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Hetero / Switch

DISCLAMER: DOM AND OWNER OF Inma most perfect slave on EF.
24 years old spanish guy
I was going to a date and landed here Im lost someone give me an helping hand? MAB

Current rule:For 10 gamess when my opponent do an action that really turns me on irl I flip a coin...I win nothing happens opponent win...I clearly submit to my kink and skip or choose a wrong action 9/10

New rule: Every time that U get claimed as a slut by someone that defeats me I gotta change my name and serve the winner for 72h my owner long therm remains lady Dusk

Chapter one: Lovely hard starting###

After betting on my beloved Weiss and losing I ve became Tanya's bitch for a short period
Will get back to my Mistress soon
I loved Amy hypnose sessions I just want her voice on my head once again!
I beaten Dakota after her return we got a long sensual and lovely match!
Roya made me cum irl was gentle and pacient and hot as sun really loved her. (I never tried anal Irl she gave me some joi with anal wonderful) She is my Mommy Roya now!!

Mommy Roya cares

Lady Dusk shown me that some fighters aren't done to be fought but to be loved and worshipped
I belong completely to lady dusk dm her if you want my services I just want her to know that she got the most proud bitchboy on EF at her service. Below you could see how I signed my slavery contract
I like games back and forth but as my name says Ill always try to look for my opponent s pleasure!

Me and my Mistress sealing our slavery contract

Anyway don't understimate me as a nice slave I LOVE to beat bitches and to offer them to Lady Dusk

Chapter 2 (Lovely people):
As a faithful slutboy Mistress Dusk Will always be on top for me anyway there are many people winners and losers that given me a real nice time and deserve to be mentioned here:

India ok she might be and is an annoying brat who always called me "Grabby hands" but without her I couldn't build a proper profile she is sweet and helpful...sometimes...I guess (TY tho hehe <3)

Tiffany : I was foolish there I meant beeing in a room with such a Goddess is a 100% chance of defeat. Beside her amazing body, she is smart, kind, detailed a 10 girl doesn't exist but she is a 9'999999....after feeling my skilled tongue inside her she decided to steal me from my beloved Mistress....will she succeed?
Tiffany dream

Weiss: She is not my owner but she definitely owns my dreams...oh Weiss what to say? That everytime that I met her I stummer and blush like a teen? That she is softer than a summer breeze? That I never feel worthy enought to fight her due to her perfection and kindness?

Weiss feeling
]NaughtyJessy: After reading my profile I think I seem a bit sub and Im not I love to back and forth and if you don't take care you ll end as my slut or a gift to my Mistress. I choose Jessy among the beaten cuz Mistress loved her.
Recently (07/1/2024) I developped a friendship and a huge rivalry against the German Queen
Katha She is really a Queen in the bed and a real challenge to me... I escaped defeat twice but she always came back for more hopefully she is quite sensitive to my mouth.
Hentai games:
I used to win my hentai games but Ashley Made me cum in her ass like a fool on 07/01 she didn't worked hard for it and profit my overconfidence when I thought she was over to drain me and turn me into her baby.

**Chapter 4 beating legend


.I ve beaten 2 of my top 10 idols Kendra on 14/01 (A really fun match)

On 18/01 I fought a naughty girl called Rebecca It was a thought fight full of cum test that went lucky ropes and rules but in the end I made her cum. What a surprise Rebecca was no other than The great Ellika (yes THAT ELLIKA) in disguise! Once I knew it I wanted to kneel to her I wasn't worthy for such a Goddess..but she clarified me that I won fairly and more over I owe her a rule to put on her profile...she is and feel sweeter than in legends! Ellika

Chapter 4: Ava

Ava is my best friend on ef and my eternal rival we fought like 5-6 times and dunno Who is winning Its really cool Cuz she know my kinks and know what buttons to push to get me on ropes. And I LOVE how sensitive she is to my tongue.

Chapter 5: Humiliating defeats:

Many people are born to be incoming legends one of those is the lil Mia that drained me and was still needing more. Mia

And the match for wrestling title with Roya that exploited one of my rules to victory to keep her title.

After having my way with (Cindy) 1-1 wip I decided to retire a bit from fighting. Suddenly a newcomer unbeaten got my eye her nam]e Shaniqua, she was really kind and cocky I lost no time and putted my tongue to work. As I expected the ebony sexfighter wasn't in a position to be dommed easily and after giving her a great first anal orgasm she shown me how good she could be with tongue draining me twice with her sweet mouth. I really loved the match wich was full of back and forth and can't wait to face her again. Meanwhile Im a good loser and will tag myself with her name.

Shaniqua ebony

Chapter 6: Matches I recently loved after my break:

Recently I have often matchs with Lovena she is lovely pleasant and passionate. A real pleasure to sexfight with!

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