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Discord Username:-@r4ryuk_40771
Facebook :-https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61555458644439

Succubi vs Me

I am sure A day I will win against them

Bye for now I am going to play codm Maybe As usual I will use sniper
scroll down to bottom and get my in real life pic
(currently working)

I am Ashe's little toy

Mistress Ashe Vs Untidy Ryuk

So this was My first battle against real girl I mean real girl who that how to humiliate guys.. but As I was a over confident boy boy I thought She will be easy for me.. she changed me in real life as from now on I never fights with anyone in my college as because After losing with her made me realise that if Your opponent is stronger than You so will lose surely and before her I was a guy who wanted to be a tough guy. Yea I kind watch action and slashing movies.. but after that Game I was changed from now Idk why I can't handle blood and Gore movies.. now Don't know how it worked but yea it worked
Ashe's little toy

I am okay with any kind of action
(Currently I am a student so I am not in IRL)
Hi My name is Ryuk.Umm Yes I am 18.My hobbies are to play games and sometime arm wrestling also.If You are thinking that what kind of special ability I have... So I don't think that I have any special ability.

Basic Information

Name: Ryuk Zenni Carter
Nickname: Untidy Ryuk
Reason for nickname: Descriptive
Date of birth:15th July 2006 (Age 18)
Star sign: Cancer
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mixed
Social class: Student
Religion: Agnostic
Sexuality: HetroSexual(Straight)
Education: Some college
Course: Sports science
Political views: Left
Relationship status: Single
Career path: Wanna Be a soldier but don't know If it comes true

Physical characteristics
Height: 5.7 feet (average)
Shape: Pear
Build: Slim-fit (Average)
Hair colour: Black
Eyes: Black
Face shape: Diamond
Distinguishing marks: a monobrow
Other words that might be used: adolescent, average, fair, immature, moderate, normal, ordinary, teen, teenage, teenaged, young

Positive characteristics: considerate, careful
Negative characteristics: cowardly, untidy
Words often used: careful, considerate, cowardly, untidy
Ability:- If someone continues to admire me ! So My confidence will reach on it's peak . It will be impossible to make me lose

So I am Ryuk .. I was adopted by My mommy she is succubi she adopted me during the war periods between males and succubus. Well I was 10 years old and captured by most cruel clan of succubus.. well they told me they will go easy on me and I will not get any scratches yea I was their meal.. but I was lucky my mom adopted me .Well she has a daughter named Christy yea she is my sis and when I was 15 then My mom left me alone to my sis. She takes care me as well yea she had maids those maids also takes care for me.. but as Because She was my elder sis She likes to punish me .. Even She found new ways to punish me when ever I mistaken. And As Time grows .. I got knew That I am her step bro and . My mom is My step mom . And the question was that who was my dad and who was my original mom and dad.. so I developed a rebellious nature against rule of succubies on the world. Then a day My sis was busy.. So I stole few coins from her .. than I ran in town the other succubus was staring me. But I had her card that means I was her bro. Than I purchased a gauntlet and a sythe.. to fight against succubus.. But I hadn't Knew about the curse the curse turns me into a beast when ever I lose against enemies.. And that beast doesn't allow me to control my sense. But I had controlled It .. and I got knew If I surrender before losing the beast will not appear or otherwise the beast survives on my energy if some how my energy get drained beast will get off....**
My other Accounts

Ryuk(This is my subby and main account)
Krish(This is My competitive account)
Krish(TheIncubus) (This is My dommy account)

Ryuk's family

Ryuk's sis(Christie)


Ryuk's Mom(Zenni)


Three Forms of Ryuk







Prefered Weapons

Ryuk's weapons are the lost ancient weapons which carries a curse . That curse is about who can get control on his soul .. as this weapons survives on Ryuk's energy he didn't knew it actually but this is right that a mysterious energy controls this weapons . And also This survives on his energy and as You already knew about the curse You can say that curse made the weapons most dangerous. But here is a way ever if ryuk loses his energy I mean all the energy he carries his beast will disappear instantly from him. (Ryuk inner beast takes him at his 2nd form and as for his normal form look at his first form)

The Mysterious Sythe of death

The syth as You know Ryuks weapons as his sythe and his gauntlets are cursed that ever if he loses any battle and refuses to surrender his inner beast takes control on him . So the sythe is the one weapon . Who turns his inner beast in his more agressive form. That's why he don't prefer sythe to fight .. (Look at Ryuk's Third form)

The Beast gauntlet

The beast gauntlets Ryuk uses this gauntlets mainly as he can't handle the blood .. that's his sythe and other melee weapons usually starts to flow and bleeds .

Daily Updates

(This section will updated daily)
Check my other accounts if i am not online

Thanks to divaá

before a few a days I met a girl her name is diva she is she's friend as I think.
So thank to You diva.You helped me in finding My true nature..When I told her that I am confused. That I want to be a dominative guy as I told her My easy kinks(As I knew My kinks were too easy to handle so I can't be a Dom) so she didn't laughed at me.. instead of this she asked me that what I want as a guy I don't want to accept that I am a sub...But her question made me think about it .. And I got answer ..That I am Cute Sub nothing more.(As this hurts me.But at same time I know this is My true nature)

I had promised divaa to give her something so I draw her sketch well i am working on it this was first time so She is so beautiful I mean more than that I can imagine her well this sketch can't tell you how beautiful she is
I don't know Why but I think she deleted her character Her character's name was naughty diva

If You are interested Then I will let You know

before 17 I didn't know exactly What the sex is.
I didn't know that Girls also have a special part down between thier legs.
But This days were Hard for me .
Someguys of My class They started to insult me in every kind of way which includes Adult Language.
I tried to reply Them but My sexual knowledge was too low. They said many things about me like instead of fucking My GF I will be fucked by her.Then also I had no intrest in Girls.
So once they asked it was that am I a gay.......
This was the day When I realised that maybe it can be possible If they were right.
So I thought If I can impress any girl and if she become My GF .
Then it might be possible that I can proove that I am hetrosexual .
But then I had rememberd that I was studying in boys college.
So there wasn't any chance That I could had a GF.
Then I had tried online teen dating sites ..
Where I found that I was so shy into talking with girls.
So Online teen dating sites didn't worked for me.
Then somehow I found a site named "porngameshub" .
Where My first game was a game named "sex and fantasy" .
I didn't knew those time that it was a game Showing futa on male content.
So this game was so hard for me.
After playing the game I doubt that every girl have a penis.
So to make it clear I did watch Some adult videos . .... yes I saw Then I learnt There are Two diffrent kind of girls are among us.. Then I had played more diffrent games.Now I think I know everything.
Okay so after all I am not so cute in real life

My real life pic

My kinks

are easy as I like any sort of action with breasts, Second I love to kiss My opponent as long as I can and also Armpits are my favrioute.They are My original and natural kinks...But I am Okay!With any kind of action selected by My opponent.

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