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The One and Only...

Hello all you lovely people. I'm "Jessica" (no that's not my real name :P) I am 24, 5'5", 34A, roughly 112 lbs (give or take a little, come on don't make me get out a scale :P). I am a bit of a switch and I love being a tease and trying new things (my only "hard no" is incest RP's. Anything else is open game until you or I say its gone too far :P) Feel free to message me for a match or to start an RP I don't bite unless I do... now play my fucking theme-song and touch yourself while thinking about serving me :P

I finally decided to do this thing (I've seen it on some of your profiles and thought it would be a good idea to do it):
== Results from ==

100% Switch
98% Degradee
98% Degrader
93% Exhibitionist
91% Masochist
90% Brat
85% Primal (Hunter)
83% Sadist
82% Primal (Prey)
53% Slave


-I don't do subtle. If you want a match tell me... Also, if you want a match and tell me you want a match, tell me why you want a match, what kind of match you want, what terms you want, what kind of RP setting you are into, or even anything interesting so that I am not just hit with: "yo! Lets have a match..." or "hello"

-I WILL BE on at a relaxed pace for June. May was pretty intense for me and I need to clear my head a little.

Matches That Affect How my Current RP Character Behaves

-Complications from a bet with the lovely Elena mean that any pets I collar wear her collar for now...

-Because of Day's sneaky, underhanded, and dead-sexy tactics... I and all that I have/had belong to her for now...

-I have a Black and gold bracelet that cannot be removed on my left wrist with the name "Ciel" on it...

RP Character

Proudly wearing Day's collar:

I had just achieved my most fervent goal on EF; the sexual conquest of my object of desire: Day.

I was sitting pretty, or so I thought... my hubris and pride got ahead of me and I learned the meaning of something that I used to hear when I was a child. I never really understood what they meant when they said "The snake has swallowed the alligator. Let's see who digests who."

...I never understood until Goddess Day made the phrase's meaning painfully obvious to me. After an epoch, day long, session of teasing I managed to defeat her in front of my friends, my playthings, and so many other people watching on...
But when I got her into private chat, she explained to me that my victory was a failure. That she had gotten relief... and I... well, I was desperate. She
kept denying me. Over and over again I would get close, and she would keep ruining my climax. I begged, I cried, I pleaded. She was merciless. She made me a deal: In the end I traded everything; gave her everything, even myself... all for one orgasm.

Now all my fears are a reality. All my toys belong to her. I belong to her... but I would still call it a good deal. I worship my Goddess with every fiber of my being. Maybe you are judging me. maybe you think I'm weak, or foolish, or dumb. Maybe you are right... Maybe you should meet my
Mistress though. I promise not to laugh when you find yourself in a similar predicament... Pinky swear... really... no laughing... no teasing... I'll be very kind and sympathetic. You know me. All sweetness and no spite...


Goddess does not allow me to keep any pets... but I do have a "particular" relationship with a few playthings who have fallen to my sexual prowess...
Blue Ribbon Silky
Squeaky: my bimbo chew toy
...and of course my masked plaything who no one knows the identity of :P

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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Vibrator, Anal plug, Dildo


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Your messages together

What is taking them so long? They need to get on with it and get to the good stuff already! So Bored Her climax brought her an unusual sense of clarity. Once she has finished moaning, squirming, squealing, and writhing under your sexual ministrations, she declares her desire to please you "any way she can.” You smirk and waste no time fitting her with a leash and collar and take your new plaything for "walkies.” You introduce her to all of your friends and acquaintances while making a point to stop and talk to anyone that acts like they recognize her. Walk of Shame Your opponent looks a little disheartened after you "lick, sipped, and sucked" them... What Did You Think I Meant? You can't help but relate in vivid detail to your friends exactly how ridiculous they looked when you brought them to climax. Describing the face they made when they came... From the look and the sound of it... you found just the right angle. Way to go stud. Hit the right spot You rock your hips in a circular motion as you ride your victim up and down slowly; grinning evilly at the wide-eyed look of awe on his face... Gyration He is broken.  You milked him dry and left him a desiccated husk in front of all his little bro friends.  You have him led off in chains and point to the crowd; indicating that you are coming for them next. Add him to your collection You summon Da... err.... your favorite plaything in a mask... so that no one can tell its Day (:P) to undress your opponent and..assist you however you desire. Day Special action (work in progress... do not publish yet please) It is only a matter of time before the combination of stimulation and humiliation puts her over the edge... Bound to break eventually... Woah, is that a... nope nope nope nope. Too much what was the damn safe word?  Santana? Banana?  Havana? Havana! Havanaaaa! Nope! I changed my mind stop, stop stop STOP!