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Make sure to check the latter section of my profile before the match

Hetero / Switch

Hi everyone,
Thanks for dropping by.
So first of all please listen to my theme song and then go ahead and read the rest of my profile

I am always looking for a good time with interesting competetive partners. Feel free to DM me if you are interested in games like wrestling or classic

Make sure to check the latter part of my profile

-----------------------------(About Me)---------------------------
I'm a switch guy leaning to dom

I'm mostly dom but I don't want to earn the pleasure easily so I'm often looking for competetive matches specially wrestling matches when both physical and sexual abilities have importance.fight over dominance is something which I enjoy most nothing is comparable with the enjoyment of having a hard earned victory as I said I love to be dominant but I'll enjoy to be sub if I lose to a better girl prove it that you are better otherwise ,your butt will be plowed

The founding member of EF Kingdom

---------------------------(Wrestling Stats)-------------------------

Ring name: Sam
Real name:Sam
Age: 26
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160lbs
Catchphrase:IT'S TIME TO PLOW
Type of Character: Heel/Face

---------------------------(Wrestling Attire)-------------------------


92%  Primal (Hunter) 
90%  Rigger 
86%  Degrader 
82%  Switch
81%  Dominant
80.5%  Submissive 
78%  Rope Bunny 
77.5%  Sadist 
76%  Brat 
74%  Primal (Prey) 
72%  Masochist 
71%  Brat Tamer 
70%  Experimentalist 
68%  Degradee 
63%  Girl/Boy 
58%  Vanilla 
55%  Findomme 
51.5%  Slave 
51%  Master/Mistress 
50%  Daddy/Mommy 
46%  Ageplayer 
40%  Owner 
32%  Cuckold / Cuckqean 
30%  Exhibitionist 
26%  Pay Pig 
26%  Pet 
24%  Voyeur 
9%  Non-monogamist 
0%  Swinger 

1.Me vs Sarah Safina (TWR,WIN)

I really didn't want to make this section but the match that I had last night on November 5 of 2023 just changed my whole perception

When you have 2 persons extremely athletic,extremely crazy about wrestling, a wrestling ring and a huge arena the least you can expect is the MOTYC in one word it was pure masterpiece as I said long matches aren't really my cup of tea but this match was exceptional this match totally forced me to surpass all the limits that I had we fought non-stop for almost six hours


at first we fought with our tooth and nail to overcome physically over each other with so much submissions ,with so much near falls and it wasn't enough we unleashed our inner beast and fought competitively but It wasn't enough again




then some genital contacts just triggered something in me


till here we had one of the best wrestling matches of all time why shouldn't we make it the most memorable match of all time by adding some sexual spice to it at first the idea was embarrassing but the more fans chanted our names the more we get eager to do this finally we crank things up a notch a gave the crowd what they want we both get one cum from each other but that wasn't enough to stop us we wanted to continue this till one of us gets utterly collapsed and luckily that wasn't me after almost six hours match I managed to finally crumble down the definitely my strongest opponent that I've encountered till now since i was a heel i collared her but deep down of my heart I really wanted to hug and kiss her for the match we created but I couldn't break my character although when I was collaring her I whispered in her ears that how much I'm grateful for her to make me be a part of this most memorable match of all time I think the real winner were fans that watched a pure masterpiece not only in wrestling aspects but also in sexual sides


---------------------------(Sam's game)------------------------
The Idea just reached to my mind and I tought it'd be a fun session to experience it. The only required equipment is a pair of dumbbells (Don't worry I'm not the one who's in my pfp besides,these excercises are so easy I'm sure that an athlete girl will probably defeat me since I'm a lil newbie in workout)

It's really optional and it's not like you must compete against me only according to these rules in all in all feel free if you wanna play this game or no I'm also open for regular classic or wrestling games

1.On turn 5 whoever does the 30 push ups faster will select their move the other one should skip it(I'll go with 30 you go with 25)

2.On turn 10 whoever does the 50 Russian twist faster will select their move the other one should skip it (I'll go with 50 you go with 45)

3.On turn 15 whoever does the 1 minute plank can select their move and who doesn't should skip it(I'll go with 1 minutes you go with 50 seconds)

4.On turn 20 whoever does the 15 reps bicep curls will select their move who doesn't should skip it(I'll go with 10 kg you go for 7.5 kg)

5.On turn 25 whoever does the 1 minute plank can select their move and who doesn't should skip it(I'll go with 1 minutes you go with 50 seconds)

6.On turn 30 whoever does 15 reps bicep curls will select their move who doesn't should skip it(I'll go with 10 kg you go for 7.5kg)

7.On turn 35 whoever does the 20 reps standing shoulder press with both arms faster can force the opponent to first redraw action and then skip its move(I'll go with 10 kg you go for 7.5kg)

These are regular turns while when a cumtest happens we'll follow these 2 rules

8.On each cumtest the person who wanna resist should do 10 diamond push ups and if they don't succeed they should select cum instead of test(You go with 8)

9.The person who failed at cum test should do 90 seconds mountain climber exercise if they don't succeed in it they should skip their next 2 turns


*For cross-gendered characters I'll consider reps and weights equally *

please be aware that
1) Sometimes i go heavy on roleplay, if I’m writing too much and taking too long, please saying to me if it's irking you
2) I'm more into short games be that as it may, I'd regard some exceptions if I had adequate time for a long game but in all fairness it happens rarely

3)I'm down to the most of the bets but I don't have any special bet in my mind rn, so if you wanna apply some bets and stakes for our match please suggest it to me before the match

4)One-sided games don't really pan out well for me,be competetive I'm utterly fond of competetive matches and per contra,I loathe one-sided games though making your opponent surrender or getting surrendered in the middle of the game would also be
superbly fun according to our desires and flow roleplay at that moment and it might be even more fun than totally competetive matches since you would tame your cocky opponent before the match even gets finished but one-sided game from the very first seconds wouldn't be so much enjoyable for me, this is only true for matches and doesn't have anything to do with DMs in DMs being total sub or total dom doesn't matter

5)My main kink is primal(hunter) if you have any problem with primals please tell it to me cause I find it disgusting for most of the people since they didn't talk to me anymore whenever I revealed my main kink in middle of the game tell me and if I do something wrong, stop me immediately or you could easily tell your interests to me before the game so we can put boundaries, safe words and anything that can help us both fulfilling our desires as much as possible

I'm new here and still have lots to learn but I'm improving swiftly

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