Ciel (Transgender) (Level 8) mail warning

back in business ~ :3

Profile in the works :)

About me ^^

Im 182 cm high and weigh 87 kg :)
I don't want to say my exact age for privacy reasons, just saying it's over 20 and under 30 ;)
I'm mostly a Dom, but I do sub in RP or for my Miss 😌

When I Dom, I am mostly gentle and don't do degrading name-calling, but if its what you want, and you tell me, I will do it.
I'm really open to such things, also for the "weirdest" kinks, just tell me, and I will probably do it for you my lovely girl :3

I love hearing about what you're into, what you don't like, even some trivia, I want to know the person I'm writing with, the same the other way around ... I'm really open, if you wanna know something, just ask, I will answer you in 99/100 cases :3

I'm not an expert in RP, I will try my best though, but sometimes I can get a little lost so just want you to know that I might need a second to reset my head ^^

Safewords of choice for me are "RED" and "MANGO" so feel free to use them 😊


About my Character

-Ciel is a Demon, to be clear, she is the Demon Goddess of Destruction[Basically a bored succubus goddess with way to much power and time on her hand], but she is pretty chill, so she hates it when people are stuck up around her when someone with her status isn't. She likes playing around and teasing but has no problems burning anyone down that comes at her wrong, so be careful of that. The reason she is on this plane of EF is ... well she was bored, so she sealed most of her powers, to not endanger anyone existing on this planet ... and to not possibly nuke it out of existence. (just a short TL:DR with no backstory detail, rest coming in the future~)

- She is a Futanari, which means a Hermaphrodite, she has both genders, so vagina and a dick.
-That dick is usually not visible unless she wants it to grow ~

Memorable games or Experiences ~

☆In a betting card game, I lost and got won by the Beautiful Day.
I was her's for a week, and got a tattoo, which makes her call me Demon Lily~.
I like the Tattoo so I will keep it for now <3

Winston was so nice to draw me, this is how I look according to him and I love it ~ <3

Ciel according to Winston

- I'm not into Hard Pain, CBT!!, Cuck fantasy´s, Cum eating, Pictures or Denial
I'm mostly interested in Woman. So sorry guys, unless I know you, and come to you, I won't play with you ^^;

== Results from ==
98% Rigger
98% Dominant
94% Sadist
92% Experimentalist
88% Master/Mistress
88% Degrader
88% Brat tamer
86% Primal (Hunter)
81% Owner
22% Vanilla
16% Exhibitionist
13% Daddy/Mommy
11% Switch
9% Submissive
7% Brat
0% Voyeur
0% Rope bunny
0% Non-monogamist
0% Masochist
0% Slave
0% Boy/Girl
0% Degradee
0% Primal (Prey)
0% Pet
0% Ageplayer

wc Is lesbian
autorenew Is a switch
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You push her to orgasm but tell her to let go. Ruin your orgasm! You ruin his orgasm with a fleshlight, making him whimper and squirm desperately. Ruin in your fleshlight You ruin her orgasm with a vibrator, making her scream in desperation. Ruin with your vibrator