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Classic or LWR Matches preferred - "Active = Looking for a match" - DM me anytime to chat!

Lesbian / Switch

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 128 lbs
Age - 23
Styles: LWR & Classic - Levels of role play with a focus on sexy wrestling or fighting
Nationality: American (Chicago, IL)
Background- I have always been athletic playing multiple sports in high school (Volleyball, track, and wrestling) but wrestling has always been my love. It wasn't until I turned 18 that I discovered the kind of money that could be made amongst the high society types in a big city like Chicago and eventually all over the world. Clubs, gyms, back rooms, apartments, mansions, and island retreats are just a few of the venues where I would get hired to wrestle in sexual conquest type matches. I continue to book events, travel, and explore the world of underground sexy wrestling/fighting.

Menu -

Heavy RP - Set-up and detailed role play. 3 hours or more.
Light RP - Short set up and less detailed. 1 to 3 hours.
Dirty talk - Trash talk party. Lewd getting down to business action - 1 hour or less.

Rules - (These are a few I like for now. All can be negotiated before a match)

Battle holds - Any holds where we are both battling we dice roll. Lower roll skips their next turn
CT Move Dice Roll - We must roll a 5 or 6 to use a CT (cum test) move (Heavy/Long RP add on.)
Mid Range Game - Match is set up for short game but we must roll a 5 or 6 to use a CT move
Skip move - There are certain moves that I deem as impossible or very difficult to counter. I will skip my turn if I am put in a hold that I consider enticing. All I ask is if this is in play that it is reciprocated.
Trust game - We play as normal but I am allowed control of the match. I will skip or request a skip as we RP and choose moves. This is not necessarily a domination match... it would depend on my mood and your actions/RP in match. If you "trust" me... your entertainment is guaranteed.

Limits/Dislikes - Scat, gore/heavy violence, breeding, underage, being called "mommy" in match, and move only matches.

Other thoughts - Pre-match set ups/scenarios are always fun. I have an array of looks so if you like a color or a style of suit I will change my PFP for matches. No IRL (for now). I have no interest in my win/loss record. Don't force me to dom or sub... earn it... I promise you will love it.

If you do see me in a match with a bot and want to play then just ask. I cancel bot matches for live action. Every. Time.

I am always on the lookout for new partners/players. I try to DM others based on profile reads. If I don't DM you... then don't be afraid to DM me. If you don't ever ask... you don't ever get. No need to be shy.

Favorite Partners - (To be updated as appropriate)

Amanda - Among the first people I played with on EF. We are totally on the same wavelength in styles. Wonderful and sexy RP but also the DM emoji Champion defeating me rather easily.

Bella - Super easy down and dirty fun. Always open for action. Always willing to try new things. Unpretentious and an excellent communicator.

Destiny - When you first get to EF, you create a profile, and then you start to peruse through all the potential partners. You stop at Destiny, you dream about her, you think about messaging her but then you get shy.. or intimidated... okay... it is just me... but my point is that once we connected she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Honored that she was my partner in my first LWR title reign and a cherished rock star in the EF universe.

Green Velcro - An EF Goddess who everyone knows and loves. I am lucky to include her here. An incredibly skilled and detailed writer who has been so kind and helpful. There is no question she is not willing to answer as she has been a guide to this EF world.

Lana - From the first match, we were off and running. The give and take is like a perfect dance. She is incredibly creative to the point that we have a world within the EF world.

Lydia - I was entranced by her detailed profile and took a chance. What incredible luck to connect with such a lovely, intelligent, and sophisticated writer. Every encounter has been so detailed from start to finish. I love creating stories with her and can't wait to create so many more.

Marie Gilcrest - Marie was one of my earliest matches and I could not have been more lucky to be paired with such a sweetie. I may or may not have stalked her for a bit (hehe) in my first weeks of EF because I was so entranced by our matches. Always kind and adorable.

Natasha - Another EF Goddess who has been incredibly helpful in improving my own writing and forcing me to stretch my creativity. Our matches are epic and I cherish them.

Naughty Jessy - Gorgeous, kind, super sexy, and always open to trying new things. Incredibly creative with scenarios and RP. Adorable from the moment we first chatted. We are journeying together through the EF world hand in hand.

Oriana - Queen of the ring - When you are surfing the members and you see a Queen... you get intimidated. I would hang out in chats of her matches... say "Hi" until finally I said "F*ck it". I went in strong with a scenario she loved and also discovered that she was hesitating reaching out to me too. Fun, sexy, skilled writer, and a Queen... what more needs to be said.

Ranni - I met Ranni just through watching matches with BOTS and many of her super fun blanket/movie chatty chats. She has always been there for great advice for the EF world and drops a movie recommendation on occasion. The greatest honor was when she offered me a chance at the LWR title she was holding. Though I was defeated rather easily... having that experience in the comfort of Ranni could not have been more perfect.

A Former LWR World Champion!👑

Championship Reign/Match History

Ranni - Defeat - 11/19/2023

Destiny - Victory - 11/30/2023

Oriana - Queen of the ring - Victory - 12/1/2023

Alice Rose - Defeat - 12/3/2023

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