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Hetero / Switch

About Me:

Name: Ethan 🇭🇷
Age: 20
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 70kg

I love competitive games and finding opponents weaknesses! I also enjoy hige stakes bets!
I prefer trash talke over RP but can do both!

Arrested and serving my sentence at E.F.P.D Station




Notable games:

Katharine I bred her tight little asian pussy and she couldn't do anything about it

Kenzie made me cum deep inside her tight pussy!

Lucy (Spidey-Slut) made me turn myself in because I was a.... weak bitch that couldn't get out of her webs! >.<

Clara couldn't win against my skilled tongue!:3

Celine made me so angry that I needed to get my revenge on her :D

Liv cumed just by licking herself! Shes such a good girl!

Naive tied up edged and made to obey!

Samantha Winters turned into a useless little fleshlight...

Jessica becoming a little Christmas present...

💎Alexia💎 having trouble to keep up... and eventually cuming on my hard cock!

Feminist being broken by my cock...

Janice edging me and making me cum early...

Feminist torturing me after another loss...

(2/4) ✨Paloma✨ 🇲🇽

She has broken me completely... the whole match I was struggling beneath her ass! After she was done toying with me she locked my cock in a tiny cage and now she owns me! I love my new goddess so much >_<
Hopefully she will unlock me....

(0/1) Jing

I came just by looking at her boobs.... she completely drained me >_<

(0/1) Alana

This girl was soo hot I couldn't last 2 minutes in her pussy... I came 2 times prematurely the first time I came just as I was gonna put my dick in... ahh so embarrassing >_<

(0/1) Cammy

I tried to hide in her house while running fromt the cops but it turned out she was a cop!!! We fought but with her superior training she won... she made me EFPD tongue~

(0/1) Anastasia

Close match she ended up on top~

(2/0) Roxie

Wanted my cock locked up ended up as my toy :D

(0/1) Juliet

I wanted to beat another cop but again ended up humiliated... also became doggy!

(0/1) Celine

I thought she would be an easy girl to use and defeat... she turned out to be way too much for me!
I couldn't hold myself from cuming for her tight pussy... I guess she was right~ I couldn't handle her >_<
Now I am her pet...

(1/0) Officer Erika

tried to arrest me for "Harrrasing her" but she ended up defeated and used for my pleasure! She still wants to catche me but I know she only wants me to abuse her some more!

(1/0) Tifa

was talking big at the start of the match about how she would make me her foot boy... but she ended up as a another toy for me to use! ^^

(2/0) Alice "Foxy" Smith

was a sneaky little fox until she learn her place! Now shes my little fucktoy to use as I wish!

(3/1) calli the slutty witch

she wanted to own me but ended up getting owned

She my little toy!

(0/1) Police investigator Alicia

I thought she would be another cop slut but I was so wrong!! She completely dominated me and made me addicted to her ass.... I am her pet now ^_^

(2/4) Savannah

looked like an easy pray but turned out to be more then I can chew on... she absolutely destroyed me with her feet... now she uses me for her amusement >_<

She defeated me again and now I am her pet..

I tried challenging her again! I tough it would be an easy win to reclaim my honor also made FemC tie her up but... it was no use she got out almost immediately and took control of me 😳

Now Fem and I are slaves to her!

I finally outfucked her :)

(0l1) Lee Mei Ling

after a long wrestling match she defeated me with her superior Chinese pussy! I am now her bitch boy that she uses for her amusement...
Lee Mei

(9/9) Feminist

I tried to teach her that feminist can't win and at first I succeed...but... then I was challenged to a rematch and now she made me her bitchboy

I wanted to get my revenge on her but ended up
failing again... shes breaking me >_<

Owns my cock!

Shes my maid now ^^

(1/1) Katha

I was fucking her so hard that I got carried away... she tied me up and jerked me till I came... >_<

We rematch and I completely dominated her

(RP) Hannah

She challenged me to outfuck her but after fucking her for hours and cuming 5 times she just wante more... Now she uses me as a cum dispenser >_<

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autorenew Is a switch
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