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Hey there, it’s Chloe! Doggo is a dog girl looking for a good time, doggo loves fights that are both sexual and rough and is willing to fight anybody who wants to challenge me, including guys if they are worthy in my eyes. Doggo’s goal is to make everyone become my underlings who will worship me.
If you see doggo around, say hi, doggo loves talking to new friends and would love to become close to you, Doggo’s a great baker and love to eat snaccs, and also makes plushies of all da friendos~ oh and ignore da tail lighting on fire sometimes, it just kinda does that .

My Stats!!

Age: 20.
Height: 5'3.
Weight: 140 lbs.
Bust: 36D.


This doggo has come to EroFights to have many adventures, after her owners house was burnt down by a dragon I ran to a nearby city, the dragon followed and burnt that city down, so I escaped here. My goal is to avenge my owner and beat that dragon!

Important people:

Doggo’s wife Coral!

Doggo stopped by one day to watch a friend fight and was cheering her on, then miss coral got sad so doggo here rooted for her, doggo decided to propose to her and she said yes! We have gotten married with many different friendos showing up to congratulate us, she’s the perfect wife after all~ after the wedding we had a nice sexfight and she won it! So she made doggo her plate for the wedding dinner, such a fun and silly wife~.
Coral’s wedding dress

Doggo also is married to Iza the Catgirl but instead of a wedding and diamonds they used gummy peach rings~


Doggo heard a lot about a tower in EroFights city, so of course this doggo had to test it out, Aquarius welcomed doggo in and doggo had lots of fun, especially with da Incubus Gremory, while doggo might have lost, Aquarius let doggo be the tower’s mascot, oh and doggo got a date with Gremory~.
lord Aquarius’s Tower


Doggo has had kids with a few cuties, Vera got 1, Julie bred doggo and ended with 99 mittens, mutt kittens of course, miss Carrot Kate gave doggo 5 bunny kids during our playdate, miss Jaqueline and doggo bonded and ended with 17 kids, doggo and Cleo made 20 cubbies, miss Kira and doggo had 26 kids~. doggo and Alice had fun and got da 65 kids, vampire doggos are scarily cute! Her friend Amelia got to play with Doggo also and got 67 kids. Oh! And doggo along with miss Kichi have a kid named Zoey!

Currently the pet to Lily, Rin, Coral, MY ROOMATE ANNA (who gave an amazing Dog Tag!, Morgan (gummy bear friend), Alice, Amelia and Aska, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be a kind dog~!
Serenity Is one that gets her own special section, we met when visiting a friends house and fought, doggo was the face and she was the heel, she made doggo cum over and over in ways that made doggo want to cry from pleasure and joy, and she gladly became her pet in the end.
Inugami Korone with a Leash
Oh and doggo made da Artig her special pet, he is da bestest

Mr Ethan Used to be an owner also but we went out separate ways

Favorite Matches:


Doggo saw another canine girl and wanted to talk, but after a disagreement over if dog girls or wolf girls were better we fought, it was close and got dirty but in the end she beat doggo, leashing doggo like the good puppy doggo is.
Hololive Inugami Korone with a leash

Doggo had lots of friendos, but one who stuck out was mr Archfiend! He was always so kind and loving to doggo, never was mean and kept making doggo warm inside, so doggo wanted to join da harem~ she’s had fun and cuddled and fucked lots, and in the end she felt a new bond inside of her and her harem membership was active.


Rin and doggo met when we both wanted and match and quickly noticed our boxing similarities, we fought hard with lots of cursing and teasing but in the end she beat doggo, punching doggo’s boobs until I passed out and she milked doggo like a cow even though doggo’s a dog >:(.
Hololive Inugami Korone naked

Amber Eleven Knight

One of doggo’s bestest friends, we were talking as we normal do and she brought up her rival Agatha, well Doggo wanted to help her and her senstive tits and we went training. The problem is we forgot about training her boobs, and focused on pleasuring each other, even sharing a Vibrator that made us both cums, doggo learned the joy of mixing juices, in the end she won but doggo got to cuddle her.
Korone Hugging Amber

Remember doggo’s owner da rin? Well da Doggo was talking when dis mean girl was bullying rin, doggo decided to challenge Yulia to a match to avenge her favorite owner! Doggo went to da yulia’s room and peeked in, once inside we got on da bed and wrestled around, lots of trash talking happened with a lot of da word “slut” being said, but then yulia tried to use a strap-on… on Doggo! Well doggo took it and used it to her advantage, and in da end that’s how Doggo beat her, but even after all da bickering Doggo was just so happy that she couldn’t be mean, so we snuggled da night away!


Julie and doggo had a long standing rivalry, a cat and a dog were never going to get along. Well the two of them got lucky as doggo moved in with Anna, Julie’s sister, and that lead them to meeting and settling their rivalry. It started very intimate and loving but slowly became a battle of pleasure, nipple clamps and clit licking were used a few times, but thanks to the help of a few of Julie’s harem members wanting to pleasure their mistress, Doggo came out on top. However doggo felt like Julie did a good job and deserved a reward so in the end, Julie got to breed doggo and snuggle for the night.
Chloe cat girl

After drinking a “Sexy Shanty” from the Midnight Inn, I must now skip any turns where tentacles are used on me (5/5)

Chloe meme

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You attempt to suck her dry but leave your own boobs right in her face, and she starts sucking, leaving you both in a smother stalemate Mutual Breast-Smothering You decide you want to see who has the better feet so you press yours onto hers and judge both of them Press your feet onto hers You put a collar around her neck... but as you get close from her, she collars you back, sealing you both fate together! Become each others pet! Unable to determine which of you is sexier, you bring a friend from the audience to decide for you two. Have a friend help decide