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This profile is a work in progress. I will try to write something interesting

===About Me===

Hello everyone. I am Lady Oscar, but you can call me Oscar.

I am 1.83m 80Kg (Yes I use the metric system because of course I use it)
I am 30 years old and live in Europe. I have black and short hair and black eyes. I also have a light tan.
I love to read novels. I'm very found of science fiction and fantastic. So I'm probably reading a book while waiting in the queue.

I am kind of new here, still learning how the RP works. But I really like Role play. Even if English is not my first language. And please don't hesitate to point my mistakes so I can improve over time.

Also, we are behind our computers, on internet, so there is no reason for me not to play a character a bit different than "the me" I am IRL.

===My Character===

She... well yes she's a she.

She's based on the character of Lady Oscar rose of Versailles. That's a shojo I was watching when I was a kid after the school.

She likes competition and likes to win. So you should not try to win by pure force as she would just respond with more force. She likes cute things and is really into romantic stories. You can try that to get her. Kisses and hugs are her first weakness (maybe not the only one).
Also, she's a nerd so you can try to distract her with sciences, maths, or computers.

She likes to take her time in games. And she will always try to fulfil her partner needs.

She's born in an old noble French family. First kid in the family but she's a girl when her father wanted a boy to defend the family honor as a soldier. She learned about mathematics, sciences, politics, history, military tactics and strategies. Studying behind closed doors she didn't had the time to make a lot of friends.

She's very protective towards her little sister, novel. Who was the first to come to EF. Oscar followed her to protect her at first. But she, quickly, discovered she likes playing here.

She likes polite people. And she's very unforgiving towards impolite people.



===my family of alternative Characters===

this family is,... well you'll know more about them by meeting them...

but here is just a list of some of the members sorted by their age.

Lady Oscar: the lady dom, bossy, nice and prefers interactive and classic.
Sir Richard: the trans man who likes to dom and take care of his little babies. Prefers interactive and classic
Liliane: miss switch, who likes to contemplate pretty things like yourself. Prefers hentai and classic
Ondine: the playful girl who likes to joke and play around. Prefers Hentai and...
Rimuru: young switch who likes romance and stuff like this. Prefer classic and love (romantic) modes
NovelLover: The young and shy book lover who just wants someone to pamper her. Prefers to play in classic and love (romantic) modes.


I like to talk over chat but I am a bit shy and unskilful when it comes to social interactions. So I am sorry for my future "faux pas".

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