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RP character, checkout the description. Feel free to send a raven

Crossgendering story-telling RP character. Owner an principal resident of the Shadow Manor

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Hello, I'm Aëlya, nice to meet you.

Introduction :

Aëlya is a half breed dragon/succubus girl, wandering in the material planes seeking for pleasure, power and revenge.
Born 151 years earlier into hellish circles, Aëlya is the result of the unlikely encounter between a major succubus named Hellaynnea and Axraxxys, an ancient shadow dragon. She spent about a year with her parents in the shadow plane as she grew up, learning as much as possible about the fonctioning of different worlds and magic, and about mastering cold steel weapons. But finally, an ancient demon managed to kill her father for a story of jealousy, banishing her on the material plan under the gaze of her mother.
Left alone only with the gifts offered by her parents, she learned to survive doing what she was naturally good at, thieving and having sex. After a time wandering in slums in her male form as Aëlys, she finally came across a guild of thieves that ended up in recruiting her.
She spent years evolving in the guild and developing her skills, going from thug to master thief, sometimes working has a courtesan, and even becoming one of the best assassins of the continent. Her life got better with time, leaving the slums to reach higher circles of human societies, trading her rags for expensive clothes, meeting people of influence.

But eventually she got bored of all these murders and good, though very common sexual activities. About 50 years after, she left definitively the business and started to focus on an idea that tickled her for a moment. Finding a way to have her revenge for her father's death, so she started her journey, fucking her way into the world. She spent a hundred years wandering, discovering places from all over the world and from across the dimensions. She met people of great wisdom and power, fought most of her time against all demonic influences and slavery, spreading joy, pleasure and liberty. Then she finally heard about something that made her forget for a time her desires for revenge. Indeed, somewhere in the multiverse was supposed to exist a world of extreme lewdness. And this world was named Erocity. So she looked for a way to reach it, eager to learn more about this place supposed to be the pinnacle of sex. And she finally ended here, ready to fuck her way through the place.
You'll be able to find her in a little house simply called the Shadow Manor in Erocity suburbs, living with the people that are her new family.

During her time around Erocity, she met someone she started to consider as an equal, and most importantly, as a friend. Now, she's his Shadow Rose.

Appearance :

Aëlya has the capacity to shapeshift mainly between her human and her hybrid form.

In her human form, she appears like a young human beauty in her twenties. She has a slender figure with lightly tanned skin covering a sculpted body, long dark red hair cascading in wide curls to her hips framing the harmonious oval of her face, with deep blue eyes and red lips. On each of her shoulder blades, you might be able to see two tattooed black daggers. She wears sexy tailor-made black, red and purple leather and silk clothes, embellished with two richly crafted gold and silver bracelets to match a gold necklace adorned with a large ruby cut in the shape of a teardrop. She also wears an obsidian and a jade ring on each of her middle fingers. Usually wears short heels boots made of a black scaly leather.
Her unusual self-assurance and supernatural magnetism leave most people perplexed as to the young woman's real nature, as well as the assorted set of weapons dangling from a black belt closed with a silver dragon skull shaped buckle. The first is a dagger, the second a thin scimitar, both of mithril with adamantite handle and a gilded and ornate guard. The difference between the two was their dragon-talon-shaped pommel, one made of obsidian encasing an amethyst, the other made of amethyst encasing an obsidian.

In her hybrid one, she looks the same except for the two horns and the dragon tail, black with red highlights. A few tiny scales are visible around her eyes. Her fingernails turn into little yet dangerous claws. Finally, two slight scars are visible on the level of her shoulder blades covered by tattoos, hidden by her hair and clothes. Very few people are still alive, that can testify of her capacity to take this form.

Aëlya in her hybrid form
Hybrid form

Skills (may evolve along the games) :

About the game :

I will always RP the character, even if we are just chatting. It will always be her who talks and acts, not "me".
Plays only Classic and Hentai mode. Looking for story-telling RP.
She founds wrestling barbaric (and inappropriate for a good RP, just like Femdom).
Interactive is quite interesting, but still inappropriate for the RP.

Aëlya is looking for fun, involving all kind of respectful people.
She's a quite gentle dom with a little bit of switchy mind, having trouble to let her subside come out, due to trust issues. She's a free being, but few people were able to make her lower her defences on the long term and take the advantage. Though, she can be dangerous and get pretty mean when pushed to the limit.
Pretty versatile, she loves sex above everything and almost all the kinks.
For her, there is no such things as a fight when it comes to sex, fights are only a matter of life and death. So, if she'll always try to give and receive as much pleasure as possible, in her mind there is no loose, only orgasms.

Once again, don't forget that it's a crossgendering RP character and that I'm not very experienced in the doming side of the game, but feel free to send me a raven if you wish to play (please don't just say "hello, wanna play?" and don't even bother to ask me to dominate you or bet on who's gonna be the winner's slut, ravens take time to travel so it's a waste of time for you as I will not even answer. So think twice about how you will contact me, I'll always RP my character), so please try to think of something that could actually work IRL if you want to have any kind of relation with a girl, even if it's just engaging a nice conversation (with more than a simple phrase please). English isn't my mother language so pardon me if I make any mistake.

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