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Seeking taxidermist because I am killing it bitches.

The One and only: Jessica Barton (don't cream yourself yet... it gets better. :D)

Hello Bitches :D, Jessica here. I am a metric ton of fun in a 5'5", 34A 112 lbs package. Needless to say, I am more than you can handle :P I love love love being a tease and bending you all to my will... but I've been known to drop into sub space from time to time and have just as much fun there too. My only hard no in this game is incest role playing. Not my thing. Take it somewhere else. I mostly play in Classic mode, but I am interested in branching out into other competitive modes too. If you have an idea for some fun hit me up, what have you got to lose... well besides dignity, money, and your freedom :P

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100% Switch
98% Degradee
98% Degrader
93% Exhibitionist
91% Masochist
90% Brat
85% Primal (Hunter)
83% Sadist
82% Primal (Prey)
53% Slave


-I don't do subtle. If you want a match tell me... Also, if you want a match and tell me you want a match, tell me why you want a match, what kind of match you want, what terms you want, what kind of RP setting you are into, or even anything interesting so that I am not just hit with: "yo! Lets have a match..." or "hello"

-My RP section will change from time to time. Don't be surprised. If you like, or liked something that is or was here, feel free to message me. I'm sure we can either expand on it or start a new one together. I love working with creative smutty people :)

Currently Ongoing Role Play...
I am the undisputed Goddess of all; the most perfect, the most beautiful, the most unstoppable...just don't ask Dion. He has a different perspective on the matter. Along those lines, I love competition. Feel free to invite me to a match for some forfeits or with a bet, but be prepared to lose and end up decorating my "wall of losers."

Wall Of Losers
Bloodtower ended up submitting to my charms without getting a chance to finish inside me... now he never will :D

The infamous Panty Bandit tried to collect a trophy from me. He couldn't handle it... but didn't leave empty handed (or should I say: sans panties). While rifling through the personal items on some dead old lady, I picked up a pair of panties for him to wear after my inevitable victory.
Panty Bandit

Daddy Grey Thought he could make me call him Daddy and add me to his trophy collection...silly little boy... I decided to babysit him instead. We ended up playing dress up...look at what he wore... and that is all he wore...and will wear until I say otherwise ;)
Daddy Grey

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What is taking them so long? They need to get on with it and get to the good stuff already! So Bored Her climax brought her an unusual sense of clarity. Once she has finished moaning, squirming, squealing, and writhing under your sexual ministrations, she declares her desire to please you "any way she can.” You smirk and waste no time fitting her with a leash and collar and take your new plaything for "walkies.” You introduce her to all of your friends and acquaintances while making a point to stop and talk to anyone that acts like they recognize her. Walk of Shame You summon Da... err.... your favorite plaything in a mask... so that no one can tell its Day (:P) to undress your opponent and..assist you however you desire. Day Special action (work in progress... do not publish yet please) From the look and the sound of it... you found just the right angle. Way to go stud. Hit the right spot You can't help but relate in vivid detail to your friends exactly how ridiculous they looked when you brought them to climax. Describing the face they made when they came... You rock your hips in a circular motion as you ride your victim up and down slowly; grinning evilly at the wide-eyed look of awe on his face... Gyration Your opponent looks a little disheartened after you "lick, sipped, and sucked" them... What Did You Think I Meant? Woah, is that a... nope nope nope nope. Too much what was the damn safe word?  Santana? Banana?  Havana? Havana! Havanaaaa! Nope! I changed my mind stop, stop stop STOP! He is broken. You milked him dry and left him a desiccated husk in front of all his little bro friends. You have him led off in chains and point to the crowd; indicating that you are coming for them next. Add him to your collection It is only a matter of time before the combination of stimulation and humiliation puts her over the edge... Bound to break eventually...