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Bi / Sub

╔══════ Me ══════╗

Just a random guy who's ready to accept his true nature : being a Submissive Beta Boy.

My DM's are always open to any humiliation, mockery... but above all nothing pleases me more than serving and worshiping.

This isn't just about a guy living out his fantasy, it's about a guy who has finally found his place.

The only thing he has to think about his to serve is Goddess nothing else and he'll do his best because he's grateful to her. That happy feeling sounds like a dream life.

╔══════ Info ══════╗


French, 5inch...

Classic/Hentai, Hentai Joi/Femdom, Dirty talks, DM/IRL.

╔══════ Dreams ══════╗

❀️ Accepted

😳 Intrigued...

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