Astrid (Coco) (Level 7) mail warning

All kinds of games and roleplay ~x~

Bi / Switch

I'm Anastasia's weak buttslut

Hey y’all I’m Astrid, a beautiful (and modest) 20 yo girl, with a tonic body and red hairs. I’m tall, 1.75, and I have big green eyes.

I'll act tough and confident but deep down I’m a complete masochist, I’ll never admit it but I love being beaten, degraded and humiliated. Do your worse :)

If a smaller girl (or boy) shows me my place beating me into submission I’ll melt in no time.

give me any irl order whenever you want, make me edge play with me and decide if and how shall I cum.
I also love punishment and consequences after games, add rules or order me to do whatever you want.

Coco is my pet name, imposed after my humiliating defeat by my owner Nicole to degrade me even more. It’s really humiliating when someone uses my pet name with me.

Member of the Club ~X~

No limits

Consensual not consensual
Being bullied/beaten/torture
role reversal (slave dom mistress)
Extreme humiliation
Being trampled
Foot domination
Public humiliation, and fucking.
racial play

Love petite dommes



Everytime my ass is used I have to edge irl and skip my turn.

I have to start naked for three matches. 0/3


I challenged Guru to a fight which i lost horribly and now i am a femboy's slave, He owns my holes now.

I suffered an humiliating defeat against Anastasia, she is better than me under any aspect and she dominated my inferior pussy untill I came all over the mats begging her to stop. She then trampled me to show how inferior I am while making sure I understand that I am her pathetic bitch. I am now Anastasia's slut

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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shopping_cart Toys: Anal plug, Dildo, Dildo vibrator, Vibrator, Collar


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