Lust (Level 10) mail warning

Succubus of lust (will be reworking a bit if my profile in the next few days)

fast info

I am 23
I am into anyone that is not an jerk
I am black
I love succubus I even have a few costumes of latex suits to role play in ;)
I also love RP
I love video games too
Favorite video games are Undertale, guitar hero, smash bros, Minecraft, dragon ball fighters, final Fantasy, xenoblade

1 time Hentai champion

the guardian of the library

Note irl stuff comes first before this

All of my irl toys and costumes and kinks

Role play
my character in the rp aka lust

Title= Quean of the Succubus
Sub race= succubus
Stamina= High
relation ships= close friends with the alex the oni, hinata the cat girl, and the 7 deadly sins, hates ????? for killing her brother, has a daughter, hates most angels

my rp mental state

Normal for a succubus

my rates and abilitys

weapons i can use= scythes, daggers, swords, whips, spear, bow and arrows

Weaknesses= afraid of table salt and crystals, if i cum to much i lose mind more and more

Defense moves= magic iron bubble, magic wall, magic chains

Attack moves= lust arrow, lust sword, lust kiss (drains energy and makes the kisser and the person kissed horny),

Passive moves= magic rope (it is a strong rope that only swords made of asteroid rock can cut. It also stops all magic from being used when they are toughing someone), body changing ( can change any part of someone), teleportation, Crest spell (seen below on diffrent crests and what they do), magic cloths beam (it can change or make any clothes out of thin air), chastity (can seal someone to keep there chastity until I let it free), Sexy Aura (makes opponent physically weaker and there mind gets fogy so they cant think as well as they normally can)

strong power (can only be used in my home world or succubus power gems)= i can do basically do anything other then time travel and create more succubus gems

My transformations

normal base, this form looks like my profile. this form lets me use 10% of my power 1 2

succubus form 1, smallish wings with tiny horns and a black small latex like tail form my body. my cloths are normal succubus wear. common succubus cloths. this form lets me use 50% of my power 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 (just picture them with white hair)

succubus queen form, i am very very strong physically and magicly. the power over men is a lot stronger. this form has large wings with nice and big horns and a long latex like tail. this form lets me use 100% of my power. 1 2 (just picture them with white hair)

demon rage mode, only used when in i am in deep trouble. normally when in a fights that would matter a lot. my body burns up in a fright burn This form lets me use 125% of my power and my power get higher and higher the more energetic i am. 1 (just picture them with white hair)

loli/chibi/small/tiny/cute form, a very small and cute version of my profile. (this form makes me more innocent in how i act, how i think, and how i understand stuff) 1 (just picture them with white hair)

cat girl, form is a mix body type where i am as tall as my profile pic but as skinny as my loli/chibi. i have cute cat ears and no normal ears like a human. (this makes me more cute and innocent looking) 1 2 3 5 (just picture them with white hair)

me but a boy, me but a boy

RP relationships

I have a half succubus half human girl

outcomes of winning and losing from lust

Alex, a low level angel, was buying some food in the deer by town when her ran into a girl. The girl was kind and asked all about him. Later she brought him to a cabin in the woods were she let home stay for a bit but always making advices on him. Some time passed and he wanted to leave but she did not let him and used magic on the door. After finding out she was demon he started to fight but very quickly realized he was no match. He was given a choice to be lusts pet buy his own will or try to escape but if he was to fail he would he her slave. He chose to be the pet of lust. Lust made her Crest on his crotch. For the Crest to be permanent they would have to have sex and he would have to cum in her a few times. After he came in her enough time for the Crest to be permanent he had to obey her every command and if he did not want to then his body would move on it's own. He had no control. Now he is in a x frame in my forest house basement.

Dylan is an explorer on a quest for something heard rumors of people going missing in the forest an wanted to see if they are true. After some time it got dark and a monster attacked him and he ran toward a cabin in the woods. He knocked on the door and a girl (Trisha) opened it quickly she let him into her home. She gave him a room and then let him sleep. He woke up to Trisha calling for him to eat. He ate the food very fast and then felt tried and fell asleep. He woke up in the bed in the exact same way. Trisha called him to eat he came down to eat but this time he ate hesitantly. Then he passed out. He woke up in the bed in the exact same way but before she called he ran down and asked what is happening. She asked what are you talking about and keeper on deflecting the question. After he got fed up with her voice he shoved food into her mouth. She said fine and then threw a knife at him and he barely dodged it. After he asked why she transformed in to her succubus self then shot a magic arrow and it hit him in the face. The arrow was a gender bender arrow and he grew boobs and his dick turned into a pussy. "He" drew his sword and she made a magic sword. Before she finished making the magic sword he cut the chain with the antidote and cured himself fast. Lust being shocked by this gave him a choice to be her pet willingly or by force. He chose by force and fought for freedom but before he could move she put her Crest on him. She started by summoning magic ropes. They had sex and he came first burning the Crest on him a little. Then she came hard from fucking in the ass. He came hard from her ass too. Then she came from the ass again. He came from her riding him with her pussy. Finally she came from doggy style. She passed out from coming so hard and her Crest disappeared off him. Later she woke up to herself being trapped in the magic ropes so she could not move or use her magic to get out. He said you would be coming with him on his adventure. TO BE CONTINUED

Sir Romantic is my rival and friend and now my master. I went to his mansion to get revenge on him for beating me once before. the first thing i tried doing is creating a giants ball of magic energy blowing his house and everyone in it away. the ball of magic disappeared instantly after being created. he put a spell on the hose where magic cant be used in the area. he hears me trying to blow up his house and walks out and greats me. i try going for a FAST win but he knew how to beat me. he really knew every thing to seducing me perfectly. before i knew it i was powerless to him. He became perfect in my eyes I then I was week. I tried to resist my self but if a succubus get truly turned on they lose control over them selves and there eyes turn into hearts. Needless to say but I lost. After i came so hard that I almost passed out but he kept me from passing out. He then asked me to be his enchantress. Me in a near unconscious said yeah. Then he put a ring on my finger with a yellow rose engraved into it. Now I just chill here and read books when I am not on adven

Different things for RP
There are different crest colors

the different tattoo crests last for different conditions for how they stay on the target

pink= the most basic one. It just puts it one them and then disappears after a week of no cuming.

Purple= same as pink but it is a month of no cuming

Red= same as pink but a year of no cuming

Light blue= it will not come off unless you make the person that put it on you cum 2 times before you cum once

Blue= same as light blue but 3 times instead of 2

Royal blue= same as like blue but 5 times instead of 2

Green= you need to have sex with someone older and then someone younger

Yellow= you have to have 2 different people's cum in each of your holes

Black= permanent until the placer gets rid of it by duplicating it on them self. After it is duplicated the they both have to have it on them for 1 day then it disappears

White= cant be removed at all not even the strongest magic can get rid of it

Plus you can combine them together but they losses there effect more and more I add

All genders are interchangeable


These are the different rope bondage
Rope form 1


Rope form 2


Rope form 3


Rope form 4


Rope form 5


Rope form 6



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