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Hi, that’s me, Jill. I am the one in the yellow bikini, being hoisted up into a ceiling hold. It is impossible to tap in this position as my opponent is controlling my arms and legs. Pain radiates through my back, shoulders, knees, and hips. It is also humiliating to be put on display like this. I hold on as long as I can but after a few moments, I have no choice but to submit.

Why would I make this my profile photo? Well, because I love wrestling. I always have and think I always will. There is nothing like meeting your opponent in the center of the ring and putting everything on the line. It is a risk, and sometimes I end up like you see me in my profile pic. Quite often though, I am the one standing victorious over my fallen foe. I enter the ring planning to win every match. The problem is, my opponent is there to win too, and no one wins them all. No matter what happens though, I keep coming back. Because…I love wrestling.

So please, if you see me online, say hi and challenge me to a match. I am open to wrestling absolutely anyone. Unfortunately, like most, my biggest challenge is time. My only reason for turning down a match, is lack of time. I would love nothing more than to do this nonstop, all day long.

I am writing this updated profile on March 24th, 2024. According to my profile, I have now been here for 29 days. I have learned a lot along the way. My biggest regret is that I did not find EroFights sooner. What a fantastic community! This has been such a blast and it is all about the people. I am blown away every day by how many creative, funny, kind and yes, SEXY people I have met. Take my word for it, do not be shy, say hi, the people are wonderful.

No matter what I put in my profile, it will always pale in comparison to many others. Again, smart, creative people…Take the time to check out the profiles, it is unbelievable the amount of work that has gone into many of them.

Finally, while I do not have the time to document every interaction (and some do), I do want to recognize some of the people who have welcomed me into this community. I am sure I am leaving someone off this list, I am sorry, I will update this regularly. If you see any of these folks online, tell them Jill said hi.

Alyss Jameson – Super smart, Super Sexy, possibly a vampire. Don’t see her nearly enough, I miss her.

Amelia – Do not let the beauty fool you, crazy tough in the ring, wonderful outside of it.

Helen – Absolute sweetheart, the nicest person you will ever meet, also possibly a vampire.

Jude – My crazy sexy X, we just can’t seem to stay away from each other.

Sebastian – Great wrestler, takes a lot of matches and is very talented.

Furby – Looks a little like a Norse God. Great wrestler, great fun.

Jada Terell – A legend here, stunning, sexy, sweetheart, couldn’t be nicer.

Katarina – Tough as nails, was in the audience when she won the championship and will never forget it.

India – Royalty, period. Super talented, super sexy, super sweet

Roya – Royalty, period. Super talented, super sexy, super sweet.

Jack the Stripper – Oh the Jack & Jill match, I hope there were no kids in the audience.

Fun For Wrestling – Could not be named more accurately, great fun in the ring.

Psyko – The leader of the blue army. Do not tell him I said this but every match and every room is better if he is in it.

Kamikaze Keith – Have not met him in the ring yet, but cannot wait!

Darine – Sexy in the ring, sexy in the chats.

Roby – Absolute sweetheart, sexy Luchador.

Ruck – Impressive record, had one of my craziest matches ever with him.

Sophie – We have met in the ring once, looking forward to our rematch.

Berkay – One of the most active people on the site and nearly impossible to beat.

Sasha Titan Panther – Absolute beast and legend. A little intimidating but I hope to meet her in the ring someday.

Bryan – Always seems to be lurking around, stirring up trouble.

Roya’s Mark(ed) – Beat me, collared me, I will get revenge.

Sakai - Shy, sexy, a killer in the ring.

Thanks to everyone who has made this journey so much fun. See you in the ring!💋

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