Doodette (Level 6) mail warning

Hey there! :D
I apologise in advance if I end up doing or saying something kinda stupid, I'm just here to have some sexy fun so please don't take me too seriously.

I may crack a joke or two during the game so if you're not into that then just let me know before hand. Speaking of being into things I'm up for almos anything, except Extreme/hardcore bdsm, Pissplay, and Irl instructions (I'm not gonna force you to edge or hold it and I'm not gonna hold anything back either). And just a heads up, I'm a little too into assplay so if you ever leave your sweet as unprotected you might get a sneaky rubbery surprise ;)

I have short black hair and a decently sized pair of badonkers, my eyes are blue and my skin is kinda pale, not as pale as a vampire mind you but still fairly pale, I'm about 165cm tall and I'm a love to have fun with all kinds of people. I'm also a kitsune with four tails ;3

In terms of personality I'm a cheerfull gal with a strong competitive spirit and a knack for jokes and pranks. I'm normally pretty chill but on some ocations I might get a little sluttyer than normal. I'd even fuck a god if I feel like it, I might die in the process but it'd be worth a try or two... or six... or nine ;9 (damn I'm soaking wet just from thinking about it >v<).

I've recently made a deal with a certain Evil Kitsune to become part of his yakuza group to kick (and maybe lick ;9 ) some serios god-like ass >:D

So far my most notable opponent has beent a (possible) witch named Madison, I may have lost to her twice but she's proven to be a fun and formidable oponent, and has earned my respect. >:>

So yeah... if you're reading this and wanna play with me, then let's do our best and have fun! :D

(A long time ago an ancient god named Farra was split into three entidies, this character is one of them and has all of the powers Farra used to have, wich include: Teleportation and Disruption of reality).

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