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Roleplay mostly

(Mostly a hentai game chr, but I dabble elsewhere)
Name: Catherine (duh)
Age: Somewhere in her 20’s, probably. Certainly old enough for some advanced deubachery.
Gender: Female, Female Genitals
Sexuality: Bisexual, leans towards Lesbian most days.
Appearance : Average height, pale skin, white hair, red eyes and a tail. Not 100% human, per say. Small horns on her forehead and a marking on her right arm. After her blood made itself known, she gained the ability to transform into a succubus. When transformed, she gains large horns, bat-wings and amplified curves, plus a new, far more lustful disposition.
Personality: Ever so slightly unhinged. Usually this comes off as being extremely animated or acting ever so slightly... off. Switches back and forth between domming and subbing on a dime. Usually ends up playing submissive until opportunity strikes to attack back. Taking her is... Difficult, but possible.
Description: A strange, Demi-human witch proficient at hypnosis, conjuring creatures to help in battle and transportation magic. Noticeable non-human traits are having a tail with a polymorphic end, having plenty of sharp teeth and innate magic. She’s has plenty of succubus blood in her veins, leading to some rather interesting moments. As of yet, she’s keeping them mostly hidden until she wants to devote herself to going full succubus. Her main reason for joining the fights is to experiment with her body and her magic. Practical experiments yield far better results. Currently, she’s been working on transformation magic. Most recently, she turned herself into a cat girl. The only side effect is her body’s biology doesn’t always clash with mating cycles, leading to her transformations always being in heat.

Fight log (Bot fights aren’t logged):
Against Busty Slut - Victory! Opponent thrown into the tentacle pit for a razors edge, 1hp victory.
Against Jenny - Victory! Had the privilege of turning the tables on Jenny and getting a cute blue-haired girl as her own. Likely just gonna be used for hugs.
Against Darackz - Victory! A well fought match that ended with the use of her tail. Practice makes perfect, after all
Against Lisa -Victory! Another last second Tentacle Pit win at 1hp.
Against Neo The Fox Boy- Victory! Became the proud Dom of Neo. She likes the cute fox boy and has taken him as her ‘lab rat’. Mostly, this involves cuddles and occasionally testing out her spells that she knows are safe.
Against NovelLover - Victory! Bested the girl in a game of classic. Had quite the time.
Against King - Victory? Sorta? Ended in a sort of tie with a pact being formed and demon blood rearing it’s head.
Against Aranei - Defeat! After a hard fought battle, Lost to her in a haze of addictive cum, fun times and tentacles.

Various Neo Encounters:
1 - Was going well, figured out that his ears and tails like being stroked. Accidentally fell asleep in his lap after not getting enough sleep.
2 - Introduced Neo to an enchanted collar made just for him. Made good use of the function to arouse him to a point where he wanted to breed. Have to try that again some time.
3 - The succubus blood in her veins made itself known, and she milked semen from him for a time with her new abilities.
Feel free to message me if you wanna play!

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