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Hetero / Switch


Who am i?
I prioritize my weekly exercise routine to enhance my strength and radiate confidence.
In moments of passion, I enjoy taking the lead to ignite your desire and anticipation.
However, my tenderness doesn't equate to weakness. It is rather a testament to my strength in understanding and connection.
I relish in exploring new adventures, embracing challenges and always eager to expand my horizons.

Despite enjoying IRL actions and twists for a more immersive experience during a match, it is not the sole reason I am here.
If you are not a fan of this, or seek a different way for spending our time (timeless RP, strive for a realistic match rather than competitive,
play an act or a totally different idea) then do not hesitate to DM me. IRL is entirely optional and I enjoy a match without it just as much!
I am flexible and adaptable to your preferred style of play, whether you enjoy quick, decisive actions or prefer a descriptive approach that delves deeper into the details.

Open for bets of all kinds.
Generally playing with the hypno/bondage rules of rolling 5+ to escape (3 turns or unlimited).

I play with options hidden for a more thrilling experience.

Body: Fit
Height: 183cm / 6'
Weight: 75kg / 154lbs
Cock size: 18,3cm / 7,2".

Tease / Denial / Ruin


When I saw Mel, my competitive mind couldn't let go of the thought. The Mel Challenge I just had to accept!
Despite not having cum in ages (almost 1½ month) and risking to cum early, I was not afraid of this. In fact, I was so confident I added a second rule and irl instructions to the stakes.
Her profile and Hall of Fame intriqued me and I knew I had to pin myself to it from first glance.
She desired my cock, and seducing her definitely increased her urges for me, wanting to jump straight onto my cock.
It is no secret I struggled to resist, when she jumped into my lap, riding my cock standing. She kept edging me until I couldn't take it anymore and filled her pussy.
However, I kept on fucking her soaking pussy until she came again and again. Eventually, she couldn't take it anymore and gave in to the pleasures, edging and squirting all over her floor.
It seemed as though she had become slightly submissive, so I took my chance to have her blow my leaking cock.
Within short time, one stream of cum after the other burst out and kept shooting into her mouth. The satisfaction of finally cumming hit me, feeling bliss. I had earned it at last.

Fuck hard

I met a confident woman, a BDSM queen to be exact, BDSM Stacy. Unaware of her skills, I went daringly, with high stakes, against her.
As the match went on, the stakes increased. - And after her amazing tits squeezed the cock out of my cum, I began fearing to lose 0-2.
Luckily (yes, luckily) I put her to the test, making her cum once from fucking her tight ass, before she rode me with her royal pussy, squeezing out all of my cum.
She rolled a dice for my loss, and now I am denied until i obediently fulfil her demand.
I must edge 67 times, before I am allowed to cum for real!

Can't handle her

Ready to challenge her again, I came for my revenge! Well, not literally..!
We kept fighting for control, tying each other with ropes again and again and again... and again.
It was a horrifying pain to be kicked in the nuts, but little did she know about my strength.
Despite the pain and her endurance, I kept going in full nelson, fucking her tight ass until she squirted all over.
Now she is the one to edge, before being allowed to cum.
Unlucky for her, the stakes were high and she had to edge 143 times!

Bondage fucked into submission

Rules applied

Is the list of rules short? - Try to expand it!

→ I must throw a coin whenever I receive a blowjob cumtest, if tails, I must cum (5/5).
→ Whenever somebody uses their ass on me, I must roll a dice and skip if 1-4 (5/5 matches).
→ When someone gives me a blowjob cumtest, if I am above 10 cum overdrive, I have to cum. (Lasts until I resist 5 blowjob cumtests, 5/5)
ㅤ→ I have to cum on any cumtest involving anal (next 5 games, 5/5)
→ Whenever I am targeted by an action involving more than one girl, instead of playing I must remember the time a group of audient girls kept licking my sensitive cock after cumming for two other girls, and skip my turn (5/5).

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