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Bi / Switch

A.K.A. captain sweet cakes
A.K.A. the queen of cream
A.K.A. the horny little fucking bitch in white make-up

Pretty little clown girl looking for love or at least cum.

I'm sorry if you have a clown phobia, in fact if you do then you are entitled to one free pounding of my ass to help 💋

Yes I'm aware I'm a little weirdo, but we're all a little weird. If you want to be a good boy and suck mommy's balloons. 🎈🎈... Or get her to spray you with her flower. 🌸

Then cum on down to the cirque de salope. Or rent me out (not (actually exactly) like that!) I do private shows and I'm great at blowing.... Uh balloons. Oh and I love to finish with a classic, big creampie.


You might recognise me as Lulu but I don't go by that name anymore, I've been trying out a slightly different mood, attitude and look as well as being entirely more dominant (before I was just making guys hump their floor til they came and then licking it up)

Excepting compliments only on the change. I know change is scary and so is stagnation. I love the new me.


19 year old straight (maybe bicurious (lol just purchase the thing already)) cis girl. I'm into a lot, on here mostly looking to play with some roleplay though quicker trash talk games can also be a lot of fun. It's impossible to upset or annoy me and I will annoy you that is a promise! (Also you won't really experience this but I giggle when I orgasm)

Not the biggest balloons but my cakes are big enough for you to drool. I also have the softest feet of any girl ever, fact.

Oh also I'm crazy as fuck so if you want a wild bitch who'll pound on your dick so hard you scream hmu

Limits: toilet anything, animals, going too far with BDSM (cutting, gore, and cutting off circulation looks so disgusting), oh and mimes: no mimes!

"A blowjob makes your day, but anal makes your hole weak"

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Reason of ban: Racism, insult, N word

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