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Hey I'm Jazzy. I’m pretty new to the site, but I love playing with any ladies who don't mind a more submissive guy. I'm still going to try to win, though if you're a bit rough with me I'm sure to squirm as you stroke or pound me. I'm up for most matches including wrestling, classic, hentai and domination with Caprice. In terms of how I look I’m 5’3, pretty slim, long lashed blue eyes and short brown hair. I like pegging, bondage, prostate milking, toys, futas, and a bit of humiliation, but am also a sucker for cuddling and aftercare. I really do like setting up bets and prize rounds, though I know it's not for everyone. Feel free to ask me for my Discord tag if you wanna play there. Hope we'll get to play soon.

My Mistress:Getting milked completely and utterly, I've fallen into the collar of the alluring Miss Jenna. I could only mewl with pleasure as she made me eat my cum as she milked my prostate with her fat strap on.

My Owner: Having been milked and fucked by Alexa she has claimed my cock as hers with a cock ring, the words, "Property of Alexa" displayed in pink.

My Lady: I thought I could win in the ring, but Ash quickly disavowed me of that sentiment before milking and pounding me with her strapon. She then locked me up, saying I could only get out of my cock cage if I win three matches.

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send Classic: Has won 62 games and lost 74 games
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check Kinks: Feminization, Female domination, Male domination, Anal (male), Anal (female), Chastity belts/cages, Humiliation, Bondage, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Latex, Medical, Monsters, Hardcore BDSM
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