Jada Terrell - 🇺🇸 (Level 12) mail warning

🌟 Sexy encounters, sex fights, & wrestling - DM me anytime to chat or to schedule some time. 🌟

Lesbian / Switch

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 137 lbs
Age - 24
Styles: LWR, Classic, & Love - Levels of role play with a focus on sexy encounters, sex fights, & wrestling
Nationality: American (Chicago, IL)
Background- Evolving into a veteran of EF city. Boxing gyms, wrestling rings, clubs, back rooms, apartments, mansions, and island retreats are just a few of the venues where you might find me in sexual conquest type matches. I continue to book events, travel, and explore the world of sexy wrestling/fighting that now includes tournaments & leagues I have entered that are noted lower in my profile. You can contact me directly or my agent Ashley Graham to discuss an encounter.

Menu -

Heavy RP - Set-up and detailed role play. 3 hours or more.
Light RP - Short set up and less detailed. 1 to 3 hours.
Dirty talk - Trash talk party. Lewd getting down to business action - 1 hour or less.

Side Orders -

Scenario Request - We create the "why" of the encounter, a special venue, a set-up, and/or whatever we can dream up. Creativity encouraged but not required.
Match Outfit Request - I have over a hundred looks at my disposal. Pick a favorite color, a dress, or a certain look. If I have it, I will play the game in that PFP.
Title Match Request - I will and have created imaginary titles to add some stakes to match. The title is between just the two of us and is an option for more long term sustained rivalries. I currently have three partners utilizing this option.
RP mode Match - A sexy fun way to pick our favorite moves while building a great story with an unpredictable outcome. Dice roll to determine resist on CT's with victim at an agreed number CO or more. Any CT's with an agreed CO number or less is an automatic resist.
Commentary Match Request - We play just like we would in any match but the RP is from the perspective of a commentator calling the match. Dialogue between the two players is obviously allowed but the main RP would be commentary from both players or a single player. Renee Young has offered her services to me and any one else interested.
Special Referee - Depending on the scenario, I have a special referee that can be added to our matches. She can call it right down the middle or slant the match decidedly in my favor. 😉

Rules - (These are a few I like for now. All can be negotiated before a match)

Toy Coin Flip - If any toy is used then the abused does a coin flip. If heads they skip. (Does not apply to CT move)
Control Dice Roll - If a control or sex move is applied, both players roll, and if the attacker rolls higher the victim skips.
Must Tap Out - If a tap out move comes up it must be chosen
CT Move Dice Roll - We must roll a 5 or 6 to use a CT (cum test) move.
CT Move Dice Roll 2.0 - CT (cum test) move cannot be used unless you beat the victim with a higher roll.
Skip move - There are certain moves that are very difficult to counter. A choice between...
- Victim choice to skip (no limit)
- Post climax skips
- A set number of skips
- Each player chooses a weakness where they must skip.
No Redraws - Our fate is left to the moves we are given or patient enough to wait for.
One Cum Match - We play a regular game but first to cum effectively loses then has to endure the remainder of the game at the mercy of the winner.
Trust game - We play as normal but I am allowed control of the match. I will skip or request a skip as we RP and choose moves. This is not necessarily a domination match... it would depend on my mood and your actions/RP in match. If you "trust" me... your entertainment is guaranteed.

Limits/Dislikes - Scat, gore/heavy violence, breeding, underage, being called "mommy" in match, writing for me in RP, and move only matches.

Other thoughts - I have no interest in my win/loss record. Don't force me to dom or sub... earn it... I promise you will love it. Open to IRL but limited to people I know and trust.

If you do see me in a match with a bot and want to play then just ask. I cancel bot matches for live action. Every. Time.

I am always on the lookout for new partners/players. I try to DM others based on profile reads. If I don't DM you... then don't be afraid to DM me. If you don't ever ask... you don't ever get. No need to be shy.

