut the wand off. As they cuddled, Dusk confessed her feelings and fears of becoming submissive to her friend. Roya soothed her and reassured her that her intention was to liberate, not denigrate. But she still taunted her with the key to the chastity belt, dangling it on the necklace between her breasts and promising more divine torture until Dusk could prove herself stronger in the ring.

Wazy (TWR, faction fight, win) – With both fighters wearing collars and chastity devices generously donated by Roya, their mutual mistress, there was very little that Wazy and Dusk could do to claim any sort of dominant position over each other. Especially when Roya invited them both to her mansion to fight each other for no other reason than her idle amusement. This was no arena match. They were in the private ring of her mansion, with no one to watch their mutual destruction other than Roya herself, who refereed the contest. The winner would earn the right to be her best pet, with the loser earning only the right to feel like a complete loser!

Obviously enough, Dusk had had her fill of feeling like a loser and was keen to break the cycle. So as soon as they started, she jumped straight out of the blocks with a crunching blow to Wazy's knackers. This angered Wazy and he retorted with a sequence of sleeper holds that saw Dusk panting and blowing and fighting for breath. She tried to fight back but he easily overpowered her, clawed her pussy and humiliatingly spanked her in from of Roya. Feeling he had the edge in the fight, he rubbed his cock all over her and gloated. But this only lit a fire in her and she quickly turned the tables in him, locking him tightly in her hold and mercilessly rubbing his cock to try and make him burst a gloopy mess in his shorts. With him at her mercy, she rubbed her tits in his face as she stimulated him in a plethora of different way that left him hot, discombobulated and panting in her grasp. Knowing he was sliding towards an inevitable and embarrassing explosion in his pants, Wazy desperately tapped out to stop her forcing him over the edge. Dusk was delighted and giggling as she posed triumphantly... until an angry Wazy snuck up and whipped down her top! Wazy was melted as she rubbed her liberated breasts into her face before subtly manoeuvring him into a Duskfall Pin. With his dick in her mouth, Dusk grinned up at Roya, who agreed that he'd been softened up enough and was ready to be fucked in the sex round.

Dusk allowed Wazy to 69 her for long enough so that she could lubricate his dick with her mouth before swallowing it whole with her pussy, getting under his skin with trash talk as she rode him. He grew irritated with her gloating and turned the tables on her, doggy fucking her flat face-down. But she was in complete control as she rolled back on top and plunged his cock deep into in a reverse amazon position that saw him wail his submission and spurt hot, wet cum into her pussy. Full of smug superiority, she facesat him and forced his own cum back into his face. He was annoyed then and looked to get her right back. To this end she found herself held down roughly with her clit aggressively flicked. It looked certain she would be put back in her place with a massive orgasm... but she would not allow it [and resisted a 92% cum test]! Wazy was devastated and easily trapped as a triumphant Dusk asked Roya to hand her the Destroyer. Roya giggled as she watched Wazy planted face down and fucked into a moaning mess by a dominant Dusk. But she couldn't keep him down for long and, defying her, fought his way back between her legs and, holding her down, helplessly ploughed her pussy until she finally gave up her huge, splashing wet orgasm flat on her back.

She was suitably grateful for the orgasm, after being stuck in her belt. But she was also suitably pissed at having her flawless victory spoiled. So she decided that Wazy was not worthy of enjoying his loss. Locking him in a viciously ruthless chicken wing hold, she forced him to submit, to beg and to squeal that he was a useless pet and that Dusk was far superior. She kept on torturing him, forcing him to say it over and over whilst she crushed his body between her legs and denying him the pleasure of a losing orgasm. After witnessing his destruction, Roya agreed that he was indeed useless and proclaimed that Dusk now had joint ownership over this pet and toy. Dusk enjoyed forcing him to worship Roya's feet whilst she continued to fuck his ass red raw with the Destroyer. She may not yet have been free from her own leash but at least she now had a hand on Wazy's!

Brooke the Slimy Fighter (LWR, ) - The curious thing about slimes is that they can change their shape at will. So as soon as Dusk's slime/human hybrid daughter Brooke had developed enough brain function, she simply decided to grow up into a late teen! One second she was a sweet toddler, the next time she saw her she was an angry teen shutting herself in her room! Having given birth to another slimelet, Marina, Dusk took the opportunity to check in on Brooke, having missed her entire childhood. Having been half-spawned by a human, Brooke boasted superior intelligence to Kichi and was determined to be a wrestler like her human mum! Dusk wasn't sure about sending her teenage daughter into the ring to be publicly raped and humiliated but Brooke seemed set on the idea so Dusk offered to coach and train her. She was going to do it anyway; at least this way she could help et her on the right path. To this end, she booked one of the training rings at the arena and took Brooke backstage for some training.

