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Competitive games with trashtalk and bets. (IRL can be discussed)

Hetero / Switch

Im a 28 y.o. Italian stud who really enjoys competitive matches, I love the idea of using pleasure to control or being controlled. I also like to bet (I may have some ideas), IRL and trashtalks. I can rp but English is not my native language and I don't really like to wait too much, by the way a light rp with some trashtalks sounds great!

we have to edge each time our champion goes under a cum test.

IRL + CLASSIC (rp mode/short or long) GAME
We have to edge each time our champion goes under a cum test, if one of us cum irl loses the game. We can agree for a tie if nobodies have his/her orgasm in time (time/n. Of edges to discuss together)

-The winner of the game can control the loser till his/her orgasm (edging, pace, etc).

-The winner can write something on the loser bio (must keep it for at least a week)

Feel free to tell me your ideas too!!

(Sorry again for my English but Im a pizza person)

See you around!!

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