Favorite Partners - (To be updated as appropriate)

Alice Rose - Creatives tend to find creatives and with our acquaintance, seeds were planted. Admiration from afar... until 12/3/23... that seed blossomed. On that date, Alice Rose relieved me of my LWR title in a hellacious dominant performance that started another chapter of flirting, playing, and pleasuring. I am an unabashed admirer of her beauty, brains, and exquisite detailed writing. On 1/3/24... one month after she broke me in the ring... she not only added a new chapter but pushed me to heights I had never thought possible. For that... I gave her my neck... I am her "good girl" until she decides otherwise. ❤️

Alyss Jameson - Alyss crept into my DM's new to EF and we immediately hit it off. Originally drawn to my profile match options, we are now always thinking about new rules and sexy ways to play. Creative as the day is long... funny... sexy... stunning and most importantly... kind. Easily one of the sweetest on this site... she gets it. This place is about creativity and sharing with partners. Alyss knows how to craft a full match & scenario that will melt you... win or lose. ❤️

Amanda - Among the first people I played with on EF. We are totally on the same wavelength in styles. Wonderful and sexy RP but also the DM emoji Champion defeating me rather easily.

Amelia - The best chance that I ever took on EF was reaching out to Amelia for a match. We had chatted in public games and I had NO IDEA what RP treasure I unearthed until we had out first match. In match, a unique unafraid creative powerhouse pulling me into new places and sexy bold adventure. Outside of the contest, humble, sweet, open, kind, and loving. Do not hesitate if you get a chance to match with her.

Bella - Super easy down and dirty fun. Always open for action. Always willing to try new things. Unpretentious and an excellent communicator.

Countess Sasha - The first thing you read on her profile is her encouraging new players to reach out to her. Nothing should be more required on this site than that. She was one of my first matches here and she was an early guide. The kindness in her is not hard to find but between the ropes she is a fierce challenge, one that I am happy to take whenever she wants.

Destiny - When you first get to EF, you create a profile, and then you start to peruse through all the potential partners. You stop at Destiny, you dream about her, you think about messaging her but then you get shy.. or intimidated... okay... it is just me... but my point is that once we connected she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Honored that she was my partner in my first LWR title reign and a cherished rock star in the EF universe.

Green Velcro - An EF Goddess who everyone knows and loves. I am lucky to include her here. An incredibly skilled and detailed writer who has been so kind and helpful. There is no question she is not willing to answer as she has been a guide to this EF world.

Lana - From the first match, we were off and running. The give and take is like a perfect dance. She is incredibly creative to the point that we have a world within the EF world.

Lydia - I was entranced by her detailed profile and took a chance. What incredible luck to connect with such a lovely, intelligent, and sophisticated writer. Every encounter has been so detailed from start to finish. I love creating stories with her and can't wait to create so many more.

Marie Gilcrest - Marie was one of my earliest matches and I could not have been more lucky to be paired with such a sweetie. I may or may not have stalked her for a bit (hehe) in my first weeks of EF because I was so entranced by our matches. Always kind and adorable.

Natasha - Another EF Goddess who has been incredibly helpful in improving my own writing and forcing me to stretch my creativity. Our matches are epic and I cherish them.

Jenna - If you are on this wonderful EF site then you must know Jenna. A true rock star in every sense of the term. She is gorgeous, fun, kind, and creative. When in a room, she is the straw that stirs the drink, and I am lucky enough to be in the glass. Lovingly, my bish. ❤️

Jessy Bishop - There was a gravitational pull towards her from the moment we first met. Gorgeous, kind, creative, and always open to trying new things. I start and end my day with her. She is the sun and the moon. So adorable that she makes me smile every day and I do anything I can to make her smile too. My number one as we journey together through the EF world hand in hand. Meine Göttin. ❤️

Oriana - Queen of the ring - When you are surfing the members and you see a Queen... you get intimidated. I would hang out in chats of her matches... say "Hi" until finally I said "F*ck it". I went in strong with a scenario she loved and also discovered that she was hesitating reaching out to me too. Fun, sexy, skilled writer, and a Queen... what more needs to be said.