The first lesson of the day: seduction, making the opponent wet. Brooke, of course, was already wet but she understood the concept just fine. Lots of tickling and teasing ensued, with Dusk advising Brooke on tactics. Not that she needed it: she had Dusk pinned under her pussy in no time flat. Dusk was able to distract her and throw her off with ease. But she was ill-prepared for the sight of the teenage hottie stripping off her shorts and, when she found herself with a face full of gelatinous pussy, she soon realised that Brooke had inherited her mother's inate aphrodisiac ability! What made it worse was that the belt was trapping all of that arousal behind its immutable steel, forcing Dusk to suffer every agonising second of it. But she couldn't help herself and dived into Brooke's beautiful pussy, sniffing and licking up the slime and allowing her to saturate her brain. She was so consumed with lust that she allowed herself to be stripped and still licked at Brooke's slime to give herself more of the sweet, sweet torture. Brooke continued to use the aphrodisiac slime to her advantage, dousing Dusk in as much of it as she could. Feeling her control slip away, Dusk desperately tried to push her off and begged her to stop. But Brooke wouldn't stop. She had a powerful weapon and had Dusk trapped, drowning in her own unsoothable arousa: she couldn't even give in and let the teen slime finger her! Brooke may have been inexperienced but she had the true instincts of a warrior, eroding Dusk's confidence with verbal barbs as she continued to corrupt and dominate her. When Brooke pinned, stripped and spanked Dusk's naked ass, the effect was electric! With the aphrodisiac pumping through her veins, Dusk released a torrent of wet juice inside the metal dam of the chastity belt, wailing and moaning under Brooke's pussy.

Finally deciding that enough was enough, Dusk forced Brooke off her with a dose of pain by impaling her pussy with three fingers. But Brooke was once again showing her amazing potential and had Dusk soon trapped in a Boston crab. As Brooke let her go, Dusk admitted that she was highly impressed by her and that she was ready to take on the league with her as her new tag partner, as well as entering her into the T.W.A.T. But she also told her of the importance of learning what a loss felt like and that it was better to experience it with her rather than someone who was out to truly subjugate her. With her gel cock blocked by the chastity belt, Dusk resorted to the Destroyer and fucked Brooke over the ropes with it. But Brooke had the killer instinct of her mother and deployed a vibrator that would provide stimulation that could not be blocked by the metal barrier! (WIP)

Key Relationships [Yeeeeeaaaaaah. This needs updating.]

Reki - In equal parts masochistically obsessed with her squeezing him and sadistically obsessed with making her cum like a slut.

Suitless Wazy - They are both cordial but somehow always end up managing to humiliate and punish each other perfectly.

John the RNCEO - To quote John on this rivalry: "Ugh… I hate how little power I have over you. It’s like I’m constantly stuck in your thighs." 🤭

James - What started out as a sexy sparring has become a great rivalry.

naDine - Lady Dusk's Achilles' heel. She just cannot seem to win against her sexy blonde rival!


Chris Desires - One of Lady Dusk's friends (with copious amounts of benefits). Having shared a gender-swapping adventure together, he really does know her inside and out!

Chloe the Cutie - This friendly doggo has a very playful side.

Kaitlyn - Lady Dusk's new flatmate LOVES her cooking… for whatever reason.

Ben "The Fighter" - One of Lady Dusk's first rivals... but now they are "more into cuddles and sweet things."

Roya - These two get on so well, and obviously fancy each other rotten. But is Dusk's new friend using this attraction to take advantage of her? Only time, and sex, will tell.


Gentle Sir – Having offered himself to her, he is determined to be the best, most loyal of all pets anywhere... by recruiting more for her service!

Gia – Gia really belongs to someone else now, but Lady Dusk still keeps a loose hand on her leash.

Anton - Even before she claimed this sweet, eager boy, he had already thought of Dusk as his true queen.

Iona - Unlike the others, Lady Dusk set out with designs to claim this busty beauty for herself. Now she has, she has promised to look after her with tenderness and love.


Asmodeus - Having seriously underestimated his true nature, Lady Dusk is now a servant of the Demon Prince of Lust. Her soul has been corrupted by him and she now harbors a frightening power.

Romantic - Head of the noble Malaspina family and a key political figure in the city. He has recruited her into his stable of champions and is training her to be able to represent his interests in dispute-settling sexfights.


Yoimi❤ - A generous, warm, kind wolf girl who owns the firework shop in town and Lady Dusk's cute girlfriend. It seems like her and Yura got on well too.

Kichi the Slime❤ - Whether it is their shared parenthood, her almost childlike innocenceor that she fills her pussy with tentacles and fucks her into the most incredidle orgasms known to humankind, Lady Dusk is captivated by this alluring slime girl.

GALLERY OF BROKEN HEARTS (A tribute to departed friends)

💔Yura💔 - Lady Dusk's first love: an adorable, shy yet mischievous fox girl. It was love at first hand-hold. Dusk is devastated that her travelling permission was revoked by her people and that she had to go back to her homeland! Maybe she will come back in the future. 🤞

🥵Belle🥵 - Sparks flew from the moment these two locked eyes on each other right the way to their last very hot, very wet clash in the ring. Their sexual tension personified itself very bitchily at first but then as a mutual fuck-fest between two hot, lusty girls who enjoyed making each other moan and squeal. Dusk is quietly heartbroken that Belle announced her retirement from the league and a move away from the city.

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