Mel (Level 6) mail warning

Slowly becoming more submissive after every defeat 😣

Hii I’m Mel
I’m 23, your typical anime weeb with a heart of gold ❤️
On here because it’s fun and helps during the horny times 😂
Open to lots of things! Just let me know what your needs and fantasies are and we can take it from there 😇
I play with hypno/bondage rules! (Roll a 5 or higher to be free otherwise skip your turn)
A quiet game is a lame game! There’s no fun if we aren’t flirting 😉
Open to bets and wagers! It makes our games so much more interesting 👌
A little about me! Favourite animes are Jojos Bizarre Adventure, Death Note and Kaguya-sama Love is War!
I’m also a gamer 😇 My favourites are Persona, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem etc.
Sorry if I don’t get back to any messages right away! My IRL job keeps me pretty busy during the week and I get overwhelmed with messages sometimes
I only play Hentai and Classic! If we get to know eachother interactive might be an option as well 😇
Hope we have lots of fun together! 💕
Kinks list if you’re interested:
1 x Hentai Champion 👑
A happy and submissive Blank Girl

❤️ MC x DK ❤️

Bets I like to play for:
- New Rules to Follow
- Profile Changes
- IRL Instructions
- Submitting to me 😘 or if you’re good enough, submitting to you 😳
Open to any others things you’d like to play for 😇

Current Rules I must follow:

I lost to Mac and he gave me 2 new rules to follow
1. When I cum in game I must edge IRL (5/5)
2. Whenever I suck cock I must meow like a good kitty (5/5)

I lost to Alex and for the next 3 games if my opponent makes me suck their cock I must roll a die
1 - skip turn
2-3 nothing
4-6 tell them how much I want to taste their cum before picking

Notable Wins

Things started as a cute back and forth competitive tease between us. I won our first 3 games and teased him relentlessly 😜 He finally beat me in our 4th match where he teased and played with my body until I moaned in pleasure and begged to cum. Ever since we’ve traded games and enjoyed each others company, so much so that we aren’t even competitive anymore. There’s no more mind games only pleasure, he loves my body and I love his and he makes me cum so hard 😭 I look forward to our games together whenever we both find the time! In our most recent game we both confessed our feelings and he agreed to be my EF boyfriend 🥺 Ily Dan 🥰

He thought he could dominate me with his hypnosis but he quickly realised that I wasn’t an easy opponent 😉 Mac loves to make bets and wagers, so imagine his surprise when he lost only to get repeatedly dominated into submission. He is now my brainless pet who edges whenever I want him to. The only thing he enjoys more than edging for his mistress, is cumming over his own face for me and savouring the taste 😋

Notable Defeats

Blank Slate
I decided to take the Blank Challenge out of pure curiosity and was completely overwhelmed. Daddy Blank’s words penetrated me just as hard as his cock did. He had me helplessly cumming twice for him, once while getting fucked doggy style by his huge cock, the other vibrating my clit while I sucked him dry. I am now his mindless Blank Girl and my thoughts are empty. I am Blank and happy 💙

I accepted Romantic’s challenge for my Hentai Championship and wagered my servitude to him as well. We had a closely fought contest but in the end… he was too much for me, making me squirt all over him while he shot a huge load over my body. I am now one of his Yellow Roses, serving at his mansion as a nurse, taking care of his children. I eagerly await the opportunity to test myself against him again!

Alex challenged me to a battle where the winner gives the loser a video to get off to IRL. I was so confident, I upped the rules to add bets as well! But my overconfidence got the best of me and he made me cum effortlessly. He gave me a video to watch and pleasure myself to, a cum addiction trainer. He has begun my training to be a mindless sucktoy.

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