Roya - Roya is LITERALLY EF royalty... beloved by everyone she comes across. I have been blessed to match with her on multiple occasions. Who won? Who lost? More like who cares? We are a perfect match in styles in that it is about the pleasure. If you are as lucky as I am to get to match with the "sexy tiger" then you are about to go on a pleasure ride that is only limited by your imagination. Smart, sexy, kind, curious, and open... I consider her a dear friend even as she is half a world away.

Shaniqua Robbins - Shani... I mean... MY GOD... where do I begin... we connected.. matched and from that point forward made magic every time but that is not enough to explain. She is sweet... thoughtful... creative... fierce... loving...with the only regret being is that there is not enough time in the day to spend creating with this godsend of RP. She is amongst a small handful of EF partners where it is like butter... melting perfectly. Every. Time. ❤️

Weiss - It is an EF story often told... public chat niceties... some teasing... a newbie (me) being blessed by any attention from a legend (Weiss) then a DM... a request to wrestle... that first match... absolute lightning in a bottle. I complete pussycat out of the ring... and in the ring... a sexy wrestling icon who knows how to give it and take it. A second match... another defeat for me... and I DON'T CARE... our matches are a succulent delight. I cherish the matches we have had and cannot wait for more.


Team USA - Tournament of Nations (Current Record 11-5)

- Win - Lovena - India
- Loss - Andromeda Sterling - Mexico
- Win - John - Romania
- Win - Jasmine - Canada
- Win - Katha - Germany
- Loss - Roya - India
- Loss - Tiffany - Great Britain
- Loss - Weiss - Australia
- Win - Dirty Sanchez - Italy
- Win - Vanessa - Australia
- Win - Cumslut Slash - Great Britain
- Win - Gia - Iran
- Win - Kyleigh The Inferno - Ireland
- Loss - Vanessa Velvet - India
- Win - Gia - Iran
- Win - Masked Menace - France

Sex Fights Invitational - Lesbian Division (Current Record 2-0)

- Win - Roya
- Win - Jenna

Lesbian Wrestling League (Current Record 1-0)

👑Current World Lesbian Wrestling League Champion 👑

- Win - Jasmine

EroFight Wrestling Club (Current Record 2-2)

- Loss - Jasmine
- Win - Alpha Alix
- Loss - Catherine EFWC Divas Championship Match
- Win - Kevina

T.W.A.T (Current Record 2-1)

- Loss - Lady Dusk
- Win - Alyss Jameson
- Win - Gia

Amazon Tribe

- Successful trial - defeating Xiope - 4/7/24
- Tribal contests - Alix - 5/17/24

Lifeguard - Luna Mansion

A 4-time LWR World Champion!👑👑👑👑

Championship Reign/Match History

Ranni - Defeat - 11/19/2023

Destiny - Victory - 11/30/2023

Oriana - Queen of the ring - Victory - 12/1/2023

Alice Rose - Defeat - 12/3/2023

Ayla - Defeat - 1/31/2024

Rin - Victory - 2/10/2024

Dahlia - Defeat - 2/12/2024

Jessy Bishop - Victory - 2/24/2024

Andromeda Sterling - Defeat - 2/27/2024

Andromeda Sterling - Defeat - 3/16/2024

Shirley - GOTH Title Match - Defeat - 4/3/2024

Jenna - Victory - 4/4/2024

Gia - Victory - 4/4/2024

Alyss Jameson - Victory - 4/5/2024

Amanda - Defeat - 4/5/2024

Jessy Bishop - Defeat - 4/18/2024

TON Season One Results

4 wins - 2 losses - T.O.N. World Champions 🗽🇺🇲

- Loss - Lee Mei Ling - China
- Win - Amanda - Canada
- Win - Roya - India
- Win - Countess Sasha - Canada
- Loss - Andromeda Sterling - Mexico
- Win - Roya - India

2024 LWR Tournament Results

Round 1

1/12/24 - defeated Demon Goddess Eva

Round 2

1/21/24 - defeated by Mika the Kitsune

2024 Office Sluts Tournament Results

1 win -1 loss

Round 1

4/29/24 - defeated Yulia

Round 2

5/7/24 - defeated by Lucy

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